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Porcupine Tree - Nil Recurring [2007]

Porcupine Tree - Nil Recurring [2007]
MP3 | 192 Kbps | 28:44 | 40 MB

"Nil Recurring" is an upcoming EP by British Progressive Rock band Porcupine Tree, to be released on 1 October, 2007. This is a feature of four tracks (29 minutes of music) that were written during the Fear of a Blank Planet sessions.

Only a few months after the release of the acclaimed Fear of a Blank Planet album comes this mini album (29 minutes of music) containing 4 lengthy tracks written during the same sessions, completed over the Summer, and now presented as a cohesive self contained PT work in their own right. The title track is an instrumental featuring Robert Fripp on lead guitar, and the whole EP moves through the full PT spectrum of atmospheric ambience, melodic hooks, and crushing riffs. This first edition of the mini album is on the band's Transmission label and comes in an exclusive fold out digipack, limited to 5,000 copies.

Nil Recurring 6.08
Normal 7.09
Cheating the Polygraph 7.10
What Happens Now? 8.23

The Spotnicks - The Very Best Of The Spotnicks
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 40:21 min | 95,39 MB
Genre: Guitar, Instrumental, Easy Listening, Oldies

01 - Telstar
02 - Hava Nagila
03 - Petite Fleur
04 - Happy Guitar
05 - Ol'eFaithful
06 - Orange Blossom Special
07 - Johnny Guitar
08 - Rocket Man
09 - Spotnicks Theme
10 - Amapola
11 - Pony Express
12 - Karelia
13 - Moonshot
14 - Drina
15 - Goofus
16 - Last Space Train


Middle of the Road - Collection (Lossless)
Pop | Ape EAC-Rip | MP3 320 kbps | Covers | 290 Mb + 84 Mb

Middle of the Road was formed on April 1st (All Fools Day) in 1970. The band was previously known as Los Caracas and prior to that in 1967 as Part Four. It comprised:
Sally Carr, a hairdresser from Muirhead in Lanarkshire, Scotland
Ken Andrew, a film cameraman from Bearsden, Glasgow, Scotland
Eric McCredie, a sales representative from Partick, Glasgow, Scotland
Ian McCredie, a chartered surveyor from Partick, Glasgow, Scotland

01. Chirpy, Chirpy, Cheep, Cheep [0:02:34.52]
02. Sacramento [0:03:02.19]
03. Tweedle dee, Tweedle dum [0:03:03.65]
04. Kailakee Kailako [0:03:08.20]
05. Union silver [0:04:30.60]
06. Soley, Soley [0:03:14.60]
07. Bottoms up [0:03:09.70]
08. Will you still love me tomorrow [0:04:51.56]
09. Talk of all the USA [0:03:13.52]
10. On this land [0:05:34.09]
11. Samson and Delilah [0:02:59.67]
12. Yellow boomerang [0:02:25.64]

The 320 kbps MP3 file posted here
is still woking. So let´s use it. (contains the same artwork)


APE part 1 - 100 Mb

APE part 2 - 100 Mb

APE part 3 - 90 Mb

MP3 - 84 Mb

The Spotnicks - Back To The Roots
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 69:47 min | 90,00 MB + 55,39 MB
Genre: Guitar, Instrumental, Easy Listening, Oldies

01 - Ghost Riders In The Sky
02 - Hot Toddy
03 - Avah Ginala
04 - Old Faithful
05 - Highway Boogie
06 - Johnny Guitar
07 - Diamonds
08 - I'll Remeber You
09 - Sleep Walk
10 - Moonshot
11 - Wabash Cannonball
12 - Karelia
14 - Busted
15 - Space Walk
16 - The Old Spinning Wheel
17 - Memories Are Made Of This
18 - Last Date
19 - In The Mood
20 - Tinta Verde
21 - Spanish Gypsy Dance
22 - The Spotnicks Theme
23 - Amapola
24 - Big Jump
25 - Moonshot Special
26 - Ghost Riders In The Sky (Karaoke Version)
27 - Last Date (Karaoke Version)
28 - Amapola (Karaoke Version)

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Antonio VIVALDI (1678-1741) Sacred music for contralto - Gérard Lesne
DDD | TT: 57:22 | APE (EAC Rip) + CUE | covers | 220 Mo
Recorded at Saint-Hippolyte Basilica, Thonon-les-Bains, France, April 1988

Gérard Lesne, contralto
Ensemble Il Seminario Musicale
Bernadette Charbonnier, violin
Myriam Gevers, violin
Jacques Maillard, viola, viola d'amore
Marc Minkowski, bassoon
Bruno Cocset, violoncello
Pascal Monteilhet, theorbo, baroque lute
Richard Myron, double bass
Jean-Charles Ablitzer, positive organ


Vestro Principi Divino, motetto per contralto, due violini, viola e basso RV633
1. Aria - 3'54
2. Recitativo - 0'35
3. Aria - 2'14
4. Alleluia - 1'16

Stabat Mater per contralto, archi e basso continuo RV621
5. Stabat Mater - 3'01
6. Cuius animam - 1'40
7. O quam tristis - 1'55
8. Quis est homo - 3'02
9. Quis non posset - 1'37
10. Pro peccatis - 1'45
11. Eja Mater - 2'31
12. Fac ut ardeat - 1'50
13. Amen - 0'58

Filiae Maestae Jerusalem, introduzione al Miserere per contralto, due violini, viola e basso RV638
14. Recitativo - 2'21
15. Aria - 6'53
16. Recitativo - 1'03

Nisi Dominus, per contralto, archi e basso continuo RV608
17. Nisi Dominus - 2'51
18. Vanum est vobis - 1'11
19. Surgite - 1'32
20. Cum dederit - 4'52
21. Sicut sagittae - 1'34
22. Beatus vir - 0'59
23. Gloria Patri - 4'09
24. Sicut erat in principio - 1'09
25. Amen - 1'44


pass: avax4ever

The Spotnicks - Tracks
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 46:44 min | 60,00 MB + 52,60 MB
Genre: Guitar, Instrumental, Easy Listening, Oldies

01 - Midnight Blue
02 - My Guitar
03 - Waiting For A Train
04 - Red Sails In The Sunset
05 - I'm Gonna Take You Home
06 - Spariver
07 - A.A.
08 - Stardust
09 - Kentucky My Old Home
10 - Summertime
11 - Bye Bye Love
12 - Who Can Sail
13 - If You Could Read My Mind
14 - As Time Goes By

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Jacintha - Jacintha is Her Name
Jazz Singer | mp3 320 Kbps | 122 MB
Groove Note Records 2003

01. Willow weep for me
02. The thrill is gone
03. Something cool
04. Don't smoke in bed
05. Light my fire
06. I'm in the mood for love
07. God bless the child
08. Round midnight
09. I'll never smile again
10. Gone with the wind
11. Cry me a river

VA - Reprise! - When Jazz Meets Pop
Genre: Jazz / Cool Jazz | Mp3 | 192 Kbps | 99 MB | RS

19 pop titles, reworked with jazz interpretations. featuring the likes of Bobby McFerrin, Jamis Cullum, Jaco Pastorius, Stéphane Belmondo, Herbie Hancock, Andy Bey, Brad Mehldau, Jacky Terrasson and more...


1. Bobby Mc Ferrin - Drive my car
2. Petra Magoni - I will survive
3. Martin Taylor - Johnny & Mary
4. Jamie Cullum - The wind cries Mary
5. Lisa Bassenge - Like a virgin
6. Senor Coconut - Smoke on the water
7. Wes Montgomery - Say a little prayer
8. Giovanni Mirabassi - A sim bonanga
9. Jaco Pastorius - Black bird
10. Jacky Terasson - Jardin d'hiver
11. Stéphane Belmondo - Another star
12. Cécilia Norby - Life on Mars
13. Brad Meldhau - Exit music (for a film)
14. Larry Schreiner - Tom's dinner
15. Milt Jackson & Monty Alexander - Isn't she lovely
16. Andy Bey -Fragile
17. Patricia Barber - She's a lady
18. Herbie Hancock - All apologies
19. Nancy Wilson - Ode to Billie Joe

Sidney BECHET - Petite Fleur
Jazz | RIP+UP | APE | Reedit 2004 | Ed. SOLDORE | All CD Covers et Sticker | 266 Mb

01. Sidney BECHET - petite fleur
02. Sidney BECHET - dans les rues d'antibes
03. Sidney BECHET - marchand de poissons
04. Sidney BECHET - buddy bolden story [Débute par une mini-interview (en français) de Sidney Bechet]
05. Sidney BECHET - egyptian fantasy
06. Sidney BECHET - lastic
07. Sidney BECHET - en attendant le jour
08. Sidney BECHET - les oignons
09. Sidney BECHET - si tu vois ma mère
10. Sidney BECHET - madame bécassine
11. Sidney BECHET - bechet creole blues
12. Sidney BECHET - mon homme
13. Sidney BECHET - ce môssieur qui parle
14. Sidney BECHET - moulin à café
15. Sidney BECHET - promenade aux champs-élysées
16. Sidney BECHET - september song
17. Sidney BECHET - summertime
18. Sidney BECHET - blues in paris


MC5 - Thunder Express (Bootleg)
APE+CUE+LOG or MP3 CBR 256 | Covers | 36:12 min | 230 or 68,4 MB

Skydog's "Thunder Express" compiles six songs recorded for French TV at Castle Herouville, France, in March 1972, with both sides of the AMG "I Can Only Give You Everything"/"I Just Don't Know" single. This release - highly recommended; indeed, despite having been recorded when the band were on their last legs, with an English musician replacing bassist Michael Davis, "Thunder Express" might just be the best MC5 rekkid your money can buy...the "KOTJ" songs sound great sans feedback, with all the instruments clearly audible The extended version of "Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa" sounds like the missing link between "Cold Sweat"-era James Brown and "Funhouse"-era Stooges, the title track (a Berryesque car tune) rivals "Sister Anne" as the Five's finest pure rock'n'roll moment, and there's a neat version of Detroit garage band staple, the Stones' "Empty Heart". (~ Ken Shimamoto, MC5: The Bootleg Legacy)


01. Kick Out The Jams
02. Empty Heart
03. Ramblin' Rose
04. Thunder Express
05. Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa
06. Motor City Is Burning
07. I Can Only Give You Everything
08. I Just Don't Know

. Rob Tyner - vocals
. Wayne Kramer - guitar
. Fred "Sonic" Smith - guitar
. Michael Davis - bass on tracks "7-8"
. Steev Moorhouse - bass
. Dennis Thompson - drums

Audio CD: 1994 [62254-2]
Label: Skydog International

Shahmirza & Reza Moradi - The Music of Lorestan, Iran
1994 | ASIN: B00000E0C5 | MP3 320kbps | scans 300 dpi | ~186 MB

Lorestân is in south-west Iran. Until quite recently, it was divided naturally into two parts: the Pish-Kouh (literally, the front of the mountain) and the Posht-Kouh (literally, the back of the mountain). Today, only the Pish-Kouh forms the province of Lorestân, the centre of which is the town of Khorramâbâd; the Posht-Kouh now forms the province of Ilâm.

No document about the birth and development of Lorestân music exists. The original instruments used (the sornâ, the dohol and the kemenche) are amongst the oldest in Persia. Reliefs sculpted on stone representing musicians playing the sornâ have been found in Lorestân and the surrounding area. Other clues point to the historically rich past of this music and the central place it holds in the life of the Lor people. For example, the repeated use of Mâhour, one of the oldest modes of traditional Iranian music, or the practice of singing the verses of the poet Nezâmi (12th century).

Shahmirza Morâdi was born in 1924 and lives in the town of Doroud in Lorestân. In this country, a musician's craft is usually passed down through the family. Morâdi very quickly took his place amongst the best sornâ players and acquired great renown throughout Lorestân. In 1971, he began radio work; he then performed at the major cultural festivals in Iran, including those in Shiraz and Tehran. Thanks to the efforts of the Lor musician Ali Akbar Shekârchi, his first recordings were distributed in 1981; they enyojed great success throughout Iran. In 1991, Morâdi performed at the Avignon festival and in the autumn of the same year, his two succcessive concerts in the Châtelet Auditorium in Paris stunned the public and the press, who described him as the "Master of Breath".

His son, Rezâ Morâdi has accompanied him on the dohol for approximately fifteen years. Rezâ is also an excellent kemenche player, an instrument he learnt from his father.


"1. Sangin Se-pâ (10:12) (literally, three slow steps), also known as sangin samâ (literally, song with the slow rhythm): this is a three-time "adagio" rhythm which suits a calm series of notes and accompanies the movements of the dancers' hands. Due to its slow pace, this dance is appreciated by older dancers.

2. Se-pâ (11:40) (literally, three steps): also three-time, this dance is performed by taking three steps forward and one back.

3. Do-pâ (11:49) (literally, two steps) is performed to a faster time than "Sangin Se-pâ"; the name of this dance comes from the fact that each foot plays an equally important role. This dance is often performed by those in middle age.

4. 'Ashâyeri (19:40) (literally, nomadic). The movement of the arms is vital in this dance, which resembles a Kurdish dance. The two-time rhythm is executed by taking one step forward then one step back.

5. Shâne-Shaki (10:25) (literally, shoulder shake). The rhythm of this dance resembles a "se-pâ", but is much faster. The exceptional beauty of the trembling of the dancers' shoulders is a typical feature.

6. Savâr-Bâzi (13:56 (literally, the knight's game): this dance, described earlier, is usually played by two instruments: the sornâ and the dohol, or the kemenche and the tombak.



Julien Clerc - Si on chantait 1968-1997
French chanson | mp3 | 1998 | 320 kbps | 169 mb

His first album (1968) was an instant success in France. It made him a star! Almost 40 years later he is still as good, as original, as charming and intense. This album has it all: The first songs (La Cavalerie/Ivanovitch/La Californie), the 'romantic' Julien ( Ma preference/This Melody/Fais moi une place), Passinate (Jaloux), Outradged (L'assassin). It's impossible not to feel energetic listening to "Macumba/Quand je joue/Si on chantait". Julien writes most of the music, Roda-Gil wrote the lyrics for 13 songs. Listen with attention to Dadabie's lyrics: That man knows a lot about love! Great compulation album, great as all Julien Clerc albums. Take French lessons if you have to! It's worth it! (amazon.com)

1. La cavalerie
2. Ivanovitch
3. La Californie
4. Ce n'est rien
5. Si on chantait
6. Niagara
7. Ça commence comme un rêve d'enfant
8. This melody
9. Terre de France
10. Macumba
11. Ma Préférence
12. Jaloux de tout
13. L'assassin assassiné
14. Quand je joue
15. Femmes... Je vous aime
16. Mélissa
17. Fais moi une place
18. Utile
19. La belle est arrivée
20. Assez-Assez


Iran - Ostad Elahi - The Celestial Music Of Ostad Elahi (2003)
MP3 | 192kbps | RS.com | 86mb
Genre: World music / Iran / Traditional / Sacred

Tremendous series of archival CDs by this late, rarely documented Iranian master of the tanbur lute, Ostad Elahi (1895-1974). This first volume features recordings from Tehran, 1964-72. For music of transcendational quality via stringed instruments, these are some of the most important releases of recent vintage. "Ostad Elahi is a fascinating figure, a unique 20th century musical giant. His whole adult life he worked as a magistrate in Iran, yet he was acclaimed as a musician embedded in a tradition of Islamic mysticism stretching back to the tenth century. Even after retiring aged 62, in order to devote himself full time to music and spiritual research, he never performed a concert either in public or for the radio. Elahi's instrument of choice was the humble Kurdish tanbour, a long-necked lute associated more with the epic ballads of central Asian nomads than the sophisticated delights of Persian classical music. In fact, Elahi doesn't play Persian classical in the strict sense, though that is one of the many traditions he studied. He is a prime example of a musician stepping out of the tradition, drawing on Persian, Azeri, pre-Islamic musics, even Kurdish popular tunes, stretching all forms to his own visionary purpose. Between 1964 and 1972. when Elahi was in his early 70s, someone finally got a microphone in front of him. These are no-nonsense, no-effects, mono recordings, and occasionally they sound like the teapot spilt on the tapes. But Elahi's earthy mysticism comes shining through, a relentless quest for the divine via the physical propulsion of playing, and then more playing.

As music was above all a means of reflection and prayer for Ostad, he always played alone or in small gatherings of relatives and friends. However, in 1960 Musa Marufi, a master of classical Persian music, discovered Ostad and in a long article detailed how he had been overwhelmed by Ostad's music. Marufi's account aroused the curiosity of musicologists, and from that day forward great artists and musicians such as Maurice Béjart and the late Yehudi Menuhin sought to visit Ostad and hear him play. Some of these musicians would later provide testimonials regarding the profound impact of Ostad's music on the listener. Combining extraordinary technique and spiritual inspiration, certain pieces of Ostad's music are so complex that attempts by Ruhollâh Khâleqi, Director of the National Academy of Music, and others to transcribe this music have met with little success. A few recordings of his work remain, which have been gradually digitized and released since 1995.

Ostad Elahi was raised in a special atmosphere permeated with spirituality. The village where he was born, one of Iran's mystical havens, is isolated within the tranquil plains of western Iran and has given rise to many prominent spiritual figures over the centuries. His parents, Haj Ne'mat and Sakineh Khanoum, had married at a young age according to the local custom of the time and had nurtured a deep affection and respect for one another. Haj Ne'mat was a respected notable, highly regarded for his honesty, courage, and knowledge. A man of profound faith, he also played the tanbour, an eastern lute reserved for sacred music.

When Ostad was six, Haj Ne'mat had an overwhelming mystical experience that radically transformed him. Renouncing the world entirely, he transferred the management of his lands to a third party and began dressing in the white robes customarily worn by dervishes. His wife supported him fully in his vocation and renounced all forms of worldly activities. Little by little the reputation of Haj Ne' mat, the mystic, spread and thousands of followers gathered around him. It is in this context that young Ostad began a new life marked by prayer and spiritual gatherings, in which sacred music played a central role.

As a master musician, Ostad's extraordinary skills were equaled only by the humility and depth of his character. Without ever seeking the admiration of his fellow musicians, his technical virtuosity and seemingly endless creativity essentially renewed and transcended the age-old tradition of the tanbour. Though music played an essential part in his life (he would devote several hours to it each day), he never considered music as a means of acquiring fame, but rather as a medium for meditation and a language for prayer.

Rooted in a tradition that has remained secret for several centuries, Ostad Elahi's music is truly remarkable and unique. Eluding classification in any of the conventional categories, this music has historically been reserved for devotional contexts. For Ostad, music was above all a means of contemplation and prayer, and he would therefore only play alone or in small gatherings of family and close friends. The recordings that currently remain of his work were made towards the end of his life under simple and nonprofessional conditions, often without his knowledge. While these recordings (totaling some 40 hours) have mostly been edited and made available after his passing, those who actually had the opportunity to hear him play were profoundly affected by his music, including several renowned artists and musicians.

The Tanbour

The sound of the tanbour and certain instruments is similar to celestial sounds. Where does this sound come from? It comes from the Beloved. If the soul's ear has awakened, one can hear secrets that are hidden from those who are only preoccupied with the material world.

In the East, the term tanbour refers to a category of popular lutes of various sizes, proportions, and tones, with the common characteristic that the necks of these lutes are longer than their bodies. The sober tones of the instrument, ranging from dry to mellow, have something immaterial, abstract, and almost ascetic about them, destining the tanbour to a serious and celestial kind of music.

In Iran, the tanbour was among the instruments played at the Court of the Sassanides in the 5th and 6th centuries. Later, some Kurdish religious groups would adopt this sacred instrument to accompany the chants and dances of their spiritual gatherings.

The Musical Art of Ostad Elahi
Born into a family and environment steeped in mystical tradition, the spiritual gatherings of that time revolved around sacred music, which encompassed invocations, chants, dances, and rhythms that were accompanied by melodies of the tanbour. A child prodigy, Ostad rapidly assimilated this sacred repertoire, as well as those of the surrounding regions. In order to fully develop the potential of the tanbour, he developed a complex and subtle playing technique that included all five fingers of each hand, notably the rolling motion of the right hand. Moreover, he doubled the higher string of the tanbour to increase its expressiveness, enhancing not only its potential for ornamentation, but also its overall range and richness. It would only be a matter of time before these innovations were adopted by the next generation of tanbour players. Today, it is widely acknowledged that his instrumental technique and art of ornamentation mark the pinnacle of middle-eastern lutes of the tanbour family.

"There are two things on which my time was truly well spent: the tanbour and spirituality."

Among Ostad's major contributions to the art of tanbour is an original repertoire of over one hundred pieces. Considering the richness of these compositions and their intricate ornamentation, this repertoire clearly transcends the one that preceded it. Moreover, Ostad used this repertoire as a basis for improvisation, an art form in itself which highlighted Ostad's musical genius and enabled him to play with a freedom never heard before in this type of musical tradition.

Through all these innovations, Ostad not only revived, but also transcended the ancient musical tradition he had inherited as a child. When we consider his significant contributions to the art of tanbour (including the physical modifications he made to the instrument itself), it would not be an exaggeration to state that Ostad Elahi was indeed the true creator of this art. Through his efforts, a popular tradition with a scattered and limited repertoire was transformed into a learned music.

The Role of Music According to Ostad Elahi
Parallel to the practice of music, Ostad Elahi reflected on the role of music and its relation to the soul and the Divine. On the path that must lead it back to its origin, the soul finds nourishment in music, which strengthens its fervor and serves as a means of communication with the Creator.

It was not until 1957 when he retired from the judiciary and settled permanently in Tehran that several people were able to gradually discover him. Ostad fully devoted himself to his writings, teachings, and sacred music. As his reputation as a sage and unparalleled musician slowly spread, people from all over the world began to visit him. Several thousand people were present at his funeral. Today, his memorial is an international site of pilgrimage.

More info:

Also uploaded:
Ostad Elahi - Oraison Mystique
Ostad Elahi - Celestial Harmonies (The Art Of Oriental Tanbour)
Ostad Elahi - Dialogue with the Beloved
Ostad Elahi - Paths of Divine Love

01 Suite Jelo Shahi
02 Hymnes Et Suite Ey Dawud
03 Suite Sahari
04 Saru Khani
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Gil Evans - There Comes A Time (1975)
MP3 | 192Kbps | RS.com | 92mb
Genre: Jazz

This CD reissue of Gil Evans' There Comes a Time differs greatly from the original LP of the same name. Not only are there three previously unreleased performances ("Joy Spring," "So Long," and "Buzzard Variation"), but "The Meaning of the Blues" has been expanded from six minutes to 20, and two numbers, "Little Wing" and "Aftermath the Fourth Movement/Children of the Fire," have been dropped (the former was reissued on Evans' Jimi Hendrix tribute album) and the remaining four tracks were re-edited and remixed under Evans' direction. So in reality, this 1987 CD was really a "new" record when it came out. The remake of "King Porter Stomp," with altoist David Sanborn in Cannonball Adderley's spot, is a classic. The "new" version of "The Meaning of the Blues" is memorable, and overall the music (which also has solos by Billy Harper and George Adams on tenors, along with trumpeter Lew Soloff) is quite rewarding, it's a creative big band fusion that expertly mixes together acoustic and electric instruments. This was one of Gil Evans' last truly great sets.

In 1962, Gil Evans met Anita Cooper. They were married in 1963 and had two sons, Noah (born in 1964), and Miles (born in 1965). For four years, Gil hardly produced any music at all, and concentrated instead on raising his family. He began to record again in 1969, using medium-sized ensembles (usually twelve to fifteen musicians) in which electric instruments now began to play a very important role. The instrumentation also changed, with the number of wind instruments reduced in favor of the rhythm section, which was now augmented by guitars, percussion, and miscellaneous other instruments. A projected collaboration with Jimi Hendrix was cut short by the guitarist's premature death, but an album of jazz arrangements of Hendrix compositions performed by the Gil Evans Orchestra was nonetheless released in 1974. The orchestra began to tour outside the U.S., especially in Europe. In 1975, Gil Evans recorded There Comes A Time, which would turn out to be his last studio album for quite some time. All subsequent recordings by the orchestra were live albums, most notably those made in New York, albums such as Priestess (1977) and Live At The Public Theater (1980), as well as those recorded in London, including Live At The Royal Festival Hall (1978).

In 1980, Gil Evans recorded a series of duets with alto saxophonist Lee Konitz (Heroes and Anti- Heroes), and, beginning in 1984, the orchestra was hired to play every Monday night at Sweet Basil, a New York club. The Monday Night Orchestra, as it became known, played there up until Gil's death, and recorded several albums, including Live At Sweet Basil (1984), and Bud And Bird (1986). In 1985 and 1986, Gil Evans wrote music for several movie soundtracks, most notably Julian Temple's Absolute Beginners and Martin Scorsese's The Color Of Money. The year 1987 was particularly prolific, marked by numerous recordings as well as several European tours, including a concert with pop star Sting. In December of that year, he recorded another duet album, Paris Blues, this time in collaboration with his old accomplice, soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy.

Gil Evans died of pneumonia on March 20, 1988 in Cuernavaca, Mexico, where Charles Mingus before him had also come to die in 1979.

1. King Porter Stomp
2. Makes Her Move
3. Meaning of the Blues
4. Joy Spring
5. So Long
6. Buzzard Variation
7. There Comes a Time
8. Anita's Dance
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John Coltrane - Like Sonny (1958/1960)
MP3 | 320Kbps | RS.com | 80mb + 45mb
Genre: Jazz

This Roulette CD combines two unrelated sessions. Coltrane is heard in a quintet with the tuba player Ray Draper (their second album together) playing five standards (including "Doxy" and "Oleo") and Draper's "Essii's Dance." The 1960 performances are more significant for they are the earliest recorded collaborations by Coltrane and pianist McCoy Tyner.

Amazon.com reviewer:
The outstanding tracks from this recording are the first four from a 1960 session with McCoy Tyner, Steve Davis and Billy Higgins. This session released on Roulette marks a bridge between Coltrane's Prestige/Blue Note recordings and those on Atlantic. The quartet sounds fresh, relaxed and spontaneous, the session has an effervescent spirituality and transcendence that is more subtle and less weighty than some of his later "religious" recordings, e.g. A Love Supreme. McCoy Tyner sounds light and joyous, and on these four cuts, Coltrane seems to have found whatever he was searching for all those years.

After listening to this album for over 25 years, it's haunting beauty continues to grow on me. It has always between my favourite Coltrane recording and possibly my favourite jazz album of all time. Do not overlook this recording!

John Coltrane (tenor saxophone); Ray Draper (tuba); McCoy Tyner, John Maher (piano); Steve Davis, Spanky DeBrest (bass); Billy Higgins, Larry Ritchie (drums).

Tracks 1-3 : John Coltrane tenor sax
McCoy Tyner piano, Steve Davis bass
Billy Higgins drums

Tracks 4-9 : John Coltrane tenor sax
Ray Draper tuba, John Maher piano
Spanky DeBrest bass, Larry Ritchie drums

Tracks 1-3 Recorded Sep 8, 1960 at United Recorders, Los Angeles, California
Tracks 4-9 Recorded Nov, 1958 in New York, New York

1.One And Four (aka Mr. Day)
3.Like Sonny (aka Simple Like)
4.Essii's Dance
7.I Talk To The Trees
9.Angel Eyes
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File 1
File 2

Passion, Grace and Fire front

Al Di Meola, Paco de Lucia, John McLaughlin - Passion, Grace & Fire (1983)
Flac (seperate files) - 159 MB | Booklet & Covers (300 dpi) - 15.2 MB included
Genre: Jazz Fusion

Never has an album been so justly deserving of its title. In 1983, the guitar super trio of John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola and Paco De Lucia followed up their phenomenal live acoustic album Friday Night in San Francisco with this masterpiece of a studio recording. The prevailing opinion at the time was that the raw excitement of the original live recording could never be matched in the recording studio. Delightfully, the Trio answered all those who had questioned its potential with Passion Grace and Fire. Its greater dependence upon melodies may even make PG&F the superior release.

Each guitarist contributed two compositions, and all pieces feature the Trio playing written out parts and improvising over a theme. No player dominates, as the format does not provide for contests or duels. And best of all, the acoustic guitars are recorded flawlessly.

"David" is an enchanting John McLaughlin composition where he delivers a haunting and seemingly time-defying lead performance. McLaughlin is the very rare (or perhaps unique) musician who quite literally is able to bend or suspend time in his playing. It is really quite unexplainable.

De Lucia's brilliance is clearly heard in his piece "Chiquito", in which he expands the language of Flamenco into all sorts of open spaces. Di Meola's strongest moments occur during his composition honored as the title piece. Timed in at just a little over 30 brief minutes, Passion Grace and Fire could have included a few more tunes, but it's still a masterpiece.

In the final analysis, the end result is a stand-off, as all three guitarists showcase ferocious, lightning quick riffs and passionate rhythm playing in support of each other. The acoustic guitar summit is a great companion CD to their first recording -- with fiery playing alternating with moments of grace and beauty.

The live tour in support of this album featured a giddy Steve Morse as the opening act. You could sense his joy as he joined his heroes for the encores. ~ Review compiled from All About Jazz & Guitar Nine Records

Passion, Grace, and Fire back

1. Aspan (4:09)
2. Orient Blue Suite (Part I, II, & III) (7:08)
3. Chiquito (4:46)
4. Sichia (3:50)
5. David (6:30)
6. Passion, Grace & Fire (5:26)

Total Time: 31:49

- John McLaughlin / Yamaha Classical Flamenco-type Guitar - Gut Strung, Production
- Al Di Meola / Ovation 6-string Acoustic Guitar - Steel Strung, Production
- Paco De Lucia / Spanish Flamenco Guitar, Built in Spain - Gut Strung, Production

Get it here:
Part 1
Part 2

Thelonious Monk With John Coltrane
Jazz | 1957 | MP3 320kbps | 98 Mb | Time 36:69 | Covers


*01. Ruby, My Dear
*02. Trinkle Tinkle
*03. Off Minor
*05. Epistrophy
*06. Functional


*Thelonious Monk: piano
*John Coltrane: tenor saxophone
*Coleman Hawkins: tenor saxophone
*Ray Copeland: trumpet
*Gigi Gryce: alto saxophone
*Wilbur Ware: bass
*Shadow Wilson: drums
*Art Blakey: drums

Terence Judd: Homage II
Chandos | 15 Sep 2003 | Classical | APE+CUE | 3% Recovery | 204 MB | Covers+Booklet | 60'16"

"''To the immense credit of Chandos, this is the second volume of solo works it has issued, judiciously compiled and lovingly annotated by Bryce Morrison, a further poignant reminder of the tragic waste of talent, nowhere more so than in the life-affirming exuberance of the opening Scarlatti Sonata. I would buy the disc for that and the Haydn C minor Sonata alone.''
BBC Music Magazine

''This is a striing recital in generally good sound (though levels vary) from an artist who ended his life at 22. There are few of a similar age today who offer his potential.''

# Composer: Domenico Scarlatti, Johann Sebastian Bach, Joseph Haydn, Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky, Alexander Scriabin, et al.
# Performer: Terence Judd
# Audio CD (15 Sep 2003)
# Number of Discs: 1
# Label: Chandos
# ASIN: B0000C83YS

Terence Judd: Homage II
Programme compiled by Bryce Morrison

Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757)
1 Sonata, KK 39 (Longo 391) 2:34
in A major - in A-Dur - en la majeur

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
2 Prelude and Fugue 5:49
in B flat minor - in b-Moll - en si bémol mineur
No. 22 from The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I

Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
Sonata, Hob. XVI:20 15:46
in C minor - in c-Moll - en ut mineur
3 I Moderato 7:13
4 II Andante con moto 4:21
5 III Allegro 4:03

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893)
6 January 'By the Hearth' 4:39
in A major - in A-Dur - en la majeur
No. 1 from The Seasons, Op. 37b
7 Original Theme and Variations 10:53
in F major - in F-Dur - en fa majeur
No. 6 from Six Pieces, Op. 19

Alexander Scriabin (1872-1915)
8 Etude, Op. 42 No. 5 3:27
in C sharp minor - in cis-Moll - en ut dièse mineur

Sergey Rachmaninov (1873-1943)
9 Étude-tableau, Op. 39 No. 9 3:12
in D major - in D-Dur - en ré majeur

Tatiana Kazhaeva (b. 1949)
10 Prelude and Invention 5:07

Sergey Prokofiev (1891-1953)
11 Suggestion diabolique 2:30
No. 4 from Four Pieces, Op. 4

Maurice Ravel (1875-1937)
12 La Vallée des cloches 5:35
No. 5 from Miroirs

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Underworld - Crocodile (EP) (promo) - 2007
mp3 | electronica | VBR, avg 198 kbps | 36:13 min | 51 Mb

Here is the teaser for the upcoming Underworld new full album.

01 Crocodile (Album Version) 08:50
02 Crocodile (Edit) 03:52
03 Crocodile (Pete Heller Remix) 07:34
04 Crocodile (Huntermann Remix) 08:36
05 Crocodile (Huntermann Dub) 07:21

Franz Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsodies - Georges Cziffra

Franz Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsodies - Georges Cziffra
2CDs | HQ M4A | 250Mb | Covers | RS
Genre: classical , Romantic, Historical Recordings

Georges (originally György) Cziffra (November 5, 1921-January 17, 1994) was a Hungarian virtuoso pianist. A son of Hungarian Romas (his father, György Cziffra Sr., was a cimbalom player and played in cabaret halls and restaurants in Paris in the 1910s), born in Budapest, Cziffra became noted at the age of five, improvising on popular tunes in bars and circuses. His teachers at the Franz Liszt Academy included Erno Dohnányi.

Cziffra is most known for his dazzling recordings of Franz Liszt's virtuoso works. He also recorded many of Frédéric Chopin's compositions and those of Robert Schumann (his account of Carnaval de Vienne admired by Alfred Cortot) Cziffra also made a famous transcription of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumblebee, written in interlocking octaves.


pass= soloweb

Rúzssa Magdi - Ördögi Angyal
2006 | Genre: pop | 1CD | MP3 | CBR 256 Kbps | 98 Mb

Magdolna Rúzsa (Serbian: ???????? ????, Magdolna Ruza) or simply Magdi Rúzsa (born 28 November 1985 in Titov Vrbas, Vojvodina, Yugoslavia) is a Hungarian singer who won the title of Megasztár, Hungary's version of Pop Idol, in 2006. As the winner of the category "Newcomer of the Year" at the Fonogram Hungarian Music Awards in 2007, she represented Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki, Finland. She came ninth with 128 points.

Ördögi angyal is the debut studio album by Hungarian singer Magdolna Rúzsa, released on November 20, 2006 by CLS Records. The translated title reads Devilish Angel. It debuted at number one on Mahasz album chart. Eventually the album has gone double-platinum in Hungary. Its first single was Aprócska blues.

Track List:

1. Aprócska blues - 2:59
2. Csak a zene - 4:55
3. Hip-hop - 3:43
4. Nem vagyok jó neked - 2:56
5. Új nap - 3:07
6. Eltévedt idegen - 4:22
7. Ciki ez a helyzet - 3:22
8. Álomangyal - 3:45
9. Szembejövo sáv - 2:57
10. Nem baj - 2:40
11. Nekem nem szabad - 3:33
12. Még egy dal - 3:44
13. A sors a neved - 4:13
14. Vigyázz a madárra - 4:38

Rapidshare link


Madilu System & Josky Kiambukuta
African Rumba | mp3 320 Kbps | 147 MB
Ngoyarto 1998

01. Destin
02. Sincerite
03. Piere
04. Erreur Personnelle
05. Infraction Kolinga
06. Calamite
07. Pasi Ya Zoba
08. Basambisa Yo
09. Bolongola Ngai Soni

VA - Hits For Kids Vol 18 2007
MP3 Files | 320kpbs 44100Hz stereo | Various Artist | year 2007 | 108MB | RS.com
Genre : Pop

Track List :

01 Hannah Montana- The Best Of Both Worlds 02:56
02 Avril Lavigne- Girlfriend 03:38
03 Gwen Stefani Feat Akon- The Sweet Escape 04:09
04 Caroline- Hoppe Og Danse 02:58
05 Kan Connected- Jeg Er Din Radio 03:37
06 Simone- As If 03:12
07 Infernal- I Wont Be Crying 03:30
08 Joey Moe- Flip It (Like A DJ) 03:05
09 Manzini- The Balloon Song 03:12
10 Maria Key Band- Klassen 03:36
11 Mista Dif- Jamaica Ska 02:59
12 Fri For Mobberi- Goer Noget 03:24
13 Dq- Drama Queen 03:03
14 Kelly Clarkson- Never Again 03:39
15 Markoolio- Varsta Schlagern 03:03
16 Natasha Bedingfield- I Wanna Have Your Ba 03:39
17 Nicolai - Mit Nye Move 02:47
18 Bob Sinclar- Sound Of Freedom 03:16
19 Kong Salami- Hop Og Ned 02:49
20 Take That- Shine 03:30
21 The Pussycat Dolls Feat Timbaland - Wait 03:58
22 The Cheetah Girls- Cheetah Sisters 02:45
23 Vanessa Hudgens- Lets Dance 02:55
24 Maroon 5- Makes Me Wonder 03:31

Download :

Count Basie & The Mills Brothers - The Board Of Directors
Label: MCA Japan | MP3 | CBR 320kbps | 83MB | Covers included
Genre: Jazz

This rare version of CD is a High Quality (20bit - K2 Super Coding), Japanese audiophile edition of the Count Basie and Mills Brothers LP, "The Board Of Directors", released back in 1967 on the Dot label (DLP 25838). I thought it was worth it to post it here. Some of you will enjoy it.

Track Listing:

1. Up A Lazy River
2. I May Be Wrong But I Think You' Re Wonderful
3. Release Me
4. I Want To Be Happy
5. Down-Down-Down
6. The Whiffenpoof Song
7. I Dig Rock And Roll Music
8. Tiny Bubbles
9. December
10. Let Me Dream
11. April In Paris

Review by William Ruhlmann

It sounds just like you'd expect it to: the Mills Brothers' smooth vocals punctuated by the Basie band's punchy playing, in arrangements by Dick Hyman.
Most effective are the older songs, familiar to both groups of artists, such as "(Up A) Lazy River" and "April in Paris." Less impressive are some contemporary tunes such as "Release Me" and "I Dig Rock and Roll Music" (!). But the Mills Brothers mesh so well with Basie that it makes you wonder why it took them so long to get together for a recording.

MP3 | 192 kbps | 83 mb | Cover incl
Genre: Jazz/Smooth Jazz


1. Tropical Legs
2. Amazon
3. Magic In Your Eyes
4. Calypso Getaway
5. Dr. Macumba
6. Long Ago And Far Away
7. Angelina
8. Heart String
9. Livin' Inside Your Love
10. Christina
11. Wishful Thinking
12. I Don't Want To Leave You Alone Anymore
Earl Klugh - The Best Of Vol.1 (1991)


Ambient - Worldbeat l Electronic
MP3 | 320 Kbps | 116 Mb | FLAC | 352 Mb | 51:02

Released: 2007
1 All The World
2 Someday The Wind
3 Draw My Life
4 Let It Go
5 Magic
6 Without You
7 Rafe
8 Vibing
9 All Alone
10 Rafe (Gabin Remix)
11 Rafe (Pacha Remix)

part1 l part2

part1 l part2 l part3 l part4

V.A. - Fender: 50th Anniversary Guitar Legends (1996)
RS.com | 320 kb's | Various Artists | 1996 | 145 mbs

The half-century history of the Fender guitar and its role in popular history is documented on this collection featuring such Fender-powered hits as Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water," Buddy Holly's "That'll Be the Day," Dire Straits' "Sultans of Swing," Jimi Hendrix's "Spanish Castle Magic," Nirvana's "Come as You Are" and Dick Dale's "Miserlou."

01. That'll Be The Day - Buddy Holly And The Crickets
02. Sultans Of Swing - Dire Straits
03. The Telephone Song - The Vaughan Brothers
04. Let It Rain - Eric Clapton
05. Something To Talk About - Bonnie Raitt
06. Spanish Castle Magic - Jimi Hendrix
07. Damn Right, I've Got The Blues - Buddy Guy
08. Smoke On The Water - Deep Purple
09. Come As You Are - Nirvana
10. Take It So Hard (Live) - Keith Richards And The Xpensive Winos
11. Misirlou - Dick Dale
12. Rainy Day Woman - Waylon Jennings
13. Where Were You - Jeff Beck With Terry Bozzio And Tony Hymas
14. Stranger In This Town - Richie Sambora
15. Surfin' U.S.A. - The Beach Boys
16. While We Cry - Kenny Wayne Shepherd
17. Frosty - Albert Collins And The Ice Breakers


Shostakovich: Symphony No7, Op60 - Eduardo Mata: Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Genre: Classical | Format: FLAC - Lossless | 3 files 283 MB | Complete Scans | RS

Dmitri Shostakovich's Symphony No. 7 ("Leningrad") both capitalized on and contributed to the Leningrad myth.

Dmitri Shostakovich
Title: Dmitri Shostakovich
Symphony No.7 In C Major "Leningrad" OP. 60
Artist: Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Genre: Orchestral
Period: 20th Century

Dmitri Shostakovich's Symphony No. 7 ("Leningrad") both capitalized on and contributed to the Leningrad myth. Created in 1941 in the immediate aftermath of the brutal Nazi onslaught on the eerie northern metropolis in which the composer spent his youth and formative years, this sprawling, impassioned tribute to its bravery became a rallying cry for the Soviet population. The Seventh Symphony's international impact was no less impressive. Few works of twentieth century music, in fact, have achieved wider recognition or greater emotional significance than this 78 minute monument to a city that had already played such an influential role in modern political history. - Harlow Robinson

Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975)
Symphony No. 7 in C Major "Leningrad", Op. 60
1. Allegretto
2. Moderato (poco allegretto)
3. Adagio
4. Allegro non troppo


Tangerine Dream - Thief OST
1981 | Genre : Electronic OST | FLAC - Lossless | 234 Mb | RS | Covers & Label incl

"Tangerine Dream scored director Michael Mann's film debut, Thief (released as "Violent Streets" outside of the U.S. market), adding their patented pulses, blips and whooshes to the film's highly stylized visual scenes. While TD's electronic music is a natural fit for soundtracks, it doesn't bring out the best in the band; for the most part, this soundtrack contains swatches of a larger canvas, building up a small head of steam in the span of four or five minutes but not raising the musical discussion above the level of mere mechanical chitchat. Most of the songs follow a set pattern, with Chris Franke slurring his sequencers under a thin fog of synthesizers, topped by a piercing and pithy melody. An engaging melody on "Beach Theme" makes it one of the album's better tracks, while "Trap Feeling" has a delicacy that compares favorably to Brian Eno's Music for Films. Fans of Force Majeure will find the second part of "Thru Metamorphic Rocks" reprised on "Igneous," while American audiences were treated to an actual rock song of guitars, bass and drums from the band on "Confrontation," written by Craig Safan (who would go on to score The Last Starfighter). Outside of the U.S., the track was replaced by "Beach Scene," which was issued as a promotional single in the U.K. and can be found on the Dream Sequence compilation. Despite charting well (number 43 in the U.K.), Thief is little more than a perfunctory exercise in electronic music -- a pastiche of leftovers and formulaic compositions that fail to fully engage the listener on their own. Of interest, Tangerine Dream also provided the soundtrack to Mann's next film, The Keep (available only as a
bootleg to date), which in the context of that film was an unqualified success.
by Dave Connolly


5. SCRAP YARD 4:40
7. IGNEOUS 4:45
8. CONFRONTATION (Craig Safan) 5:44

Edgar Froese- keyboards, electronic equipment and guitar
Chris Franke- synthesizers, electronic equipment, electronic percussion
Johannes Schmoelling-keyboards and electronic equipment


pw: Holbrooki

Noa - Blue Touches Blue

Noa - Blue Touches Blue
2000 | APE+CUE+LOG (308 MB) | MP3 320 kbps + LOG (132 MB) | Covers | RAR 3% recovery
Genre: Vocal Pop/Easy Listening

Noa's homepage

1. If I Give You Everything
2. Can I Reach You
3. Explain the Night
4. Home Made Religion
5. Wrap It up With Love
6. Angel
7. Haunted
8. Again and Again
9. Long Coat Winter
10. Blue Touches Blue
11. Carefully
12. Dala Dala
13. Morning
14. Beauty of That
15. Beautiful That Way



Eleftheria Arvanitaki - Ola sto fos (Everything brought to light)
mp3 | 192 kbps | 70 MB
Genre : Ethnic | World

Track list :
1. Take me in your arms and let us go (Pare me agalia keh pame)
2. There is no return (Den ehei epistrofi)
3. Visitors (Episkeptes)
4. It's dawning (Ximeronei)
5. In your life (Mes sti diki sou ti zoi)
6. Till daybreak (Os ta haramata)
7. Love no longer lives here (O erotas de menei pia edo)
8. Everything brought to light (Ola sto fos)
9. I go touch heaven (Pao na piaso ourano)
10. Wish me sweet dreams (Pes mou oneira glyka)
11. What do you give me for my return? (Ti mou dineis na giriso)
12. A song about freedom (Ena tragoudi gia tin eleftheria)
13. Like a breeze (San aeraki)

VA - Band Du Lac - One Night Only Live, 2006
Original Release Date: 2006 | MP3 |256Kbps| 210MB | Genre: Blues, Rock, R&B & Soul

Band Du Lac is an all-star supergroup brought together to play occasional charity concerts, this particular one being staged at the historic Wintershall Estate in Surrey, England in aid of HASTE (Heart And Stroke Trust Endeavour). With Gary Brooker of PROCOL HARUM directing from the piano; a backing band that includes Andy Fairweather-Low and Mike Rutherford on guitars; Paul Carrack on keyboards and Henry Spinetti on drums gives virtuoso support to a host of stars including Eric Clapton, Katie Melua, Roger Taylor, Ringo Starr and The Drifters.

01. Tequila
02. Over My Baby - Featuring Paul Carrack
03. Reconsider Baby - Featuring Eric Clapton
04. Lay Down Sally - Featuring Eric Clapton
05. How Long - Featuring Paul Carrack
06. Willie & The Hand Jive - Featuring Eric Clapton
07. Crawling Up A Hill - Featuring Katie Melua
08. My Aphrodisiac Is You - Featuring Katie Melua
09. The Closest Thing To Crazy - Featuring Katie Melua
10. Lay My Burden Down - Featuring Andy Fairweather
11. Say It's Not True - Featuring Roger Taylor
12. These Are The Days Of Our Lives - Featuring Roger Taylor
13. I Want To Break Free - Featuring Roger Taylor
14. This World Is Rich - Featuring Gary Brooker
15. Act Naturally - Featuring Ringo Starr
16. Photograph - Featuring Ringo Starr
17. With A Little Help From My Friends - Featuring Ringo Starr
18. A Whiter Shade Of Pale - Featuring Gary Brooker
19. Stormy Monday - Featuring Eric Clapton & Chris Barber
20. Under The Boardwalk - Featuring The Drifters
21. Stand By Me - Featuring The Drifters
22. Cocaine - Featuring Eric Clapton
23. I Can't Dance - Everyone

Band Du Lac is an all-star supergroup brought together to play occasional charity concerts, this particular one being staged at the historic Wintershall Estate in Surrey, England in aid of HASTE (Heart And Stroke Trust Endeavour). With Gary Brooker of PROCOL HARUM directing from the piano; a backing band that includes Andy Fairweather-Low and Mike Rutherford on guitars; Paul Carrack on keyboards and Henry Spinetti on drums gives virtuoso support to a host of stars including Eric Clapton, Katie Melua, Roger Taylor,
Ringo Starr and The Drifters.





Frédéric Chopin - Rondos, Variations, Allegro de concert, Bolero, Tarantella
Classical Music | APE & mp3 320 Kbps | 213 MB & 171 MB
Decca Music Group Limited 2007

Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849)

01. Introduction & Variations on « Je vends des scapulaires »
02. Rondo in C-Moll Op. 1
03. Variations sur un air national allemand, in E-Dur Op. Posth
04. Rondo a la Mazur, in F-Dur Op. 5
05. Allegro de Concert, Op. 46
06. Bolero in C-Dur Op. 19
07. Introduction & Rondo in C-Moll Op. 16
08. Tarantella in As-Dur Op. 43
09. Souvenir de Paganini



Enregistré: 29 September, 12-13 October,1996,Muziekcentrum Frits Philips Eindhoven

MP3 171 MB

APE 213 MB

Eddie Costa - The House Of Blue Lights
Label: Dot | FLAC-Lossless | separate files - 223 MB | MP3 CBR 320kbps | 93 MB | Covers included
Genre: Jazz

Another rare Japanese Audiophile edition, packed in miniature LP jacket, (released through MCA Victor Japan in 1994), of the original DOT vinyl. And yes, this time comes lossless as well.

Product Details

* Audio CD (June 2, 2003)
* Original Release Date: January 29, 1959
* Number of Discs: 1
* Format: Original Recording Reissued & Remastered - Limited Edition
* Label: Dot / MCA Japan

Track Listing:

1. House of Blue Lights
2. My Funny Valentine
3. Diane
4. Annabelle
5. When I Fall in Love
6. What's to Ya

Biograph by Ken Dryden

Eddie Costa emerged from an unlikely background into a heralded -- if too brief -- career in jazz. Born in a rural coal mining town, Costa studied piano with his brother Bill and developed a taste for the swing greats; later, exposure to Bud Powell turned him to bop. Self-taught on vibes, Costa became known as an excellent sight reader, which produced a lot of studio work. On piano, his trademark sound was the emphasis of the middle and lower registers while nearly ignoring the top two octaves. In addition to recording as a sideman with Tal Farlow, Woody Herman, Johnny Smith, the Bob Brookmeyer-Clark Terry Quintet, and Bill Evans, Costa led his own trio and quintet dates. Sadly, most of Costa's recorded output remains unavailable on CD, with the notable exception of the VSOP reissue of his Quintet LP. Costa died when his car careened off of a busy New York parkway in 1962.

Bryan Adams - The Best of Me
Pop Rock | A&M | 2002 | 320kbs MP3 | 140Mb

This is Bryan Adams at his best. There are the acoustical "I'm Ready" and "Back To You," of course. "Summer of '69," "Can't Stop This Thing We Started", and "Please Forgive Me" are still good. There is a re-vamped version of "Cloud Number Nine," as well as the sexy "Let's Make a Night To Remember." "When You're Gone" features Melanie C, and "All For Love" sports two other well-known artists, Rod Stewart and Sting.

1. The Best Of Me
2. Can't Stop This Thing We Started
3. I'm Ready
4. Summer Of '69
5. Let's Make A Night To Remember
6. All For Love (with Rod Stewart & Sting)
7. Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman
8. Run To You
9. Cloud Number Nine
10. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
11. Back To You
12. When You're Gone (feat. Mel C)
13. Please Forgive Me
14. The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You
15. Inside Out

Vivaldi: Konzerte für 1,2 und 4 Gitarren / Los Romeros
Classical Guitar | WV + CUE + LOG | Full Covers | 267MB
Audio CD (May 24, 2005) | Number of Discs: 1 | Format: Import | Label: Philips-Eloquence

A delightful collection of some of the most famous of Vivaldi's Guitar Concertos, many of these being transcriptions of lute works, and some in unique arrangements for four guitars or guitars with strings. Los Romeros are of course a legendary family of guitarists, so the recording is self-recommending.

Composer: Antonio Vivaldi
Audio CD (May 24, 2005)
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Import
Label: Philips-Eloquence
ASIN: B00005A7JN


Concerto In D Major For 4 Guitars, Rv93
1. Allegro (03:04)
2. Largo (03:40)
3. Allegro (2) (01:53)

Concerto In A Major For Guitar, Violin, Viola & Cello, Rv 82
4. Allegro non molto (02:53)
5. Larghetto (03:01)
6. Allegro (02:25)

Concerto In B Minor For 4 Guitars & Orchestra, Op.3 No.10 Rv 580
7. Allegro (03:59)
8. Largo (01:00)
9. Larghetto (01:08)
10. Allegro (03:29)

Concerto In G Major For 2 Guitars And Orchestra, Rv 532
11. Allegro (03:56)
12. Andante (03:25)
13. Allegro (03:46)

Concerto In C Major For Guitar & Orchestra Rv 425
14. Allegro (05:22)
15. Largo (02:09)
16. Allegro (2) (02:28)

Concerto In A Minor For Guitar & Orchestra, Op.3 No.6 Rv 356 'L'estro Armonico'
17. Allegro (03:02)
18. Largo (02:19)
19. Presto (02:28)

The Future Sound Of London - ISDN (Black Edition)
MP3 | 320 Kbps | 171 Mb | FLAC+EAC+CUE | 389 Mb | 75:04
Dance / IDM / Electronica / Ambient

Release Date: Dec 5, 1994
01 - Just A Fuckin' Idiot
02 - The Far Out Son Of Lung And The Ramblings Of A Madman
03 - Appendage
04 - Slider.
05 - Smokin' Japanese Babe
06 - You're Creeping Me Out
07 - Eyes Pop - Skin Explodes - Everybody Dead
08 - It's My Mind That Works
09 - Dirty Shadows
10 - Tired
11 - Egypt
12 - Are They Fightin' Us
13 - Hot Knives
14 - A Study Of Six Guitars
15 - An End Of Sorts

MP3: part1 l part2
FLAC+EAC+CUE: part1 l part2 l part3 l part4 l part5
Covers: Covers

Almicare Ponchielli - La Gioconda - Antonino Votto, Maria Callas
Classical Music | FLAC & mp3 320 Kbps | 3 CD | 257 MB & 123 MB + 177 MB & 69 MB + 354 MB + 172 MB
EMI Classics September 2007

Almicare Ponchielli - La Gioconda - Antonino Votto, Coro E Orchestra Di Torino Della RAI -Callas (1952) CD 1

01. Preludio (Orchestra)
02. Atto Primo Feste E pane!(Coro/Barnaba)
03. E Cantan Su Lor Tombe! (Barnaba/Gioconda)
04. Figlia, Che Reggi Il Tremulo Piè (Cieca/Gioconda/Barnaba)
05. L'ora Non Giunse Ancor Del Vespro Santo (Gioconda/Barnaba/Cieca/Coro)
06. Gloria A Chi Vince (Coro)
07. Questi È L'uom Ch'io Cerco (Barnaba/Coro/Isepo/Zuane/Cieca/Gioconda/Enzo/Laura)
08. Suo Covo È Un Tugurio (Barnaba/Coro/Isepo/Zuane/Cieca/Gioconda/Enzo/Laura)
09. Ribellion! (Alvise/Laura/Tutti)
10. Voce Di Donna O D'angelo (Cieca/Laura/Enzo/Gioconda/Alvise/Barnaba/Coro)
11. Enzo Grimaldo, Principe Di Santafior, Che Pensi
12. O Grido Di Quest'anima (Barnaba/Enzo)
13. Maledici Sta Ben...L'amor T'accieca (Barnaba/Isepo/Gioconda)
14. O Monumento! (Barnaba)
15. Carnaval! Baccanal! (Coro E Danza)
16. Angele Dei (Coro/Barnaba/otto/Gioconda/Cieca)

MP3 : 123 MB

FLAC : 257 MB

Andrea Bocelli: Verdi (2000)



Pietro Mascagni [1863-1945] - Cavalleria Rusticana [Callas, di Stefano, Teatro alla Scalla - Serafin]
Classical Music | FLAC & mp3 320 Kbps | 394 MB & 178 MB
EMI Classics September 2007

01. Cavalleria Rusticana - Preludio
02. O Lola ch'hai di latti la cammisa
03. Preludio (Seguito e fineConclusion)
04. Gli aranci olezzano
05. Dite, Mamma Lucia
06. Il cavallo scalpita
07. Beato voi, compar Alfio
08. Regina Coeli, laetare; Alleluja!
09. Inneggiamo, il Signor non è morto
10. Voi lo sapete, o mamma
11. Tu qui, Santuzza
12. Fior di giaggiolo
13. Ah! Lo vedi, che hai tu detto
14. No, no, Turiddu, rimani, rimani ancora
15. Oh! Il Signore vi manda, compar Alfio!
16. Intermezzo
17. A casa, a casa, amici
18. Viva il vino spumeggiante
19. A voi tutti, salute!
20. Mamma, quel vino è generoso


This is the official (and quite funny) music video for Killswitch Engage's awesome cover of DIO's 'Holy Diver'