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Al Di Meola, Paco de Lucia, John McLaughlin - Passion, Grace & Fire (1983)
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Genre: Jazz Fusion

Never has an album been so justly deserving of its title. In 1983, the guitar super trio of John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola and Paco De Lucia followed up their phenomenal live acoustic album Friday Night in San Francisco with this masterpiece of a studio recording. The prevailing opinion at the time was that the raw excitement of the original live recording could never be matched in the recording studio. Delightfully, the Trio answered all those who had questioned its potential with Passion Grace and Fire. Its greater dependence upon melodies may even make PG&F the superior release.

Each guitarist contributed two compositions, and all pieces feature the Trio playing written out parts and improvising over a theme. No player dominates, as the format does not provide for contests or duels. And best of all, the acoustic guitars are recorded flawlessly.

"David" is an enchanting John McLaughlin composition where he delivers a haunting and seemingly time-defying lead performance. McLaughlin is the very rare (or perhaps unique) musician who quite literally is able to bend or suspend time in his playing. It is really quite unexplainable.

De Lucia's brilliance is clearly heard in his piece "Chiquito", in which he expands the language of Flamenco into all sorts of open spaces. Di Meola's strongest moments occur during his composition honored as the title piece. Timed in at just a little over 30 brief minutes, Passion Grace and Fire could have included a few more tunes, but it's still a masterpiece.

In the final analysis, the end result is a stand-off, as all three guitarists showcase ferocious, lightning quick riffs and passionate rhythm playing in support of each other. The acoustic guitar summit is a great companion CD to their first recording -- with fiery playing alternating with moments of grace and beauty.

The live tour in support of this album featured a giddy Steve Morse as the opening act. You could sense his joy as he joined his heroes for the encores. ~ Review compiled from All About Jazz & Guitar Nine Records

Passion, Grace, and Fire back

1. Aspan (4:09)
2. Orient Blue Suite (Part I, II, & III) (7:08)
3. Chiquito (4:46)
4. Sichia (3:50)
5. David (6:30)
6. Passion, Grace & Fire (5:26)

Total Time: 31:49

- John McLaughlin / Yamaha Classical Flamenco-type Guitar - Gut Strung, Production
- Al Di Meola / Ovation 6-string Acoustic Guitar - Steel Strung, Production
- Paco De Lucia / Spanish Flamenco Guitar, Built in Spain - Gut Strung, Production

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