Tangerine Dream - Soundchecks (1981-1996 Live Bootleg)
Electronica, New Age | 59.9 MB | 160 Kb/s | MP3

01. Check I (02.39)
02. Check II (04.04)
03. Check III (03.04)
04. Check IV (01.57)
05. Check V (Bondy Parade) (08.26)
06. Midnight in Tula (04.21)
07. Jammin' (08.41)
08. Stratosfear 95 (06.33)
09. Eleanor Rigby (06.17)
10. Hamlet (07.39)

(01-05 from Brighton & London October 1981)
(06-07 from London Dominion 1982)
(08-10 from London Shepherds Bush 1996)


Tangerine Dream - Budapest, Sportcsarnok (1982 Live Bootleg)
Electronica, New Age | 76.9 MB | 160 Kb/s | MP3

01. Mojave Plan (10.40)
02. Logos, Part I (07.17)
03. Logos, Part II (13.35)
04. Logos, Part III (04.54)
05. Logos, Part IV (04.41)
06. Logos, Part V (06.48)
07. Logos, Part VI (03.03)
08. Midnight In Tula (04.37)
09. White Eagle (05.15)
10. Kiew Mission (07.49)


Led Zeppelin - Conspiracy Theory (1975)
Rock | 1986 | Label: SoundBoard Records Ltd. | Mp3 | 192 kbps | 3CD | 230 Mb
Genre: Bootleg | Styles: Hard Rock

Sports Arena - San Diego, California - March 14, 1975
Excellent Soundboard Recording

CD 1:
01 - Rock And Roll
02 - Sick Again
03 - Over The Hills And Far Away
04 - In My Time Of Dying
05 - The Song Remains The Same
06 - The Rain Song
07 - Kashmir

CD 2:
01 - No Quarter
02 - Trampled Under Foot
03 - Moby Dick

CD 3:
01 - Dazed And Confused
02 - Stairway To Heaven
03 - Heartbreaker

Kitaro - The Best of Ten Years (1976-1986)
Instrumental Music | MP3 | 320Kbps | MU.com | 2 CDs | 100 Mb

Long recognized as one the most acclaimed recording artists in the Orient, Kitaro has always taken his music far beyond the borders of his native Japan. He has reached millions of people on every continent with his stellar recordings. Though his public presence has always been cloaked in the tradition and mysticism of the culture into which he was born, Kitaro's music does not yield to boundaries or national categories. His compositions weave 'a boundless playworld of a thousand pictures and a web of gentleness and wonderment'. This two disc set features the best of Kitaro from 1976-1986. It features music from his best selling albums during this period including Silk Road, Oasis, India, Millenia, Ki, Tunhuang and Silver Cloud.
CD 1:
1. Dawn/Rising Sun
2. Caravansary
3. Shimmering Horizon
4. Cosmic Love
5. Silk Road (Theme)
6. Lord Of Wind
7. Oasis
8. Clouds

CD 2:
1. Earth Born
2. Aqua
3. Mirage
4. Moon Star
5. Flight
6. God Of Thunder
7. Bell Tower
8. Song For Peace


El Jowania Y Su Orquestra Africa Mania - Missan Bailar
African Rumba | mp3 320 Kbps | 139 MB
Mélodie Distribution 2003

01. Avalou
02. Missan Bailar
03. Sehui
04. Afrique Verte
05. Le Messie
06. Ye!
07. Iwonikan
08. Que Je T'aime
09. Los Casados
10. Salsa Medley
11. Assouka
12. Pas Un Voyou

Luciana Demingongo - Sang Bleu
African Rumba | mp3 320 Kbps | 127 MB
Esselta 2006

01. Ca Passe
02. Dit Lopa
03. Sang Bleu Aziza
04. Flo
05. Mutchezo
06. Diplomatie
07. Transit
08. Kuloko

VA - Let the Groove Move You
Genre: Deep Funk | MP3 | 192 Kbps | 97 MB | RS

The groove will definitely move you here -- as the set's an incredible batch of modern deep funk numbers, all hand-picked for the mighty Freestyle label! The 20 track package is like finding DJ case stuffed with some of the best 45s around -- all underground nuggets from labels like Daptone, One Note, RD, Tru Thoughts, and more. There's plenty of James Brown influences running through most of the tracks here -- hard drums, tight rhythms, searing horn work, and hard soul vocals galore.


01. Apples - Attention
02. Bamboos & Alice Russell - Step it Up
03. Boogaloo Investigators - Let's Work a While
04. Breakestra - Got to Let Me Know
05. Budos Band - Budos Theme
06. Clarence Foster & the Internal - Fry Chicken in your Hotpants
07. Cookin' on 3 Burners - Cressy St Breakdown
08. Kashmere Stage Band - Superstrut
09. Limp Twins - Another Day in the Life of Mr Jones
10. Marva Whitney - Am What I Am
11. Naomi Davis - Wind your Clock
12. Natural Self & Alice Russell - Don't Need this Trouble
13. New Mastersounds - Give Me a Minute
14. Orasio Garcia & Young Musicians Aware - Outer Space
15. Poets of Rhythm - More Mess on my Thing
16. Quantic Soul Orchestra & Alice Russell - Pushin on
17. Quartertones - Caffeine
18. Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings - Genuine
19. Soul Snatchers - Get Yourself Together
20. Speedometer - The Speakeasy

Nina Simone - The Essential Nina Simone, Vol. 2
Jazz / Blues | MP3 @ 320 kbps | 95.3 & 37.5 MB | Re-Post | 1994

Yes. This is an excellent album. Everything Dr. Simone does is wonderful, but this is the most emotional album I've ever heard. "Here Comes the Sun" is, thanks to POINT OF NO RETURN, quite popular (and quite good, too). Nina singing Dylan is always remarkable, and "Just Like a Woman" is even better than "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" and "I Shall Be Released" from Volume One. In "The Human Touch" we get to hear a calm, melodic Simone... Her voice is perfectly-- PERFECTLY-- suited for singing Jacques Brel's songs. "Ne Me Quitte Pas" is powerful, but "The Desperate Ones" is even more emotionally (and artistically) extreme. AMAZING! Of course, "My Way" is terriffic. Imagine Nina Simone doing anything her way. Much better than the Sinatra version.

Thanks LQ for notifying me of posting error, the first time I posted this. Without your help I would have never know.

I am sorry to all who downloaded the first post and got The Very Best Of Nina Simone Vol. 2 because of my mistake. Here is the corrected post. Again I regret any inconvenience or frustration that this has caused you.

Artist: Nina Simone
Title: The Essential Nina Simone, Vol. 2
Audio CD (August 2, 1994)
Original Release Date: August 2, 1994
Number of Discs: 1
Label: RCA
ASIN: B000002WQJ

Track List:

01 Here Comes the Sun (03:42)
02 Compassion (01:35)
03 Who Am I? (04:08)
04 Just Like A Woman (04:54)
05 Angel of the Morning (03:18)
06 Peace of Mind (02:35)
07 Revolution (05:05)
08 O-o-h Child (03:15)
09 Save Me (03:23)
10 The Human Touch (02:07)
11 Another Spring (03:30)
12 The Desperate Ones (04:41)
13 Everyone's Gone To the Moon (03:05)
14 Cherish (03:20)
15 New World Coming (05:00)
16 My Way (05:44)

Dave Holland & Barre Phillips: Music From Two Basses [1971]
Jazz | PT 37:20 | Flac 165 mb | MP3 320k 95 Mb | Full scan


Improvised Piece I
Improvised Piece II
May be I can sing it for you
Just a Whisper
Song for Clare

Dave Holland double-bass, violoncello
Barre Phillips double-bass


FLAC (Separated)

Van Halen - Best Of (Vol 1)
Rock | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | Covers | 166 Mb

1. Eruption
2. Ain`t Talkin` `Bout Love
3. Runnin` With The Devil
4. Dance The Night Away
5. And The Cradle Will Rock...
6. Unchained
7. Jump
8. Panama
9. Why Can`t This Be Love
10. Dreams
11. When It`s Love
12. Poundcake
13. Right Now
14. Can`t Stop Lovin` You
15. Humans Being
16. Can`t Get This Stuff No More
17. Me Wise Magic

Download RS.com:
Part 1
Part 2

Frédéric Chopin - Miscellaneous Works - Marian Mika (piano)
Classical Music | APE & mp3 320 Kbps | 152 MB & 127 MB
Decca Music Group Limited 2007




2. NO.44 OP.67 NO.1 - VIVACE 1'24
3. NO.45 OP.67 NO.2 - CANTABILE 2'08
4. NO.46 OP.67 NO.3 - ALLEGRETTO 1'55
5. NO.47 OP.67 NO.4 - MODERATO ANIMATO 3'07


6. NO.48 OP.68 NO.1 - VIVACE 1'58
7. NO.49 OP.68 NO.2 - LENTO 3'00
8. NO.50 OP.68 NO.3 - ALLEGRO MA NON TROPPO 1'40
9. NO.51 OP.68 NO.4 - ANDANTINO 2'06
10. MAZURKA NO.52 - CON ANIMA 1'25
15. MAZURKA NO.57 - VIVACE 3'46
16. MAZURKA NO.58 - [POCO MOSSO] 2'36


Enregistré: Preganziol (Italy) - 9/2006

MP3 127 MB

APE 152 MB

Russendisko - Hits (2003)
World/Ethnic/Klezmer | MP3 CBR 224kbps | Sleeves | rs.com | 96 Mb

Another part of the Russendisko compilations...more of the same, and not a bad thing either!

01 Nogu Svelo - The Little Chinese Bells
02 Leprikonsi - Chicks Don't Fall In Love With Me
03 Markscheider Kunst - The Dance
04 The Red Elvises - Cosmonaut Petrov
05 Spitfire - Rio-Rita
06 Zdob Si Zdub - A Gipsy And A U.F.O.
07 Leningrad - WWW
08 Sveta Kolibaba - Hey DJ
09 Distemper - Fight For Living
10 Leonid Soybelman - A Guy
11 La Minor - A Girl In A Cotton Dress
12 3D - In A Hip Club
13 Amsterdam Klezmer Band - Limonchiki
14 VV - You Took The Piss Out Of Me
15 RotFront - The Robots
16 St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz-Review - Trip Back To Childhood




The Orchid Highway - The Orchid Highway
Original Release Date: 2007 | MP3 | VBR~200Kb/s | 57 MB
Genre: British Pop

[01] Sofa Surfer Girl
[02] Medicine Tree
[03] Let's Stay In Instead
[04] Next World
[05] Ballad On Plain E
[06] Opiate
[07] Pop Tart Girl
[08] Tea With Shandra
[09] Time For A Change
[10] Legion Hall

Influencias: Beatles, Hollies, etc...

Slade - Old New Borrowed and Blue
Classic Rock | MP3 | 256Kbps | 44100 joint stereo | 68Mo

Old, New, Borrowed and Blue is the fourth studio album by the British glam/hard rock group Slade. It was released on February 15, 1974, and reached No. 1 on the UK charts. The album would be released in the USA on the Warner Bros. label, under the title Stomp Your Hands, Clap Your Feet, minus the tracks "My Town" and "My Friend Stan."

The single, "Everyday" was their first not to have the standard 'Slade' sound on it, which is probably why it failed to get higher than #3 on the UK singles chart. The previous single to this was 'Merry Xmas Everybody', which was to be their final #1 hit single, although 1983's "My Oh My" would later reach the #2 spot.

Track listing

1. "Just a Little Bit" (Thornton/Bass/Washington/Brown/Thompson)
2. "When the Lights are Out"(Holder/Lea)
3. "My Town" (Holder/Lea)
4. "Find Yourself a Rainbow" (Holder/Lea)
5. "Miles Out to Sea" (Holder/Lea)
6. "We're Really Gonna Raise the Roof" (Holder/Lea)
7. "Do We Still Do It" (Holder/Lea)
8. "How Can It Be" (Holder/Lea)
9. "Don't Blame Me" (Holder/Lea)
10. "My Friend Stan" (Holder/Lea) UK #2
11. "Everyday" (Holder/Lea) UK #3
12. "Good Time Gals" (Holder/Lea)


Brahms - Ein deutsches Requiem - Norrington
Lynne Dawson, Olaf Bär The London Classical Players - Roger Norrington

1993 | EMI Classics | EAC secure FLAC+CUE+LOG+SCANS | 1CD | 271MB


Eind deutsches Requiem

Lynne Dawson, soprano
Olaf Bär, baritone

The Schütz Choir of London
The London Classical Players

Roger Norrington, conductor

Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART (1756-1791): Complete sonatas for keyboard and violin - Vol.1 - Gary Cooper - Rachel Podger
DDD | TT: 78:11 | APE (EAC Rip) + CUE | covers | 344 Mo
Recorded at St. Michael's Church, London, 11-13 August 2005

Gary Cooper fortepiano
Rachel Podger violin

Sonata in Bb, K.454 [Vienna, 21 April 1784]
Sonata in C, K.28 [The Hague, Feb 1766]
Andante & Fuge in a, K.402 (385e) [Vienna, 1782]
Andante & Allegretto in C, K.404 (385d) [Vienna, 1782]
Sonata in Bb, K.8 [Paris, Jan. 1764]
Sonata in Eb, K.380 (374f) [Vienna, 1781]


pass: avax4ever

TLC - The Very Best Of: Crazy Sexy Hits
RnB | MP3 | 256 Kbps | 90 MB | RS

Hit compilation from one of the most influential female R'n'B combos of all time, TLC. Arguably the first group to mix modern urban music with pop music, the band enjoyed great success in the nineties, notching up hit after hit, all of which are included on this release. Includes the hits 'Waterfalls', 'Red Light Special' and 'Creep'.


01. No Scrubs
02. Waterfalls
03. Creep
04. Red Light Special
05. Diggin' On You
06. Baby Baby Baby
07. Come Get Some - TLC & Lil' Jon/Sean Paul
08. Girl Talk
09. Damaged
10. Whoop De Woo
11. In Your Arms Tonight
12. Get It Up
13. What About Your Friends
14. Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg
15. Unpretty

VA - Das goldene Schlager-Archiv - 1971
MP3 @ 256 Kbps | 54:04 min | 104,72 MB
Genre: Pop

01 - Peret - Borriquito
02 - Roy Black & Anita - Schön ist es, auf der Welt zu sein
03 - Chris Roberts - Hab' ich dir heute schon gesagt, daß ich dich liebe
04 - Lynn Anderson - Rose Garden
05 - Ulli Martin - Monika
06 - Middle Of The Road - Chirpy, Chirpy, Cheep Cheep
07 - Tony Marschall - Schöne Maid
08 - Udo Jürgens - Zeig mir den Platz an der Sonne
09 - Peter Alexander - Hier ist ein Mensch
10 - Daniel Gerard - Butterfly
11 - Chris Roberts - Ich bin verliebt in die Liebe
12 - Karl Gott - Schicksalsmelodie
13 - Mireille Mathieu - Akropolis Adieu
14 - Wolfgang - Abraham
15 - Heino - Mohikana Shalali
16 - Sweet - Co-Co


Putumayo presents Asian Dreamland
MP3 | 200 Kbps VBR | 44 Mb | 44,1KHz | 2006


01 - Shang Shang Typhoon - Moon Boat
02 - Emme - Dokokade Yoruga Naita
03 - Yoshida Brothers - Kokoro Ni Dakarete
04 - Zulya - Cradle Song
05 - Aiko Shimada and Elizabeth Fal - Aka Tonbo
06 - Takashi Hirayasu With Chuei Yo - Asadoya Yunta
07 - Kelsang Chukie Tethong - Om Ma Nye Bhe Mae Hum
08 - Ali Akbar Khan - Lullaby
09 - Lei Qiang - Lullaby
10 - Rikki - Amami No Komori Uta

Sonny Criss - At The Crossroads
Label: Peacock | FLAC-Lossless | separated files 223MB | MP3 CBR 320kbps | 83 MB | covers included
Genre: Jazz

While playing with Buddy Rich (on tour in Chicago), Sonny Criss managed to find time and record this beautiful record for the Peacock label. Posted here is a Japanese audiophile - limited edition - version released in 1994 by MCA Victor Japan and rare to find it anymore.

Track Listing:

01. Sweet Lorraine
02. You don't know what love is
03. I got it bad (And that ain't good)
04. Sylvia
05. Softly, as in a morning sunrise
06. Butt's delight
07. Indiana

Biography by Thom Jurek

Alto saxophonist William "Sonny" Criss was an anomaly of the jazz musicians who came up during the bebop era. Criss moved to Los Angeles from Memphis at the age of 15, and at 19 played in Howard McGhee's band with Charlie Parker and Teddy Edwards. As was the norm for every alto player, Parker exerted a huge influence on Criss' playing. His beefy, earthy tone can be heard on a number of Savoy sessions beginning the next year. Criss drifted, playing in jazz and R&B groups, including those led by Johnny Otis, Billy Eckstine, and Stan Kenton. After joining Buddy Rich in 1956, Criss recorded Jazz U.S.A. for Imperial as a leader; it's one of the true underground classics of the hard bop era. Imperial -- mainly an R&B label specializing in New Orleans acts such as Fats Domino -- put no promotional push behind it. Nonetheless, he was able to cut two more sessions for the label: the excellent Go Man! and Sonny Criss Plays Cole Porter. Still playing with Rich, Criss cut At the Crossroads while on tour in Chicago for the Peacock label; the set featured Wynton Kelly and was critically well received. The saxophonist continued to work, fronting his own band in Los Angeles and gigging with others for brief out-of-town jaunts. He signed with Prestige in 1965 and issued a host of fine recordings, This Is Criss! and Sonny's Dream among them. Criss also cut various sessions for Xanadu, Muse, and ABC/Impulse near the end of his life. He committed suicide in 1977 due to the painful consequences of stomach cancer. His fine Crisscraft and Out of Nowhere albums were reissued on CDs, as were his complete Imperial recordings

At The Crossroads

pass: tristan

John Lee Hooker - Mr Lucky (1991)
MP3 | 320Kbps | RS.com | 70mb + 41mb | All Covers
Genre: Blues

Whenever an old pop, rock or blues artist is joined by an all-star cast of guest musicians, it's usually to safe assume that the artist in question is pretty much a spent force. Fortunately, that is not the case with this wonderful 1991 album by blues legend John Lee Hooker. Even though the guest list includes Albert Collins, Robert Cray, Van Morrison, Nick Lowe, Keith Richards and Carlos Santana, Hooker is the driving force on this album from start to finish.

With his voice stronger and more assured than ever and his guitar playing right on the money, MR. LUCKY is arguably the best of Hooker's latter-day recordings. Even though Nick Lowe and Jim Keltner provide a serious groove on "This Is Hip" and Van Morrison and Hooker ooze bluesy soul on "I Cover The Waterfront," Hooker shows that he can deliver the goods without his all-star supporting cast on the down-and-dirty boogie of the opening track "I Want To Hug You" and the stark acoustic blues of "Highway 13."

Personnel includes: John Lee Hooker, Van Morrison (vocals, guitar); Willie Green, Bobby King, Terry Evans (vocals); Keith Richards, Carlos Santana, Ry Cooder, Johnny Winter, Albert Collins (guitar); John Hammond (slide guitar, harmonica); Ken Baker (saxophone); Booker T. Jones, Deacon Jones (organ); Johnnie Johnson (piano); Chester Thompson (keyboards); Nick Lowe, Maurice Cirdlin, Jeffrey Ganz, Larry Taylor (bass); Jim Keltner, Bowen Brown, Tom Compton, Gaylord Birch (drums); Karl Perazzo (timbales); Raul Rekow (congas).

The Robert Cray Band: Robert Cray (vocals, guitar); Tim Kaihatsu (guitar); Jimmy Pugh (keyboards); Richard Cousins (bass); Kevin Hayes (drums).

Primarily recorded at Russian Hill Recording Studios, San Francisco, California.

MR. LUCKY is dedicated to the memory of Stevie Ray Vaughan.

From Grove Press Guide to Blues on CD
John Lee, he of the mojo hand and wearing voice, says, 'Bad luck can't do me no harm." Certainly not with attendants named Robert Cray, Albert Collins, John Hammond, Van Morrison, Keith Richards, Carlos Santana, Johnny Winter, and Ry Cooder on hand to make him feel better. The highlight is "I Cover the Waterfront," wherein true believers Hooker and Morrison go deep into the mystic.

Rolling Stone (10/3/91) - 3.5 Stars - Very Good "...really rips on the ripe, low-down blues..."
Q (10/91) - 4 Stars - Excellent "...a sapphire of an album...as fine and funky as anything he's cut in the last 40-odd years..."
Mojo (10/01, p.169) - "...For sheer good-humored whomp, the best of Hooker's 4 '90s 'comeback' albums..."


1. I Want To Hug You
2. Mr Lucky
3. Backstabbers
4. This is Hip
5. I Cover The Waterfront
6. Highway 13
7. Stripped Me Naked
8. Susie
9. Crawlin' Kingsnake
10.Father Was A Jockey
Downloads ~ RS.com:
File 1
File 2

The Chillout Zone Massive presents Slidin'tune Compilation vol. 37:
Stay With Me: Angelic Inspired Trance Special 1 (Trance Anthems Selection Part 3) (2007)
(dedicated to Angelic and Judge Jules)

MP3 VBR 160-224 kbps | Time: 78'39'' | 106 MB RAR
Trance, Vocal Trance, Club-House

It's a non-mixed, simple compilation album with songs sounds like a mix, each one is connects to the next one in style or sounding.


01. Angelic - Stay With Me (Original Mix)
02. Agnelli & Nelson feat. Aureus - Holding On To Nothing (Club Mix)
03. Sun Decade - I'm Alone (Mirco de Govia Vocal Mix)
04. Mirco de Govia - Epic Monolith (Radio Edit)
05. SuReal - You Take My Breath Away (Tiesto Mix)
06. Vincent De Moor - Fly Away (Extended Radio Mix Vocal)
07. The Thrillseekers feat. Sheryl Deane - Synaesthesia (Fly Away) (Club Mix)
08. Angelic - Can't Keep Me Silent (Original Mix)
09. Kay Cee - Jetlag (Club Mix)
10. Angelic - It's My Turn (Original Mix)
11. David West - Welsh Morphology (Original Mix)

Download the full album:

File 1 (RAR Part 1)
File 2 (RAR Part 2)

Beverly Hills Cop: Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack
Label: MCA | Release Date: 1984 | MP3 HQ VBR: 90 MB | FLAC: 245 MB
Genre: 80's Pop

01. New Attitude - Patti Labelle
02. Don't Get Stopped In Beverly Hills - Shalamar
04. Emergency - Rockie Robbins
05. Neutron Dance - The Pointer Sisters
06. The Heat Is On - Glenn Frey
07. Gratitude - Danny Elfman
08. Stir It Up - Patti Labelle
09. Rock 'N Roll Me Again - The System
10. Axel F - Harold Faltermeyer


Tangerine Dream - Poland The Warsaw Concert
1984 | Genre : Electronic Concert | [EAC-LOG] FLAC - Lossless | 429 Mb | RS | Covers & Label incl

"This album has enchanted me almost through the whole history of my "relation" with Tangerine Dream and I am very strong that it will continue to enchant me for the rest of my life.It is one of those albums that leave you speechless and breathless.It is of a monumentality rare to be described,a monumentality that serves very well to the Tangerine Dream renowed class and to 11 magnificent masterliness years of electronic music from them.It is not one of those surprising,"shockers",albums-given the fact that until now we are already used to glorious live albums (Ricochet-Encore-Logos et caetera),plus on the line of masterfullness it stands quite equal to every other album of the Golden Era.But here corelations really fade or turn into dust.As an album of its own,seen through the individual perception mode,this is magnificent scaled.One of Tangerine Dream's superb album,one that makes me not more and not less that extremely content and extremely proud.From the perspective of corelation however,we do have some "not so good news" coming:Poland is the last album of the Tangerine Dream Golden Era.After the year 1984,heavy clouds of disorientation,of dismembership,of disillusion,clouds of bad seed,clouds of complete change,start to gather,to form,to spread virus.Yes,we say goodbye to masterliness Tangerine Dream albums with a perfect album,I can say.Yet let's not necessarily judge the album as a closer to great
things.Let's judge in the posivite light of grandness,of pleasure listening,of soundscape and of spirit.
Philip Desmond Halloway


1.Poland 22:26
2.Tangent 19:55
3.Barbakane 13:52
4.Horizon 20:50

Edgar Froese- keyboards, electronic equipment and guitar
Chris Franke- synthesizers, electronic equipment, electronic percussion
Johannes Schmoelling- keyboards and electronic equipment


pw: Holbrooki

Southside Johnny - Going To Jukesville
Original Release Date: 2002 | MP3 | 320Kbps | 126MB
Genre: R&B, Rock

Having launched his own label, Leroy Records, with the blues-oriented Messin' with the Blues (2000), the first new Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes studio album since 1991, Southside Johnny returns only two years later with his second self-released effort, Going to Jukesville, which is more of a conventional Jukes album. Anyone familiar with the band's first three LPs, I Don't Want to Go Home (1976), This Time It's for Real (1977), and Hearts of Stone (1978), will feel right at home here, as the band plays in a style heavily reminiscent of the Stax Records studio band of the 1960s, turning in soulful arrangements dominated by the punchy and melodic five-piece horn section, with guitarist Bobby Bandiera making like Steve Cropper, keyboard player Jeff Kazee channeling Booker T. Jones, and the rhythm section of bassist Muddy Shews and drummer Louie Appel doing their best to echo Duck Dunn and Al Jackson, Jr. Of course, it all serves to support the vocals of Southside Johnny, which have become huskier and even a bit gravelly as he has advance into his fifties. Southside, a/k/a John Lyon, who was content to let others handle the writing and production chores in years past, has gradually become more assertive in those areas, and he is credited as co-producer with Matt Noble here, while co-writing nine of the 14 songs, often with Noble or other band members. Their songs are effective genre exercises, even if they rarely rise to the heights of the material Steve Van Zandt penned for the group. But "I Can't Dance," deliberately written in the style of bar band predecessors Archie Bell and the Drells (who are name-checked in the lyrics) is an affectionate homage, and some of the covers, particularly "Gladly Go Blind" and Gerry Goffin and Carole King's "No Easy Way Down" should be excellent additions to the band's live repertoire. (The album is most readily available at www.southsidejohnny.org and at the band's gigs.) ~ William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide

01. Passion Street
02. Baby Don't Lie
03. Leaving Behind
04. Gladly Go Blind
05. She's Still in Love
06. Lost in the Night
07. No Easy Way Down Somebody to Love You
08. I Can't Dance
09. Change for You, Baby
10. Lost
11. I Will Be Strong
12. I Won't Sing
13. Tired Skin



Amanda Lear - With love
2007 | pop,chanson | MP3 225 kbps | 59 Mb


1. Cest Magnifique
2. Kiss Me, Honey, Kiss Me
3. Bambino
4. Johnny
5. Desabillez Moi
6. I Am In The Mood For Love
7. My Baby Just Cares For Me
8. Whatever Lola Wants
9. Love For Sale
10. Si La Photo Est Bonne
11. Senza Fine
12. Is That All There Is
13. Johnny (Live)




Jan Garbarek, Ustad Faten Ali Khan & Musicians from Pakistan - Ragas and Sagas (1992)
MP3 | 256 Kbps | 95,7 MB - APE | 3 parts / 242,9 MB
Jazz Fusion / World / Ethnic | Covers included

Track List / On this CD:


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VA - Rattlesnake Guitar The Music of Peter Green
Original Release Date: 1995 | MP3 | 256Kbps | 247MB
Genre: Blues

A portion of the proceeds from RATTLESNAKE GUITAR: THE MUSIC OF PETER GREEN will be donated to the Willie Dixon Blues Heaven Foundation, a nonprofit organization working to preserve the blues tradition.

Disc 1:
01.Black Magic Woman - Larry McCray
02.Love That Burns - Dave Peverett/Rod Price
03.Stop Messin' Around - Savoy Brown Kim Simmonds
04.Looking For Somebody - Snowy White
05.Crying Won't Bring You Back - Luther Grosvenor/Mike Kellie/Jess Roden
06.Leaving Town Blues - Rory Gallagher
07.If You Be My Baby - Dave Peverett/Rod Price
08.Ramblin' Pony - Harvey Mandel/Wilbur Bascomb
09.The Green Menalishi - Arthur Brown
10.Hellbound On My Trail - Ken Hensley
11.I Loved Another Women - Larry Mitchell/Jay Aston
12.The Same Way - Mick Abrahams
13.Drifting - Top Topham/Jim McCarty
14.The Supernatural - Clas Yngstrom
15.Man Of The World - Ian Anderson

Disc 2:
01.Oh Well - Billy Sheehan
02.Rattlesnake Shake - Vince Converse/Innes Sibun
03.Fleetwood Mac - Stu Hamm/Jonathan Mover/Larry Mitchell
04.Wathcha Gonna Do - Zoot Money/Bobby Tench
05.Showbiz Blues - Rory Gallagher
06.Merry Go Round - Luther Grosvenor/Mike Kellie/Jess Roden
07.Albatross - Paul Jones/Bobby Tench/Max Middleton
08.Closing My Eyes - Naked Blue
09.Evil Woman Blues - Ray Gomez
10.Lazy Poker Blues - Troy Turner
11.Watch Out - Harvey Mandel/Jon Paris
12.Long Gray Mare - Harvey Mandel/Wilbur Bascomb
13.A Fool No More - Kim Lembo
14.Baby When The Sun Goes Down - Southside Johnny/The Uptown Horns




Jean GILLES (1668-1705) Te Deum - Motet "Diligam Te Domine" - Le Concert Spirituel - Hervé Niquet
DDD | TT: 56:05 | APE (EAC Rip) + CUE | covers | 274 Mo
Recorded Paris, FR, 11-14 Juny 1990 1988

Véronique Gens soprano
Miriam Ruggeri soprano
Jean-Paul Fouchécourt tenor
Douglas Nasrawi tenor
Peter Harvey basse
Le Concert Spirituel
Hervé Niquet direction


1. Te Deum : Symphonie Haute Contre & Choeur
2. Te Deum : Récit Ténor
3. Te Deum : Duo Ténors
4. Te Deum : Choeur
5. Te Deum : Trio De Basses-tailles
6. Te Deum : Air Haute-contre
7. Te Deum : Choeur
8. Te Deum : Récit Ténor
9. Te Deum : Duo Ténors
10. Te Deum : Récit Soprano
11. Te Deum : Choeur
12. Motet "diligam Te Domine" : Symphonie Et Ténor
13. Motet "diligam Te Domine" : Choeur
14. Motet "diligam Te Domine" : Trio D'hommes
15. Motet "diligam Te Domine" : Air Et Trio
16. Motet "diligam Te Domine" : Choeur
17. Motet "diligam Te Domine" : Duo Basse Et Soprano
18. Motet "diligam Te Domine" : Choeur Final


pass: avax4ever

Ike and Tina Turner: River Deep - Mountain High
Label: A&M Records | Release Date: 1966 | MP3 HQ VBR: 67 MB | FLAC & CUE: 227 MB
Genre: Classic Rock

01. River Deep Mountain High
02. I Idolize You
03. A Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knocking Every Day)
04. A Fool In Love
05. Make 'Em Wait
06. Hold On Baby
07. I'll Never Need More Than This
08. Save The Last Dance For Me
09. Oh Baby! (Things Ain't What They Used To Be)
10. Every Day I Have To Cry
11. Such A Fool For You
12. It's Gonna Work Out Fine


Schoenberg: Gurrelieder - René Leibowitz (1953) [2CD]
1953 | Ape, Cue | Cover Scans | Booklet Scan | 2CD | 3 RAR Files

Since this great old mono recording went out of copyright, there were many reissues in different minor labels. This one is possibly the best with a great presentation, including a finely illustrated booklet, which has been scanned and offered along with the covers and the 2 CD images.

Links: File 1 - File 2 - File 3

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - The Final Studio Recordings (2001) - 2 CDs
MP3 | 192Kbps | RS.com | Three files: 80mb+80mb+72mb
Genre: World / Qawwali

Pakistan's qawwali maestro, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, passed away from complications due to chronic diabetes in August of 1997. Earlier that year, Ali Khan signed a contract with Rick Rubin's American Recordings and entered the studio, completing in July what would be his final album. This double CD represents the complete "finished" recordings of Ali Khan. There may be outtakes, there may be alternate takes, and so on, but given the unbelievably shoddy nature of the package -- inexcusable given an artist of this stature -- totally devoid of liner notes with the exception of credits (no session details, like dates, circumstances, etc.), it is likely we'll never know. Perhaps the best thing we can say about Rick Rubin's production on this set is that there isn't any, apart from engineer and recordist David Schiffman. The engineering is wonderful, every nuance of Nusrat and his company are picked up with stunning clarity and depth -- including physical placement of bodies, voices, and instruments. From the session photographs, everything was set according to performance standards with rugs ordered all through the room and everyone seated there as well.

Judging only from the photos of Ali Khan, he wasn't well, but photographs can be deceiving. Musically, however, this is easily the finest studio recording Ali Khan ever issued. His range is wider than ever, and his command of musical ideas, tempo, and vocal improvisation is tremendous. The "party" as his backing musicians were called, was in fine, relaxed form -- not always the case on his studio sessions -- with nephews Rahat and Farroukh as his side singers and Rahat Ali on harmonium and Dildair Hussein on tabla, with a chorus (or choir) backing the three principal singers. The songs themselves are from antiquity, from Rumi to poets and composers from the qawwali lineage who have long since passed into the ether of history. No matter. Ali Khan uses the frameworks of these poems and songs to carry them into a long, unbroken chain of passionate prayer, ecstatic contemplation, and whirling intensity as is common among the Sufi sect of Islam dating from the time of the Sahra singers some 700 years ago.

Eight selections over two discs covering over two hours may seem like a short program (especially given the availability of a five-hour Paris concert), but it is one of intensity -- raw, direct, and full of sacred energy. Only the responsorial singing of the choir and the droning repetition of the harmonium hold the cascading tones of Ali Khan's improvisations to the earth. Hussein's tabla, both of the side singers and Nusrat, head for the space beyond space in a moving, soul-stirring performance that, in spite of the exotic nature of its foreignness to most American ears, is on a level with the very finest in the gospel tradition for its purity, rousing choruses, and heart- rending emotion. The qawwali singing that Nusrat brought to the world, with its percussive vocal stylings, soaring heights, and cavernous passions for union with the Divine are well served by his final sessions, and they make an excellent introduction sonically -- remember the package basically sucks in terms of information -- to Nusrat's immeasurable transcultural contribution to the musical arts. They are virtually indispensable to fans of the late master's work. Stunning. ~ Thom Jurek

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Arranger, Main Performer, Vocals
Dildar Hussain Tabla
Farrukh Fateh Ali Khan Vocals (Background)
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Vocals (Background)
Rahmat Ali Harmonium

1 Too Kareemi Man Kamina Barda Am (You Are the Gracious, I Am the ...) (15:29)
2 Manam Mahway Khiyal-I-Oo ( I Am Absorbed in My Thoughts of You) (15:22)
3 Teray Warian Main Saeeyan (I Am Going to Be a Sacrifice for You) (15:06)
4 Bhanwain Toon Jan Na Jan (It Is Up to You Whether You Recognize Me ...) (18:03)

5 (CD 2) Khaja Mueen-Ud-Din (Master Mueen-Ud-Din) (17:33)
6 (CD 2) Daikhnay Ko Ya Mohammed (There Is No Other Like Mohammed) (16:59)
7 (CD 2) Rakh Baba (Baba, Protect Us) (15:48)
8 (CD 2) Pooja Karoonga Teri Yar (I Will Worship You My Friend) (14:17)

Downloads ~ RS.com:
File 1
File 2
File 3

KISS «Gene Simmons» 1978

KISS «Gene Simmons» 1978
APE+CUE+LOG | 251 Mb | MP3 320 Kbps | 92 Mb | covers | 0.8 Mb
Genre: Hard Rock

"Gene Simmons is a 1978 solo album from the bass player of American hard rock band Kiss. It was one of four solo albums released by the members of Kiss on September 18, 1978. The other albums were released by Ace Frehley, Paul Stanley and Peter Criss. The album reached #22 on the US Billboard album chart, making it the highest placing of all the four "Kiss" solos of 1978.
Simmons re-recorded "See You In Your Dreams" because he reportedly wasn't happy with the way it was recorded on Rock and Roll Over.

"Most Kiss fans associate Gene Simmons with the band's hardest-rocking compositions; after all, he's responsible for such heavies as "Watchin' You," "Calling Dr. Love," "Larger Than Life," and "Goin' Blind." So many Kiss fans must have been surprised when they heard Gene's diverse 1978 solo album, with songs that contained choirs and string arrangements, plus elements of Beatles pop, '70s funk/disco, and feel-good rock & roll. Granted, there are a few heavy rockers (such as the single "Radioactive," "Burning Up With Fever," and "See You in Your Dreams"), but Simmons was always a closet Beatles fan, as evidenced by "See You Tonite," "Always Near You," "Man of 1,000 Faces," and "Mr. Make Believe." The only real misstep is a preposterously embarrassing cover of the Disney classic "When You Wish Upon a Star" (complete with Disney-esque sound effects/music). But Simmons made sure that the top artists of the day lent a hand (Aerosmith's Joe Perry, Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen, Donna Summer, Cher, Bob Seger, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, Helen Reddy, and Janis Ian), which makes Gene's solo album an unpredictable yet ultimately enjoyable release.

KISS «Gene Simmons» 1978

1. "Radioactive" (Gene Simmons) - 3:50
2. "Burning Up With Fever" (Simmons) - 4:19
3. "See You Tonite" (Simmons) - 2:30
4. "Tunnel Of Love" (Simmons) - 3:49
5. "True Confessions" (Simmons) - 3:30
6. "Living In Sin" (Simmons, Sean Delaney, Howard Marks) - 3:50
7. "Always Near You/Nowhere To Hide" (Simmons) - 4:12
8. "Man Of 1,000 Faces" (Simmons) - 3:16
9. "Mr. Make Believe" (Simmons) - 4:00
10. "See You In Your Dreams" (Simmons) - 2:48
11. "When You Wish upon a Star" (Ned Washington, Leigh Harline) - 2:44

* Jeff Baxter - Guitar
* Cher - Vocals
* Sean Delaney - Percussion, Vocals, Vocals (bckgr), Producer
* Michael Des Barres - Vocals
* Fran Eisenberg - Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)
* Ron Frangipane - Arranger, Conductor, Symphonic Arrangements
* Richard Gerstein - Percussion, Piano
* Diva Gray - Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)
* Gordon Grody - Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)
* Shane Howell - Guitar
* Janis Ian - Vocals
* Neil Jason - Bass
* Steve Lacey - Guitar
* Rick Nelson - Guitar, Vocals
* Rick Nielsen - Guitar
* Joe Perry - Guitar
* Elliott Randall - Guitar
* Richie Ranno - Guitar
* Carolyn Ray - Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)
* Helen Reddy - Vocals
* Katey Sagal - Vocals (bckgr)
* Allan Schwartzberg - Drums
* Bob Seger - Vocals
* Gene Simmons - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Producer
* Donna Summer - Vocals
* Eric Troyer - Piano, Vocal

VA - The Doors of Perception - Dope Funk, Psychedelic Soul and Acid Jazz from New York City '70-'74.
MP3 | 224~320 Kbps | 88 MB | RS

UK compilation featuring 20 soul, funk and jazz classics from the legendary underground label best known for their acts, the Fatback Band and Black Ivory who are both represented here along with Dizzy Gillespie, Bobby Rydell and many more. Original vinyl from Perception and it's twin label today goes for a small fortune and has been sampled by DJ Shadow and KRS-One.


01. Goin' To See My Baby - Fatback Band
02. Matrix - Dizzy Gillespie
03. Get Some Of This - Madhouse
04. A Possibility (Back Home) - Wanda Robinson
05. Naturally Good - Bartel
06. Rock Steady - Julius Brockington
07. Heritage Hum - James Moody
08. Alive - Larry Young
09. Surrender - Black Ivory
10. Brother (Title) - Adam Wade & Johnny Pate
11. Conseqences Of A Drug Addict Role - Shirley Horn
12. Fatbackin' - Fatback Band
13. I Can't Get No Higher - The Eight Minutes
14. Summer In The City - Bartel
15. I Just Got To Know - The Brockingtons
16. Stop Me - Benny Johnson
17. Too Sad To Tell - Debbie Taylor
18. Life, Love & Peace - The Exciters
19. Alligator - Dizzy Gillespie
20. Honeybuns - Bobby Rydell


Renaissance - Day of the Dreamer (2000)
EAC Image (WAV+CUE) | Monkey Audio APE (High) - 457 MB | Ogg Vorbis (VBR, average round 220 kbit/sec) - 131 MB | Advanced audio AAC (M4A) - 125 MB | Covers - 6,4 MB
Rock art / Folk rock

457 MB of lossless
6,4 MB of covers
125 MB of m4as (AAC)
131 MB of oggs

Renaissance were an English progressive rock band popular in the 1970s. Former Yardbirds members Paul Samwell-Smith, Keith Relf, and Jim McCarty organised a new group devoted to experimentation between rock, folk, and classical forms. This quintet (Relf on guitar & vocals, McCarty on drums, plus bassist Louis Cennamo, pianist John Hawken, and Relf's sister Jane Relf as an additional vocalist) released a pair of albums on Elektra (US) and Island (UK), the first one being produced by Samwell-Smith, but dissolved quickly, leaving McCarty to reform the band into a very different lineup, though McCarty also soon departed.

The reconstituted lineup that was eventually settled on was the best-known of the band's history, and consisted of Annie Haslam (vocals), Michael Dunford (acoustic guitar), John Tout (piano), Jon Camp (bass/vocals) and Terence Sullivan (drums). This new Renaissance -- with Dunford in a composer-only role for the time being, and Rob Hendry (electric guitar) filling the guitarist's chair -- released Prologue in 1972 Sovereign Records (UK). The music was written by Dunford and McCarty, with lyrics by poet Betty Thatcher. Hendry departed (to be ultimately replaced by Dunford) as the group turned away from the electric guitar in their music.

In the 1970s, Renaissance had a commercially successful career, their sound similar in many ways to folk rock with classical overtones. Renaissance included in their songs quotations and allusions from such composers as Bach, Chopin, Albinoni, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, Rimsky-Korsakov, Prokofiev and others. Renaissance's records, especially Ashes Are Burning, were frequently played on American progressive rock radio stations, such as WNEW-FM, WHFS-FM and WVBR.

Renaissance scored a hit single in England 1978 with Northern Lights,which reached #10 there during the summer of 1978. The single was taken from the album A Song for All Seasons, but the band floundered following 1979's Azure D'or, as fans were unhappy with the band's turn towards synthesizers, a path followed by most progressive rock bands at one time or another. Camp had assumed more of the band's songwriting, and Tout and Sullivan left. Haslam, Dunford and Camp released a pair of albums in the 1980s and then broke up. Their albums were not available on CD for some time, though a pair of compilations were issued in 1990. During the 1990s, though, much of their catalog was reissued.

In the late 1990s, both Haslam and Dunford formed their own bands using the name Renaissance, and have released albums with different line-ups.

The band reformed in 2000 to record the Tuscany album and played one concert at the Astoria in London before embarking on a short Japanese tour. Haslam subsequently announced that the reunion would not be continuing, and Terry Sullivan later recorded an album in the Renaissance style with lyrics by Betty Thatcher Newsinger and keyboard contributions by John Tout.

In 2005 Annie Haslam announced that Renaissance would no longer be getting back together for good.

Additional information is available @ Wiki, @ fansite, @ progarchives and @ allmusic.

1. Can You Hear Me Call Your Name
2. Carpet of the Sun
3. Day of the Dreamer
4. Back Home Once Again
5. Can You Understand & The Vultures Fly High
6. A Song For All Seasons
7. Prologue
8. Ocean Gypsy
9. Running Hard

Additional infos for this album are located @ allmusic, @ nlightsweb and @ progarchives.

This CD is a most satisfying listening experience, despite a few shortcomings in the packaging. Released under the auspices of Annie Haslam at a time when Renaissance had splintered in several different directions (with even Jane Relf reportedly getting ready to start using the group name again), it's assembled from what appear to be several live performances -- the notes by Haslam would lead one to believe that these date from the late '70s, and the line-up of Haslam, Michael Dunford, John Tout, Jon Camp, and Terry Sullivan. But as there are no dates or actual credits, that's impossible to say with 100% certainty -- what is true beyond doubt is that the sound is excellent (almost too good for a 70's-vintage concert recording) and the performances are superb from beginning to end; not only is the band tight and loud, but Haslam is in even better shape vocally than the rest of them are instrumentally. Indeed, fans of Jon Camp's bass work will especially love this CD, because his playing is way up front here without being obtrusive (just powerful).

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Control file:

Raydio - Rock on
Release Year: 1979 | MP3 | 192kbps | 52.8 MB | 1 CD | RS
Genre: Funk/Soul Style: Soul/Funk/Disco


1. What You Waitin' For
2. Hot Stuff
3. You Can't Change That
4. Rock On
5. More Than One Way to Love a Woman
6. When You're in Need of Love
7. Goin' Thru School and Love
8. Honey I'm A Star


PASS: Mr.Moo

Mehida - Blood & Water (2007)
MP3 | 320 Kbps | 110 Mb | APE + CUE | 359 Mb | 47:48
Progressive Power Metal

?????? (??-????????? -"????????????", "???????????"), ??? ???????? ? ???????????? "????? ???????" ??? ???? ?? ??????? ??????, ???? ????????. ???? ??????? ?????? ??????????? ????????? Mikko Harkin (Kotipelto, Sonata Arctica, Wingdom, Essence Of Sorrow). ???????? ?????????? ???? - ????? ?????, ??????? ???????? ?? ???? ??????????? Symphony X.

Official Website
Encyclopaedia Metallum
MySpace Music

Thomas Vikstr?m - Vocals
Jani Stefanovic - Guitars
Mikko Harkin - Keys
Jarno Raitio - Bass
Markus Niemispelto - Drums

01. Unchaining
02. Wings Of Dove
03. Burning Earth
04. Multitude
05. Stronghold
06. Guilty
07. A Letter From Home
08. Dry Bones
09. Lost Ones
10. Grace
11. Outro - End Of The World




Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Cover (JPEG 3,3 Mb)


pass: haRD

1. Freak Like Me
2. Blue
3. Round Round
4. Stronger
5. Supernatural
6. Angels With Dirty Faces
7. Virgin Sexy
8. Shape
9. Just Don't Need This
10. No Man No Cry
11. Switch
12. More Than a Million Miles
13. Breathe Easy [Acoustic Jam]
14. Round Round [Alternative Mix]


Track Listings
1. For the Love of God
2. Touching Tongues
3. Windows to the Soul
4. Burnin' Down the Mountain
5. Tender Surrender
6. Hand on Heart
7. Melissa's Garden
8. Call It Sleep
9. Christmas Time Is Here
10. Wall of Light
11. Boston Rain Melody

Download Here

1. Torn
2. My Own Prison
3. What`s This Life For
4. One
5. Are You Ready
6. Higher
7. With Arms Wide Open
8. What If
9. One Last Breath
10. Don`t Stop Dancing
11. Bullets
12. My Sacrifice
13. Weathered

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