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Ibiza 2007 Club Summer

VA - Ibiza 2007 Club Summer
Gerne: Dance | mp3 | VBR | Time 67:58 + 78:28 | 213 mb

01 - Enur Ft Natasha - Calabria 2007
02 - Chris Lake Ft Laura V - Changes
03 - Tom Novy - My House
04 - D-Troy & Herbick - Love Can´t Turn Around
05 - Tom Pulse Ft Sydney Youngblood - If Only I Could
06 - Sunloverz Ft Nicole Tyler - Survive
07 - Jestofunk - Say It Again [The Disco Boys Rmx]
08 - Corenell - Keep On Jumping
09 - Ben Macklin Ft Tiger Lily - Feel Together
10 - Spiller - Sola
11 - Ultra Nate - Free [Mood II Swing Live Mix]
12 - Belmond & Parker - Going Back To My Roots
13 - Disco Deejays - Upside Down
14 - September - Looking For Love
15 - Pate No.1 - Shining Star
16 - Housetrooper - Rock The Night
17 - Simone Anes - Where I Belong [Jean Elan Mix]

01 - Dj Antoine - This Time
02 - Atb Ft Heather Nova - Renegade [Ronski Spped R...
03 - Kash Vs Inx - Dream On Black Girl [Original Sin)(R
04 - David Kane - Club Sound [Fred De Fed Rmx]
05 - The Disco Boys - Here On My Own
06 - Mason - Exceeder
07 - Arno Cost & Arias - Magenta
08 - Shaun Baker - V.I.P
09 - Red One - Everybody Clap Your Hands
10 - Jaymen - Ooh La Lishious
11 - Steve Murano & Dj Doc - Rock The House [Dj Do...
12 - Asbo Ft Katherine Ellis - Let The Beat Hit Em [Sou
13 - Armand Van Helden - Witch Doktor [The Possess...
14 - Coco Fay - This Is My Sound [Original Vocal Clu...
15 - Jeffray & Calmani - Going Deeper
16 - Giulia Siegel - Dance
17 - Royal Melody - (Love Is Like) Oxygen [Raw Shap...


Brigitte Bardot - B.B.
French | mp3 320 Kbps | 177 MB | 2 CD
Universal Music 2003

CD 1

01. La Madrague
02. L'apperail à sous
03. Les amis de la musique
04. Je me donne à qui me plaît
05. Invitango
06. C'est rigolo
07. Faite pour dormir
08. Moi je joue
09. Une histoire de plage
10. Ca pourrait changer
11. A la fin de l'été
12. Maria Ninguen
13. Je danse donc je suis
14. Ciel de lit
15. Les omnibus
16. Ah! Les p'tites femmes

CD 2

01. Bubble Gum
02. Contact
03. Je Reviendrai Toujours Vers Toi
04. Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus
05. Paris
06. Miser Sun
07. Ay Que Viva La Sangria
08. David B
09. Gang GAng
10. Bonnye and Clyde
11. St. Tropez
12. Harley Davidson
13. Le Diable Est Anglais
14. On Demenage
15. Marseille
16. Port Grimaud
17. Oh Qu'il Est Vilain
18. Ce N'est Pas Vrai

Antonio Vivaldi - Quatre Concertos Pour Orgue Et Orchestre - Kurt Redel
Classical | FLAC+CUE | Covers+Booklet | 277MB

Pierre Bardon, Organ
Munich Pro Arte Orchestra, Orchestra
Jean-Marie Couissinier, Liner Notes
Kurt Redel, Arranger & Director

Label: Disques Pierre Verany
Catalog: 79801
Disk length: 46m 20s (12 Tracks)

Tracks & Durations:

Concerto for solo keyboard No. 1 in D major (after Vivaldi Op. 3/9), BWV 972 (BC L189)
1. Allegro 2:20
2. Larghetto 3:51
3. Allegro 2:37

Concerto for solo organ No. 2 in A minor (after Vivaldi Op. 3/8, RV 522), BWV 593 (BC J86)
4. Allegro 3:53
5. 4:21
6. 4:03

Concerto for solo organ No. 3 in C major (after Vivaldi Op. 7ii/5, RV 208), BWV 594 (BC J84)
7. Allegro 7:01
8. Recitativo adagio 3:30
9. Allegro 4:35

Concerto for solo keyboard No. 4 in G minor (after Vivaldi Op. 4/6, RV 316), BWV 975 (BC L193)
10. Allegro 3:20
11. Largo 4:41
12. Giga 2:00


Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams (2005)
MP3 | ~200 kbps VBR | Rock | 62 MB

For a man who gets his biggest kicks surfing the waves and strumming his guitar on a lonely beach in native Hawaii, singer-songwriter Jack Johnson has carved out quite a remarkable career on the mainland. His 2003 album, On and On, debuted at No. 3 on The Billboard 200 and subsequently went platinum on the back of hit single "The Horizon Has Been Defeated." The follow-up, meanwhile, seems destined to shine even brighter. The drifting chords and soft voice are still in place, only now Johnson's instinct for melody has sharpened alongside his ability to self-edit. These small concessions make third album, In Between Dreams, his most conspicuous, particularly on tracks like the three-minute relationship drama, "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing," and "Breakdown," a song he originally recorded for Handsome Boy Modeling School's White People album remade here to reveal its full stripped-down loveliness. Imagine all the coconuts it will buy.

01 - Better Together
02 - Never Know
03 - Banana Pancakes
04 - Good People
05 - No Other Way
06 - Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
07 - Staple It Together
08 - Situations
09 - Crying Shame
10 - If I Could
11 - Breakdown
12 - Belle
13 - Do You Remember
14 - Constellations

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Paul Mauriat - Gold Concert
Instrumental | MP3 | CBR 320 Kbps | 100.43 + 12.28 Mb

01. Sabre Dance - 3:54
02. Manh De Carnaval - 3:24
03. Serenade - 4:55
04. Just The Way You Are - 3:41
05. Iberia Siempre Iberia - 4:16
06. Cerisier Rose Et Pommier Blanc / Ne Me Quitte Pas / My Way - 8:02
07. Malague A - 3:28
08. Reverie - 3:15
09. Western Fingers - 2:30
10. Recuerdos De La Alhambra - 3:59
11. Love Is Blue / El Bimbo / Bows - 4:54
12. Penelope - 4:31
13. Licha / El Bimbo - 5:38

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Grover Washington Jr. - Anthology
Jazz | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 100.43 + 34.57 Mb Mb

Like George Benson, Grover Washington was a seriously gifted bopper who ended up creating a crossover style that led to smooth jazz.

1.- The Best Is Yet to Come
2.- East River Drive
3.- Be Mine (Tonight)
4.- Can You Dig It
5.- In the Name of Love
6.- Just the Two of Us
7.- Jammin
8.- Little Black Samba
9.- Jet Stream
10.- Let It Flow ("for Dr. J")

Producers: Grover Washington, Jr., Ralph MacDonals, Dexter Wansel.

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Vespri Solenni per la Festa dell'Assunzione di Maria Vergine - Rinaldo Alessandrini
2 CDs | DDD | TT: 76:42 + 76:24 | APE (EAC Rip) + CUE | covers | 349 Mo + 359 Mo
Recording in the Teatro Olimpico, Rome (Italy), July 2003

Gemma Bertagnolli (Soprano)
Roberta Invernizzi (Soprano)
Sara Mingardo (Alto),
Gianluca Ferrarini (Ténor),
Mateo Bellotto (Baryton)
Antonio de Secondi (Basse)

Concerto Italiano
direction Rinaldo Alessandrini




1 Concerto In Fa Majeur In Due Cori, Rv584 Per Due Violini E Due Organi
2 Intonatio : Deus In Adiutorium
3 Domine Ad Adiuvandum Me Festina, Rv593 : Domine Ad Adiuvandum Me Festina
4 Domine Ad Adiuvandum Me Festina, Rv593 : Gloria Patri
5 Domine Ad Adiuvandum Me Festina, Rv593 : Sicut Erat In Principio
6 Ascende Laeta, Rv635 : Ascende Laeta
7 Ascende Laeta, Rv635 : Quam Pulchri, Quam Formosi
8 Ascende Laeta, Rv635 : Sternite
9 Salmo 109 Dixit Dominus, Rv594 : Dixit Dominus
10 Salmo 109 Dixit Dominus, Rv594 : Donec Ponam Inimicos
11 Salmo 109 Dixit Dominus, Rv594 : Virgam Virtutis Tuae
12 Salmo 109 Dixit Dominus, Rv594 : Tecum Principum
13 Salmo 109 Dixit Dominus, Rv594 : Juravit Dominus
14 Salmo 109 Dixit Dominus, Rv594 : Dominus A Dextris Tuis
15 Salmo 109 Dixit Dominus, Rv594 : Judicabit In Nationibus
16 Salmo 109 Dixit Dominus, Rv594 : De Torrente In Via
17 Salmo 109 Dixit Dominus, Rv594 : Gloria Patri
18 Salmo 109 Dixit Dominus, Rv594 : Sicut Erat In Principio
19 Antifona Assumpta Est Maria In Caelo
20 Antifona Al Laudate Pueri : Maria Virgo Assumpta Est
21 Salmo 112 Laudate Pueri, Rv600 : Laudate Pueri
22 Salmo 112 Laudate Pueri, Rv600 : Sit Nomen Domini
23 Salmo 112 Laudate Pueri, Rv600 : A Solis Ortu
24 Salmo 112 Laudate Pueri, Rv600 : Excelsus Super Omnes
25 Salmo 112 Laudate Pueri, Rv600 : Quis Sicut Dominus
26 Salmo 112 Laudate Pueri, Rv600 : Suscitans A Terra
27 Salmo 112 Laudate Pueri, Rv600 : Ut Collocet Eum
28 Salmo 112 Laudate Pueri, Rv600 : Gloria
29 Salmo 112 Laudate Pueri, Rv600 : Sicut Erat
30 Salmo 112 Laudate Pueri, Rv600 : Amen
31 Antifona Maria Virgo Assumpta Est
32 Antifona Al Laetatus Sum : In Odorem Unguentorum
33 Salmo 121 Laetatus Sum, Rv607
34 Antifona In Odorem Unguentorum


1 Antifona Al Nisi Dominus : Benedicta Filia Tua Domino
2 Salmo 126 Nisi Dominus, Rv608 : Nisi Dominus
3 Salmo 126 Nisi Dominus, Rv608 : Vanum Est Vobis
4 Salmo 126 Nisi Dominus, Rv608 : Surgite Postquam Sederitis
5 Salmo 126 Nisi Dominus, Rv608 : Cum Dederit
6 Salmo 126 Nisi Dominus, Rv608 : Sicut Sagittae
7 Salmo 126 Nisi Dominus, Rv608 : Beatus Vir
8 Salmo 126 Nisi Dominus, Rv608 : Gloria Patri
9 Salmo 126 Nisi Dominus, Rv608 : Sicut Erat
10 Salmo 126 Nisi Dominus, Rv608 : Amen
11 Antifona Benedicta Filia Tua Domino
12 Antifona Al Lauda Jerusalem : Pulchra Es Et Decora
13 Salmo 147 Lauda Jerusalem, Rv609
14 Antifona Puilchra Es Et Decora
15 Ave Maris Stella
16 Antifona Al Magnificat
17 Magnificat, Rv610a : Magnificat
18 Magnificat, Rv610a : Et Exultavit
19 Magnificat, Rv610a : Et Misericordia
20 Magnificat, Rv610a : Fecit Potentiam
21 Magnificat, Rv610a : Deposuit Potentes
22 Magnificat, Rv610a : Esurientes Implevit Bonis
23 Magnificat, Rv610a : Suscepit Israel
24 Magnificat, Rv610a : Sicut Locutus
25 Magnificat, Rv610a : Gloria Patri
26 Concerto En Do Majeur, Rv581 : Adagio E Staccato, Allegro Ma Poco Poco
27 Concerto En Do Majeur, Rv581 : Largo
28 Concerto En Do Majeur, Rv581 : Allegro
29 Antifona Salve Regina, Rv616 : Salve Regina
30 Antifona Salve Regina, Rv616 : Ad Te Clamamus
31 Antifona Salve Regina, Rv616 : Ad Te Suspiramus
32 Antifona Salve Regina, Rv616 : Eja Ergo
33 Antifona Salve Regina, Rv616 : Et Jesum
34 Antifona Salve Regina, Rv616 : O Clemens

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Zoom Platinum Artists Vol.115 (13 song) Paul Weller & Style Council
MP3+G | MP3 | CDG | KARAOKE PC |128 Kbps | 44.100 kHz | Stereo | 46.0 MB

Song List

01 - Style Council - My Ever Changing Moods.cdg
02 - Style Council - You're The Best Thing.cdg
03 - Style Council - Long Hot Summer.cdg
04 - Style Council - Speak Like A Child.cdg
05 - Style Council - Shout To The Top.cdg
06 - Style Council - Walls Come Tumbling Down.cdg
07 - Paul Weller - You Do Something To Me.cdg
08 - Paul Weller - Broken Stones.cdg
09 - Paul Weller - Peacock Suit.cdg
10 - Paul Weller - Changingman.cdg
11 - Paul Weller - Out Of The Sinking.cdg
12 - Paul Weller - Wild Wood.cdg
13 - Paul Weller - Hung Up.cdg

Liza Minnelli - The Capitol Years
MP3 CBR @320 Kbps | 60 min | Size: 88 + 60 Mb

UK 'best of' for the superstar entertainer. 22 tracks including, 'Blue Moon', 'I Knew Him When', 'Try To Remember', 'Meantime' and 'Don't Ever Leave Me'. 2001 release.

1. Blue Moon
2. I Knew Him When
3. Try To Remember
4. Meantime
5. Don't Ever Leave Me
6. The Travelin' Life
7. Maybe Soon
8. It's Just A Matter Of Time
9. Together Wherever We Go (Gypsy)
10. Maybe This Time
11. I'm All I've Got
12. If I Were In Your Shoes
13. Plenty Of Time
14. It Amazes Me
15. Wait 'Till You See Him
16. I Like The Likes Of You
17. My Shining Hour
18. The Days Of The Waltz
19. I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise
20. One Of Those Songs (Girls Of The Folies Bergere)
21. I (Who Have Nothing)
22. There Is A Time (Le Temps)

MP3 CBR @320 Kbps | 60 min | Size: 88 + 60 Mb

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Oscar D'Leon - Riquiti
Salsa | mp3 320 Kbps | 68 MB

01. Juntos Pa'Goza
02. Riquiti
03. Ponte A Baillar
04. No Soy Digno De Ti
05. Sale A Buscar
06. Retosandito
07. Es Decir Que Eres Linda
08. Todo Termino


Poison - Poison'd (2007)
Rock | mp3 VBR 192~320 kbps | JS 44.1kbps| 80 mb | | rlz 05.Jun.2007 | pLAN9

Poison'd is the seventh studio album from the American glam metal band Poison. The 13-track album features recordings of Poison's favorite rock classics, but only first eight tracks were recorded in 2007; others come from earlier releases.

1. Little Willy (originally performed by Sweet)
2. Suffragette City (originally performed by David Bowie)
3. I Never Cry (originally performed by Alice Cooper)
4. I Need to Know (originally performed by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)
5. Can't You See (originally performed by The Marshall Tucker Band)
6. What I Like About You (originally performed by The Romantics)
7. Dead Flowers (originally performed by The Rolling Stones)
8. Just What I Needed (originally performed by The Cars)
9. Rock and Roll All Nite (originally performed by KISS)
10. Squeeze Box (originally performed by The Who)
11. Your Mama Don't Dance (originally performed by Loggins & Messina)
12. You Don't Mess Around With Jim (originally performed by Jim Croce)
13. We're an American Band (originally performed by Grand Funk Railroad)

Download LINK:
Poison'd 2007

Kenny Chesney - Just Who I Am (Poets And Pirates) 2007
Country | Street Date Sep 11, 2007 | MP3 | VBR (224 avg. kbps) | 80.3 MB

Category: Country
Label RCA Records (USA)
Orig Year 2007
Street Date Sep 11, 2007

Track List:
01 Never Wanted Nothing More
02 Don't Blink
03 Shiftwork (with George Strait)
04 Just Not Today
05 Wife And Kids
06 Got A Little Crazy
07 Better As A Memory
08 Dancin' For The Groceries
09 Wild Ride (with Joe Walsh)
10 Scare Me
11 Demons

The Ordinary Boys - How To Get Everything You Ever Wanted In..
MP3 | 192 KBit/s | 79 MB | Genre: Rock | Year: 2006

Track listing
01. Introducing The Brand
02. Lonely At The Top
03. Great Big Rip Off
04. Club Chez Moi
05. I Luv U
06. Nine2five
07. Commercial Breakdown
08. Ballad Of An Unrequited Self-Love Affair
09. The Higher The Highs
10. Shut Your Mouth
11. We've Got The Best Job Ever
12. Walking On The Faultlines (The Ultimate Step)
13. Thank You And Goodnight
14. Who's That Boy?
15. Boys Will Be Boys


Najee (1986) «Najee's Theme»
Quality: FLAC | Mode: 8, Best Compression | 44:03 Min | 263 Mb
Styles: Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Crossover Jazz, Jazz-Pop

Artist: Najee
Album: Najee's Theme
Label: EMI America Records
Genre: Jazz
Styles: Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Crossover Jazz, Jazz-Pop
Original Release Date: October 25, 1986
Quality/Bitrate: FLAC / Mode: 8, Best Compression / 44.1 Khz / Stereo
Total Time: 44:03 Min

~ Track Listing ~
01. Feel So Good To Me
02. Najee's Theme
03. For The Love Of You
04. Can't Hide Love
05. We're Still Family
06. Sweet Love
07. Betcha Don't Know
08. What You Do To Me
09. Mysterious

Total Size: 263 Mb

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Aaron Copland - The Tender Land (Opera In Three Acts)
Genre: Classical | Format: MP3 320Kbps | 2 Cd's | Covers, 116 page booklet | 328 Mb | 4 RAR files in RS

Aaron Copland didn't have the theatrical instinct of a George Gershwin or even a Gian Carlo Menotti, but that didn't keep him from writing one of the best operas we have in the "American" vein. The Tender Land was composed in 1953 on a commission from Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II--who since the premiere of Oklahoma! 10 years earlier could afford such largesse--and received its premiere on April 1, 1954 at the City Center in New York. Concerning a girl transformed into a young woman by her first experience of love, The Tender Land is set in the American Midwest during the 1930s. The libretto by Horace Everett (a pseudonym of Erik Johns) was inspired by photographs taken by Walker Evans of a rural, Depression-era mother and her daughter that had appeared in James Agee's book Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. The music is cut from the same cloth as that of Appalachian Spring--the melodic, easygoing, folkish vein that Copland could manage about as easily as breathing. Lightly scored (calling for winds and brass in twos) and with spoken dialogue in the style of the musical stage, the score has come to be regarded as one of Copland's finest, as he himself believed it to be. You couldn't get a more authentic cast than the one heard here, consisting entirely of good American singers whose delivery is appropriately nonoperatic, and including Minnesota native Elisabeth Comeaux in the central role of Laurie. Philip Brunelle leads the forces of the Minnesota-based Plymouth Music Series in an idiomatic if slightly underpowered performance that comes from the Heartland and goes straight to the heart. Ted Libbey

Disc: 1
1. The Tender Land: Prelude
2. The Tender Land: Act One, Scene 1: The Front Yard Of The Moss Home
3. The Tender Land: Act One, Scene 1: 'Two Little Bits Of Metal'
4. The Tender Land: Act One, Scene 1: The Arrival Of The Postman
5. The Tender Land: Act One, Scene 2: Opening The Package
6. The Tender Land: Act One, Scene 2: 'This Is Like The Dress I Never Had'
7. The Tender Land: Act One, Scene 2: Dance And Exit
8. The Tender Land: Act One, Scene 3: Laurie's Entrance: 'Once I Thought I'd Never Grow
9. The Tender Land: Act One, Scene 3: Ma's Entrance
10. The Tender Land: Act One, Scene 3: 'Remember The Boy That Used To Call'; Ma's Exit
11. The Tender Land: Act One, Scene 4: Entrance Of Martin And Top
12. The Tender Land: Act One, Scene 4: Martin And Top Enter The Farmyard
13. The Tender Land: Act One, Scene 4: Duet: 'We've Been North'
14. The Tender Land: Act One, Scene 4: Grandpa Meets The Boys
15. The Tender Land: Act One, Scene 4: Trio: 'A Stranger May Seem Strange That's True'
16. The Tender Land: Act One, Scene 4: Interlude - Martin And Top Make Horseplay
17. The Tender Land: Act One, Scene 5: The Invitation
18. The Tender Land: Act One, Scene 5: Quintet - 'The Promise Of Living'
CD1 Duration: 42:23

Disc: 2
1. The Tender Land: Act 2, Scene 1: The Graduation Eve Supper
2. The Tender Land: Act 2, Scene 1: The Supper Ends
3. The Tender Land: Act 2, Scene 1: Grandpa's Toast: 'Try Makin' Peace'
4. The Tender Land: Act 2, Scene 1: Laurie's reply: 'Thank You, Thank You All'
5. The Tender Land: Act 2, Scene 1: The Invitaition To Dance
6. The Tender Land: Act 2, Scene 1: The Dance: 'Stomp Your Foot Upon The Floor'
7. The Tender Land: Act 2, Scene 2: Dance Music And Dialogue
8. The Tender Land: Act 2, Scene 3: Party Music Back In The House
9. The Tender Land: Act 2, Scene 3: Top's Song: 'Oh, I Was Goin' A-Courtin'
10. The Tender Land: Act 2, Scene 3: The Dancing Resumes
11. The Tender Land: Act 2, Scene 3: Duet: 'You Dance Real Well'
12. The Tender Land: Act 2, Scene 3: 'Laurie...You Know, Laurie'
13. The Tender Land: Act 2, Scene 3: Duet: 'In Love? In Love?'
14. The Tender Land: Act 2, Scene 3: 'The Tender Land'
15. The Tender Land: Act 2, Scene 4: Grandpa's Confrontation
16. The Tender Land: Act 2, Scene 4: Party Farewell
17. The Tender Land: Act Three: Introduction
18. The Tender Land: Act Three, Scene 1: Entr'acte
19. The Tender Land: Act Three, Scene 1: Duet: 'Laurie, Laurie...'
20. The Tender Land: Act Three, Scene 1: Martin Alone: 'Daylight Will Come In Such Short TIme'
21. The Tender Land: Act Three, Scene 1: Dialogue
22. The Tender Land: Act Three, Scene 1: Top's Aria: 'That's Crazy' And Exit Of Martin And Top'
23. The Tender Land: Act Three, Scene 2: Interlude: Daybreak
24. The Tender Land: Act Three, Scene 2: 'The Sun Is Coming Up'
25. The Tender Land: Act Three, Scene 2: Laurie's Farewell
26. The Tender Land: Act Three, Scene 2: 'All Thinking's Done'
CD2 Duration: 64:12

Recorded October, 1989 at Ordway Music Theatre, St Paul, Minnesota


Cafe Paradiso Vol 4 - Chillin Con Fusion
Chill Out | Mp3 | 128 kbps | Time 65:56 + 67:56 | Size 61,3 + 61,8 mb

CD 1
01. Waldeck - Get Up... Carmen
02. Federico Aubele - Postales
03. Chieko Kinbara Feat. Liliana Chachian - A Espera
04. Ive Mendes - Natural High
05. Original Cast - Echo Beach
06. Marco Lamioni Feat. Emma Stow - On The Road
07. Lovers Lane - Island Memories
08. Bits 'n' Ocarazor - 11th [Paradise Mix]
09. The Modernist - Kangmei Pt. 1
10. Alex Cortiz - No Strings Attached
11. Tony D. Feat. Kate Rodgers - The Rhyme
12. Linda Carriere - The Power Of Love
13. Blue States - Elios Therepia

CD 2
01. Futuristic Feat. Louise Attah - Tonight [G-Pal's Summer Dream Of Tonight]
02. Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band - A Special Morning
03. D. Riba - Beach [Blind Coyote Short Dive]
04. Tosca Feat. Earl Zinger - Wonderful [Album Version]
05. Carduge - How Could I Know [Megablast Remix]
06. Bukky Led - Why Can't We Live Together [Sad Benitez BV Dub]
07. Ibizarre Feat. Nicola Hitchcock - Ordinary Day
08. DNA - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
09. Omar Faruk Tekbilek Feat. Zehava Ben - Forbidden Love [Govinda Remix]
10. Smooth - Walking On Space
11. Club 8 - Love In December
12. Caia - La Telecabine
13. In Credo - Siesta Del Sol [Laid Back Summer Cut]


Gotthard - Open
1998 | Hard Rock l 51 m 17 s l APE+CUE 359 Mb / MP3 320 kbps Stereo 117 Mb l Covers

1. Free And Alive (4:23)
2. Vision (3:57)
3. Got To Be Love (4:15)
4. Let It Rain (4:37)
5. Blackberry Way (3:40)
6. You (4:20)
7. Cheat & Hide (3:56)
8. Want You In (3:20)
9. Tell No Lies (3:45)
10. Back To You (4:00)
11. Best Time (4:17)
12. Hey Jimi (3:44)
13. Peace Of Mind (2:58)

Frank Sinatra - Songs For Swingin' Lovers!

Frank Sinatra - Songs For Swingin' Lovers!
WMA Lossless (~750-850 Kb/s) | 45:40 min | 259 Mb (5% recovery)
Label: Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab | Original Release Date: April 21, 1990
Recording Date: October 17, 1955 - January 16, 1956
Genre: Vocal | Styles: Vocal Jazz, Jazz-Pop, Big Band, Swing, Traditional Pop

After the ballad-heavy In the Wee Small Hours, Frank Sinatra and Nelson Riddle returned to up-tempo, swing material with Songs for Swingin' Lovers!, arguably the vocalist's greatest swing set. Like Sinatra's previous Capitol albums, Songs for Swingin' Lovers! consists of reinterpreted pop standards, ranging from the ten-year-old "You Make Me Feel So Young" to the 20-year-old "Pennies From Heaven" and "I've Got You Under My Skin". Sinatra is supremely confident throughout the album, singing with authority and joy. That joy is replicated in Riddle's arrangements, which manage to rethink these standards in fresh yet reverent ways. Working with a core rhythm section and a full string orchestra, Riddle writes scores that are surprisingly subtle. "I've Got You Under My Skin," with its breathtaking middle section, is a perfect example of how Sinatra works with the band. Both swing hard, stretching out the rhythms and melodies but never losing sight of the original song. Songs for Swingin' Lovers! never loses momentum. The great songs keep coming and the performances are all stellar, resulting in one of Sinatra's true classics.

01. You Make Me Feel So Young (03:05)
02. It Happened In Monterey (02:40)
03. You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me (02:23)
04. You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me (02:53)
05. Too Marvelous For Words (02:35)
06. Old Devil Moon (04:00)
07. Pennies From Heaven (02:47)
08. Love Is Here To Stay (02:44)
09. I've Got You Under My Skin (03:47)
10. I Thought About You (02:33)
11. We'll Be Together Again (04:29)
12. Makin' Whoopee (03:10)
13. Swingin' Down The Lane (02:59)
14. Anything Goes (02:48)
15. How About You? (02:46)

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BEETHOVEN - Triple concerto for Violin, Cello & Piano
Genre: Classical | 70min08 | APE | 1 CD | Covers + Booklet + CD | ~256 Mb |
EMI Classics 7243 5 66954 2 9

BEETHOVEN - Triple concerto in C, Opus 56
for Violin, Cello & Piano
David OISTRAKH - violin
Mstislav ROSTROPOVICH - cello
Sviatoslav RICHTER - piano
Berliner Philharmoniker
dir. Herbert von KARAJAN

1. I. Allegro
2. II. Largo
3. III. Rondo alla polacca

BRAHMS - Double concerto in A minor, Opus 102
for Violin & Cello
David OISTRAKH - violin
Mstislav ROSTROPOVICH - cello
Cleveland Orchestra
dir. George SZELL

4. I. Allegro
5. II. Andante
6. III. Vivace non troppo

Robin McKelle - Introducing Robin McKelle
Jazz Vocal Singer | mp3 320 Kbps | 91 MB
Harmonia Mundi 2006

01. Something's Gotta Give
02. Bei Mir Bist Du Schon
03. Night & Day
04. For All We Know
05. You Brought A New Kind Of Love
06. Dream
07. Yes, My Darling Daughter
08. Deep In A Dream
09. I've Got The World On A String
10. Come Rain Or Come Shine
11. The Lamp Is Low
12. On The Sunny Side Of The Street

Eberhard Weber: Stages Of A Long Journey :: 2007 :: ECM 1920
Jazz | Playtime 73:29 | MP3 AVG ~180k > 99 Mb

This latest recording from the brilliant German bassist Eberhard Weber is a tremendous live album taken from two 65th birthday concerts he gave in 2005 at a packed Theaterhaus in Weber's hometown of Stuttgart. The celebration presents sparkling new arrangements of some of his best-loved tracks from an impressive back catalogue of classic albums such as The Colours of Chloë, Yellow Fields and Orchestra.

Stand-out tracks include the majestic orchestral sweep of the opener Silent Feet, the stunning duet Seven Movements (with sax player Jan Garbarek) and the concluding solo meditation Air. There are also wonderful versions of Jerome Kern's Yesterdays and Carla Bley's Syndrome, the latter providing the perfect showcase for Garbarek and vibes player Gary Burton to flex their chops. Topped off by the virtuoso talents of pianist Rainer Brüninghaus, percussionist Marilyn Mazur and the eloquent contributions of the SWR Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra, this is a wonderful snapshot of some extremely fine music-making.

Gary Burton vibraphone
Jan Garbarek soprano and tenor saxophones
Rainer Brüninghaus piano
Eberhard Weber bass
Marilyn Mazur percussion

SWR Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra
Roland Kluttig conductor

Silent Feet
Seven Movements
Birthday Suite
The Colours of Chloë
Piano transition
Percussion transition
Yellow Fields
Hang Around
The Last Stage Of A Long Journey


Edward Vesala: Lumi :: 1987 :: ECM 1339
FLAC Up 1.000k > 245 Mb | MP3 320k > 110 Mb
Jazz | Playtime 44:46 | Artwork

Born Martii Juhani Vesala, the percussionist changed his name early in his musical career. Vesala studied music theory and orchestral percussion at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki from 1965-7. He played with such musicians as Eero Koivistionen and Seppo Paakkunainen during the mid-to-late '60s. In 1972 he recorded Triptykon for ECM with saxophonist Jan Garbarek and bassist Arild Andersen. It would be the first of many albums Vesala would make for the German label. His long association with ECM would help establish Vesala's reputation as a world class free jazz percussionist. During the '70s Vesala played with such free jazz and experimentally-inclined musicians as Peter Brotzmann, Charlie Mariano, and Terje Rypdal. Early '70s collaborations with such Finnish musicians as Koivistionen, Juhani Aaltonen, and Pekka Sarmanto had a strong impact on the Finnish free jazz scene. Vesala's quartet with Polish trumpeter Tomasz Stanko recorded several times from 1974-8, including most notably Nan Madol, his first album as a leader for ECM. In 1978 Vesala formed his own record label, Leo (not to be confused with the British label of the same name headed by Leo Feigin), which released albums by European free jazz musicians (including Stanko) and Americans like Frank Foster and Charlie Mariano. In 1980 Vesala and Stanko recorded Heavy Life, which featured the American musicians Reggie Workman on bass, J.D. Parran on saxophone, and Bob Stewart on tuba. In the early '80s Vesala conducted music workshops called Sound & Fury. In 1984 he chose the best of his students and formed a group of the same name. Sound & Fury would record four albums for ECM. Vesala's 1990 album, Ode to the Death of Jazz, was a statement in opposition to the conservative forces that had some to dominate the music. He continued to perform with Sound & Fury during the '90s. He also composed for the Helsinki Philharmonic and other large ensembles. Vesala was probably the most famous of all Finnish jazz musicians. Yet by the end of his life, his music defied all categorization, fusing various ethnic idioms, classical elements, rock, microtonality, and Finnish folk music. Vesala died of heart failure in his home outside Helsinki in 1999.

Esko Heikkinen trumpet, piccolo trumpet
Pentti Lahti alto and baritone saxophones, flutes
Jorma Tapio alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute
Tapani Rinne tenor, soprano saxophones, clarinets
Kari Heinilä tenor, soprano saxophone, flute
Tom Bildo trombone, tuba
Iro Haarla piano, harp
Raoul Björkenheim guitar
Taito Vainio accordion
Häkä bass
Edward Vesala drums, percussion

The Wind
Frozen Melody
Calypso Bulbosa
Third Moon
Camel Walk
Early Messenger



The Rough Guide to the Music of Iran - Various Artists (2006)
MP3 | 192kbps | | 92mb | Includes Covers
Genre: World Ethnic
The traffic-choked streets of Tehran and the magnificent mosques of Esfahan, the underground DJs and the Sufi minstrels of Kurdistan, are all reflected in the vibrant musical scene in Iran. From contemporary rappers to folk legends, from great singing stars to contemporary bands, from regional traditionalists to the trance musicians of Baluchistan, this Rough Guide features a captivating cross-section of contemporary Iranian sounds.

It's virtually impossible to consider the state of contemporary Iranian music without taking into account the country's contentious political relationship with the rest of the world. As compiler Simon Broughton acknowledges at the outset of his liner notes, the images of Iran received on the outside, particularly in the West, tend to give an impression that this complex country is populated entirely by religious zealots who would suppress any creative expression. Compounding that false notion is that not much indigenous Iranian music has been allowed to escape, to be heard and appreciated in the West. Not surprisingly though, Iran, both in its cosmopolitan city of Tehran and throughout the rest of the country, hosts a diverse range of traditional and modern artists, as well as many who fuse the two into a new whole.

As all of the other entries in the Rough Guide series so admirably do, this 15-track collection of album tracks and previously unreleased field recordings, ancient and modern sounds alike, serves as a fascinating introduction to the breadth of Iran's musical landscape. Never is that diversity clearer than in the transition from Chengis Mehdipour's "Misri Koroglu" to Barad's "Dar Har Rage Man (Within Each of My Veins)." The former is a mesmerizing traditional piece, featuring an instrument from the lute family called the korpuz. In a raga-like way, it lures and builds in intensity, before giving way to Barad's track, an all-out rocker that, while somewhat sloppier and less sophisticated than most contemporary rock coming out of Europe or America, could have found its way to American pop radio -- had its lyrics not been grafted from the work of Sufi poets.

The set's opener, the Arian Band's "Afsoongar (Glamorous)," is another pop track, but admittedly the collection's highlights are, in the end, the acoustic, traditional numbers featuring local instrumentation: Kayhan Kalhor and his kamancheh (spiked fiddle) collaborating with tanbur player Ali Akbar Moradi; Hossein Alizadeh, and Armenian duduk master Djivan Gasparyan's live contribution; Jahlé's lulling "Lullaby." Fittingly, the renowned Masters of Persian Music close out this intriguing, educational, and, most importantly, delightful set with the uplifting "Torkaman," from their critically acclaimed 2003 album Faryad -- a prime example of Iranian music that has managed to find its way, successfully, to Western ears before. The CD also includes a data track featuring an interview with the compiler. ~ Jeff Tamarkin reviewer 'Zekeriyah' (Chicago, Illinois):

In recent years, the media has embarked on a campaign to villify Iran as little more than a fanatical Islamic theocracy seeking to "destroy our way of life". Yet there is another side of Iran that few westerners get to see. For thousands of years (before the Roman empire, even before Alexander!), Persia has been a great center of art, literature, poetry, learning, music and culture. Great works like the Shah-Nameh, Hazer Afsaneh (from which the 1001 Nights originated) and the poetry of Rumi, Hafez and Omar Khayyam all came from Iran. Since the Arab invasion of the 7th century, the Persians have worked to assert their own identity, and in the proccess wound up influencing much of the Middle East and South Asia. Many Iranians are quite proud of this heritage (rightly so I might add), and proudly call themselves Persian.

This CD is but a small sampling of the incredible musical diversity in modern day Iran. Such a survey is obviously going to leave out some major artists (such as the pop diva Googoosh, as the other reviewer pointed out), but this CD benefits from being very fresh and up to date. As such, it can serve as a cross-cultural window for more westerners to see the REAL Iran. The classical, improvisational music of Persia is well represented by Kayhan Kolhor & Ali Akbar Moradi, the Masters of Persian Music and Hossein Alizadeh & Djivan Gasparyan (their song, "Sari Gailin" mixes Persian, Armenian and even Azeri influences), standing in contrast to the modern pop/rock of groups like Arian Band (named for the ancient Aryans, after whom Iran was named), Barad and O-Hum (who's song "Darde Eshgh" features some awesome vocals and guitar). And yes, even women are represented. Parvin Javdan and Zohreh Bayat from the all-female Rozaneh ensemble perform a wonderful song, quoting from the beloved Sufi poet Hafez.

Folk and ethnic music is also represented, showing the traditions of rural Iran (which includes numerous minority groups like the Kurds, Armenians, Qashqai, Turkomen, Azeris, Baluchis, etc). The legendary Kamkar ensemble showcases the irregular metered percussion of Kurdistan on "Dekay Ambar, Dekay Auber". Haj Ghorban Soleimani, a bashkhi or bard from Khorasan, tells a story from Hazer Afsaneh accompanied by the dotar on "Zareni Hossain Yar". Chenghis Medhipour showcases the epic song traditions of the Azeris, and Din Mohammad Zangeshahi shows the folk art of Baluchistan, while another Shahram Nazeri (also Kurdish) leads the Dastan Ensemble in a performance of Sufi music. But one of the great high-lights of this CD comes from the Jahle band (descendant of freed black African slaves, now settled along Iran's coast), who perform a lullaby made popular by being played on BBC. Demmand for this song, which until now was unavailable, proved so great that World Music Network spend a great deal of time working with the BBC to release it. Exclusive to this CD, fans should be glad that we can now get our hands on it.

From the first notes of the Arian Band's pop song Afsoongar, to the haunting last echos of the (aptly named) Masters of Persian Music, this CD serves as a wonderful journey across the incredibly varied country of Iran. It is a window into a world few in the west get to see, and it's a tragedy that this CD is not sold in every book and music store across the nation. I STRONGLY recommend that anyone who is interested in seeing the TRUE face or Iran and/or the Middle East purchase this CD. It will greatly expand your mind, showing you the beauty, grandeur and majesty that is Persian culture. Even those who are already familar with Persian music will find this CD an incredibly worthwhile purchase, because of the inclusion of several unique or hard to find tracks (particularly "Lullaby" by the Jahle Band). So do yourself a favor and go out and buy this CD.

01. Afsoongar (Glamorous) - Arian Band
02. Dekay Ambar, Dekay Auber - The Kamkars
03. Sari Gailin - Hossein Alizadeh & Djivan Gasparyan
04. Yazdah - Trio Chemirani
05. Daramad Homayoun - Parvin Javdan
06. Dashti - Abdolnaghi Afsharnia
07. Saz Va Avaz - Dastan Ensemble & Shahram Nazeri
08. Showgh - Kayhan Kalhor & Ali Akbar Moradi
09. Lullaby - Jahle Listen Listen
10. Misri Koroglu - Chengis Mehdipour
11. Dar Har Rage Man (Within Each Of My Veins) - Barad
12. Haj Ghorban Soleimani - Zareni Hossain Yar
13. Ya Ghows - Din Mohammad Zangeshahi
14. Darde Eshgh - O-Hu
15. Torkaman - Masster Of Persian Music
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Ayo - Joyful 2007
MP3 | Track: 12 | JPG: 282 x 280 | Bitrate: 192kbps | Genre: Other | 58MB


1. Down On My Knees
2. Without You
3. Letter By Letter
4. How Many Times
5. And It's Supposed To Be Love
6. Watching You
7. Only You
8. Help Is Coming
9. These Days
10. Life Is Real
11. What Is Love
12. Neva Been

Golijov: Oceana - Tenebrae - 3 Songs
2007 | DG | APE + CUE | Covers | Booklet | 272 MB | 3 files

"The opening movement grabs the ear immediately . . . There are no tango rhythms, no pop inflections here, just Golijov's voice -- honest and deeply communicative -- speaking as clearly as in any of his best music.This important CD is filled out with two other works, both just slightly less inspired than "Oceana" . . . "Three Songs" for soprano and orchestra . . . [are] exquisitely scored, and the sublime second song, "Lua descolorida" . . . has become a signature piece for Dawn Upshaw, who sings all three with gorgeous tone and laserlike intensity. All the performances are outstanding, with Robert Spano and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra providing fiercely committed accompaniment in "Oceana" and the songs. (The Atlanta Symphony Chorus and Gwinnett Young Singers also deserve special mention.) Deutsche Grammophon's next Golijov release is the "Pasion," scheduled for next year; one waits impatiently for whatever is next from this remarkable artist.
Record Review / David Weininger, Boston Globe / 10 July 2007

Osvaldo Golijov (1960 - )
1. Call [3:30]
Luciana Souza, Scott Tennant, John Dearman,
2. First Wave and Rain Train Interlude [1:38]
3. Second Wave [2:41]
Scott Tennant, John Dearman, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Robert Spano, Atlanta Symphony Chorus
4. Second Call [2:10]
Luciana Souza, Jay Anderson, Scott Tennant, John Dearman, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Robert Spano
5. Third Wave [2:11]
Luciana Souza, Scott Tennant, John Dearman, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Robert Spano, Atlanta Symphony Chorus
6. Aria [5:32]
7. Coral del Arrecife (Chorale of the Reef) [8:27]

Luciana Souza, Jamey Haddad, Scott Tennant, John Dearman, Robert Spano, Elisabeth Remy Johnson
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Robert Spano, Members of the Gwinnett Young Singers

1. [6:10]
2. [6:44]

Kronos Quartet

Three Songs for Soprano and Orchestra
Night of the Flying Horses [7:25]
Lúa Descolorida [6:05]
How Slow the Wind [8:03]

Dawn Upshaw, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Robert Spano

David Sanborn (1999) «Inside»
Quality: FLAC | Mode: 8, Best Compression | 47:31 Min | 281 Mb
Quality: MP3 | 320 kbit/s | CBR | 47:31 Min | 112 Mb
Styles: Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Crossover Jazz

As a rule, David Sanborn's Elektra output of the '90s had integrity. Whether he was being exploratory and introspective on Another Hand or taking a more commercial, R&B-minded approach on Inside, Sanborn avoided recording outright schlock during that decade. Make no mistake: Inside is far from straight-ahead acoustic jazz. Produced by Marcus Miller and boasting such guest vocalists as Sting, Cassandra Wilson and Lalah Hathaway, Inside is definitely a commercial album. But commercial isn't necessarily a bad thing, and most of the material is tasteful. Whether he's getting into instrumental funk-jazz grooves on "Brother Ray," "Corners," and "Trance" or featuring Wilson on a likable remake of Aretha Franklin's "Daydreaming," this CD is certainly not without its pleasures. The high point of the album, however, is Sting's haunting cameo on a cover of Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine." Some of Sanborn's solos could have been longer, but all things considered, Inside is pleasing, if less than essential. ~ Review by Alex Henderson ~

Artist: David Sanborn
Album: Inside
Label: Electra Entertainment Group Inc.
Genre: Jazz
Styles: Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Crossover Jazz
Original Release Date: March 23, 1999
Quality/Bitrate: FLAC / Mode: 8, Best Compression / 44.1 Khz / Stereo
Quality/Bitrate: MP3 / 320 kbit/s / 44.1 Khz / Stereo
Total Time: 47:31 Min

~ Track Listing ~
01. Corners [for Herbie]
02. Daydreaming [with Cassandra Wilson & Eric Benet]
03. Trance
04. Brother Ray
05. Lisa
06. When I'm With You [with Lalah Hathaway & Eric Benet]
07. Naked Moon
08. Cane
09. Ain't No Sunshine [with Sting]
10. Miss You

Total size
281 Mb [FLAC-CUE-Covers]
112 Mb [MP3-Covers]

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Voice - Prediction
1999 | Heavy metal | EAC-APE - 284mb | MP3 (225) - 79mb


01. Victim Of The Glory [0:05:05.57]
02. The Prediction [0:08:14.59]
03. Sand Creek [0:05:40.52]
04. Project Daydream [0:06:07.06]
05. I'll Be There [0:06:06.39]
06. Tears In The Darkness [0:05:11.37]
07. Stonehenge [0:03:08.56]




David Bowie (1983) «Let's Dance»
Quality: FLAC | Mode: 8, Best Compression | 39:46 | 283 Mb
Styles: Rock, New Wave, Pop/Rock

After summing up his maverick tendencies on Scary Monsters, David Bowie aimed for the mainstream with Let's Dance. Hiring Chic guitarist Nile Rodgers as a co-producer, Bowie created a stylish, synthesized post-disco dance music that was equally informed by classic soul and the emerging new romantic subgenre of new wave, which was ironically heavily inspired by Bowie himself. Let's Dance comes tearing out of the date, propulsed by the skittering "Modern Love," the seductively menacing "China Girl," and the brittle funk of the title track. All three songs became international hits, and for good reason - they're catchy, accessible pop songs that have just enough of an alien edge to make them distinctive. However, that careful balance is quickly thrown off by a succession of pleasant but unremarkable plastic soul workouts. "Cat People" and a cover of Metro's "Criminal World" are relatively strong songs, but the remainder of the album indicates that Bowie was entering a songwriting slump. However, the three hits were enough to make the album a massive hit, and their power hasn't diminished over the years, even if the rest of the record sounds like an artifact. ~ Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine ~

Artist: David Bowie
Album: Let's Dance
Label: Virgin/EMI Records
Genre: Rock
Styles: Rock, New Wave, Pop/Rock
Original Recording Date: 1983
Original Recording Reissued: September 28, 1999
Quality/Bitrate: FLAC / Mode: 8, Best Compression / 44.1 Khz / Stereo
Total Time: 39:46 Min

~ Track Listing ~
01. Modern Love
02. China Girl
03. Let's Dance
04. Without You
05. Ricochet
06. Criminal World
07. Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
08. Shake It

Total size: 286 Mb

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John Lennon-Imagine
1988 | Rock | Covers | MP3 CBR 320Kbps | 98 Mb + 52Mb

It's virtually impossible to sum up John Lennon's entire career in 21 tracks, but this Yoko-approved soundtrack to Andrew Solt's 1988 documentary makes a fairly impressive try. Evenly split between his Beatles and solo periods, this collection paints a complex picture of a man whose music was by turns reflective ("In My Life," "Strawberry Fields Forever"), political ("Revolution, "Give Peace a Chance"), and harrowingly emotional ("Mother," "Jealous Guy"), but who also occasionally enjoyed a good old rock & roll rave-up ("Twist and Shout"). Of special interest to Lennon fans are a short rehearsal snippet from the Imagine sessions and a tentative acoustic demo of "Real Love," later brought to full-color life by the surviving Beatles for the second Anthology> collection. Most Beatlemaniacs will find the rest of the stuff almost annoyingly familiar, but the compilation still makes a solid crash course for newcomers. --Dan Epstein

1. Real Love - John Lennon
2. Twist And Shout - The Beatles
3. Help! - The Beatles
4. In My Life - The Beatles
5. Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles
6. A Day In The Life - The Beatles
7. Revolution - The Beatles
8. The Ballad Of John & Yoko - The Beatles
9. Julia - The Beatles
10. Don't Let Me Down - The Beatles
11. Give Peace A Chance - Plastic Ono Band
12. How? - John Lennon, Plastic Ono Band
13. Imagine (Rehearsal) - John Lennon
14. God - John Lennon, Plastic Ono Band
15. Mother - John Lennon
16. Stand By Me - John Lennon
17. Jealous Guy - John Lennon, Plastic Ono Band
18. Woman - John Lennon
19. Beautiful Boy - John Lennon
20. (Just Like) Starting Over - John Lennon
21. Imagine - John Lennon, Plastic Ono Band

Medwyn Goodall - Way of the Dolphin (1992)
MP3 | 128Kbps | | 43mb
Genre: New Age
Superb instrumentation mixed with the compelling song of dolphins and whales creates an inspired recording - emotive and inspiring music of intense felling and brilliant originality.
Superb instrumentation mixed with the compelling song of dolphins and whales creates an inspired recording - emotive and inspiring music of intense felling and brilliant originality.


01. Odyssey 6:56
02. Shared Worlds 6:43
03. Whale Requiem 5:30
04. Reverberations 3:08
05. Dolphin Dreams 5:36
06. Tears of the Deep 7:11
07. Undersea Oasis 5:15
08. Face to Face 4:46
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Dj Silence - Chill Out Zone 21 - Mystic
Genre: Ambient, Chill Out | Format: Mp3, CBR 320 Kbps | Covers | 31 Tracks | Size: 390 Mb |
Date: 2006


1. Paco fernandes - Halson Vuela (6:08)
2. Envio - Paris (5:08)
3. Asura - Mother Gaia (7:47)
4. Argatha - Call Of The Music (4:17)
5. Saafi Brothers - On Air (7:14)
6. Fila Brazillia - Serratia Marcescens (3:34)
7. Grey Area - Routine(Grey Edit) (5:02)
8. Red - Sector A (6:36)
9. Dark Soho - My Wish (2:49)
10. A.E.S Dana - Seaweeds Corporate (5:50)
11. Bluetech - Dreamtime Lullaby (6:24)
12. errorEncouterred - Omiru (3:12)
13. Proem - Pretty Song For Alyssa (3:30)
14. GMO - Lounge It (6:24)
15. Santos - Ke Dolor (3:59)
16. Shulman - Mushroom Therapy (5:56)
17. The Orb - Tin Can (4:12)
18. Anne Garner - She Has (5:26)
19. Capsula - Crown Ethers (4:50)
20. Mystical Sun - Blue Magnetic O (4:59)
21. Differnet - Convolution Sweatshop (3:19)
22. Shulman - Random Lifeliness (6:40)
23. Wechselspannung - Excerpt (6:15)
24. Danny Howells - Seek And Destroy (2:18)
25. Danny Howells - Hiatus (3:51)
26. Leftfield - Dusted (3:50)
27. Male To Female - Skeleton Toy (7:50)
28. Saafi Brothers - Summerhills (4:01)
29. Blank & Jones - The Heardest Heart (3:40)
30. Cell - White Call (7:53)
31. Androcell - Progress Of Unfolding (8:56)

VA-Spirits of Nature - 6 Cd - Cd 4
MP3 | 320 Kbps | 171 MB | 2 PART

01.Hasyia - We Came To Love (Africa)
02.Youssou N'Dour&Neneh Cherry - 7 Seconds
03.Johnny Clegg&Savuka - Asimbonanga (Mandela)
04.Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Yl + H' Umlilo Ovu + Hayo
05.Khadja Nin - M'barik Fall
06.Papa Wemba - Yolele
07.Wes - Awa Awa
08.Youssou N'Dour - Undecided
09.Khaled - Aicha
10.Wasis Diop (feat. Lena Fiagbe) - African Dream
11.Geoffrey Oryema - The River
12.Zap Mama - Belgo Zairoise
13.Maurice Potp Doudongo - Bolingo
14.Toure Kunda - Mamadiyo
15.Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Sohlabelelu Hosana

VA-Spirits of Nature - Cd 4 - PART 1

VA-Spirits of Nature - Cd 4 - PART 2

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Muddy Waters - Folk Singer (1964)
MP3 | 160Kbps | | 67mb ~ Front/Back/CD Covers
Genre: Blues
The title and cover photo of this 1963 recording were an attempt to cash in on the burgeoning American folk revival, but this is pure acoustic blues. Muddy began his career as a Robert Johnson-style solo acoustic performer, and the tunes on FOLK SINGER hark back to those days. He's accompanied sparsely by Willie Dixon, drummer Clifton James and a young Buddy Guy, who provide a stark, deliberate backdrop for Muddy's rich vocal and expressive bottleneck guitar work. The richness of Muddy's baritone is showcased effectively here, with more room than usual for his voice to resonate.

The low-key setting allows Muddy to explore a fuller dynamic range as well. From the romantic yearning of "Long Distance Call" to the fatalism of the chain gang song "My Captain," Muddy's voice expresses entire worlds of emotion with only subtle dynamic changes. On FOLK SINGER's more downhearted cuts, there's a doomy, ominous quality that rivals the deepest emotional journeys of John Lee Hooker. By scaling down, Muddy managed to make his songs, guitar and voice seem exponentially magnified. Though it's one of his quietest albums, FOLK SINGER screams with naked emotion.

Muddy Waters started out playing acoustic blues in the Delta, and it shows on this return to his roots, designed to appeal to the mid-1960s surge of interest in folk music. The back of the CD includes a photo of Waters with bassist and songwriter Willie Dixon, as well as a very young Buddy Guy, gathered around a single microphone. This particular CD reissue includes five bonus tracks, among which are "The Same Thing" and "Short Dress Woman," which take advantage of the longer CD running time. All of the other reasons to hear this one remain--Waters's strong, confident voice, the relaxed smoothness of the material, and the surprisingly clean recording, made even cleaner by the digital remastering. --Genevieve Williams

This is not a folk album; it's a blues album. And it's one of the best blues albums anybody ever recorded. I have a lot of Muddy Waters' CDs, and this one makes me stop and listen to how great his voice was, how well he could tell a story, how deeply he could hook you. You get that "back porch blues" feeling, like he's there with you on a hot summer night strummin' and singin' with a couple of friends he brought along. This album is a must for any Muddy Waters--or blues--lover. The remastered recording is quite clear and fresh, a great sounding album

Reviewer, Venezuela:
Este album llego a mi por simple curiosidad en el 2000. Nunca imagine que alguien pudiese juntar tal talento en sus manos y voz como lo hizo Muddy para este album. La seccion de musicos que le sirven de soporte son nada mas y nada menos que. Buddy Guy y Willie Dixon. No hay palabras que puedan describir la magia que emanan de estas grabaciones, tan solo blues en su mas puro estado... es como trasladarse al delta de los 1930. Sonido puro y llanamente acustico con un entramado de guitarras magistral entre Muddy y Buddy Guy que sirven de fondo a la ya famosa interpretacion vocal de Muddy y eso sin contar con el solido sonido de Willie Dixon al bajo. Recuerdo que en una vieja revista de blues apuntaba sobre la existencia de este disco como una muestra de musica folk interpretada por quien se supone fue, es y sera la mejor voz y guitarra del blues americano... pero aqui no hay nada de folk, es blues delta en su estado mas primitivo. Maravilloso y dotado de una sencillez total que asombran por el resultado; PURA MAGIA. Se agregan una serie de bonus tracks que no deslucen del contenido inicial de la edicion original...pero los temas grabados en acustico son y seran la parte central de esta obra unica en su genero. Las fotografias que se incluyen en el inserto y en la propia caja del cd demuestran por su elegancia el disfrute de tres maestros del blues que nunca imaginaron que al juntarse para esta sencilla grabacion, crearian una de las mejores muestras del espiritu del blues delta. El album recoje algunos de los temas mas interesantes de la discografia del Mudddy;
Captain captain, Good morning little school girl, long distance callin'... ademas de otras gemas cargadas de sentimiento y la belleza del blues en un estilo unico donde predomina la improvisacion y la tecnica espontanea de dos de los grandes guitarristas bluseros de todos los tiempos.
Puede y debe catalogarse de grabacion escencial para todo amante de la musica y el blues... No dudes en obtenerla... nunca dejaras de escucharlo, de lo contrario no sabes de lo que te pierdes.

Personnel: Muddy Waters (vocals, guitar); Buddy Guy, James "Pee Wee" Madison, Sam Lawhorn (guitar); James Cotton (harmonica); J.T. Brown (tenor saxophone, clarinet); Otis Spann (piano); Willie Dixon, Milton Rector (bass); Clifton James, S.P. Leary (drums).

Recorded at Tel Mar Recording Studios, Chicago, Illinois in September 1963. Originally released on Chess (1483).

1. My Home Is In The Delta
2. Long Distance
3. My Captain
4. Good Morning School Girl
5. You Gonna Need My Help
6. Cold Weather Blues
7. Big Leg Woman
8. Country Boy
9. Feel Like Going Home
10. Same Thing, The - (bonus track)
11. You Can't Lose What You Never Had - (bonus track)
12. My John The Conqueror Root - (bonus track)
13. Short Dress Woman - (bonus track)
14. Put Me In Your Lay Away - (bonus track)
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Lita Ford (1988) «Lita»
Quality: APE | Mode: Extra High | 40:42 Min | 307 Mb
Styles: Hard Rock, Glam-Metal

Producer Mike Chapman helped Lita Ford craft her true breakthrough album, Lita, loading it with big, slick arena rock/pop-metal hooks and making it her most consistent solo album. Ford scored big hits with "Kiss Me Deadly" and the ballad "Close My Eyes Forever," the latter a duet with Ozzy Osbourne and the first Top Ten single for either.

Artist: Lita Ford
Album: Lita
Label: Rock Candy Records Ltd.
Genre: Hard Rock
Styles: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop-Metal
Original Release Date: February 2, 1988
Original Recording Remastered: October 25, 2006
Quality/Bitrate: APE / Mode: Exrta High / 44.1 Khz / Stereo
Total Time: 40:42 Min

~ Track Listing ~
01. Back To The Cave
02. Can't Catch Me
03. Blueberry
04. Kiss Me Deadly
05. Falling In And Out Of Love
06. Fatal Passion
07. Under The Gun
08. Broken Dreams
09. Close My Eyes Forever

Total size: 307 Mb

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Bruce Springsteen - Greatest Hits
1995 | Rock | Covers | MP3 CBR 320Kbps | 151 Mb

"About as complete a selection of fan and artist favorites as any single-disc Bruce collection could be, this is a surprisingly coherent listen given the many stylistic and attitudinal shifts it charts. The inclusion of only four of Born in the U.S.A.'s seven Top 10 entries leaves space for less obvious choices like "Atlantic City" and four new cuts, among them songs recorded by a briefly reunited E Street Band. The pace lags a bit near the end--"Secret Garden" is turgid enough to take its place on a Sting album--but Greatest Hits earns its place in the car CD player with stuff like "Born to Run," "The River" and "Dancing in the Dark."
Rickey Wright

1. Born To Run
2. Thunder Road
3. Badlands
4. The River
5. Hungry Heart
6. Atlantic City
7. Dancing In The Dark
8. Born In The U.S.A.
9. My Hometown
10. Glory Days
11. Brilliant Disguise
12. Human Touch
13. Better Days
14. Streets Of Philadelphia
15. Secret Garden
16. Murder Incorporated
17. Blood Brothers
18. This Hard Land

Ziganamama - Ziganamama
Genre: World, Ethnic, Klezmer | Format: Mp3, CBR 320 Kbps | 1 CD | Size: 120 Mb |
Date: November 7, 2000


01 Intro
02 Varshaver Freylekhs
03 Ciganski Kjutschek
04 Nyugat
05 Konyali
06 Moldavian Hora
07 Odessa Bulgarish
08 Hora De La Cimpul Lung
09 Der Yid In Yerusholayim
10 Sirba De La Transylvania
11 Danza Tzigana
12 Bay A Glezele Mashke


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Blue Note Plays Stevie Wonder
EAC | .APE + .cue | 3 part of 96 MB + 1 part of 50MB | front cover

1. I Wish - Najee
2. Living For The City - Noel Pointer
3. Don't Worry 'Bout A Thing - Stanley Turrentine
4. Signed, Sealed, Delivered - Pieces Of A Dream
5. Summer Soft - Najee
6. Boogie On Reggae Woman - Stanley Turrentine
7. It's A Shame - Paul Jackson Jr.
8. Black Man - Najee
9. Superwoman - Noel Pointer
10. You And I - Stanley Turrentine
11. Too High - Pat Martino

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Bryan Ferry - More Than This - The Best of (1995)
MP3 320 kbps | 1 CD | POP | Total Size 181 MB RAR

1. Virginia Plain 3:00
2. A Hard Rain's A-gonna Fall 4:15
3. Street Life 3:25
4. These Foolish Things 4:51
5. Love Is The Drug 4:00
6. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 2:59
7. Dance Away 3:48
8. Let's Stick Together 3:01
9. Angel Eyes: 2:53
10. Slave To Love 4:21
11. Oh Yeah 4:52
12. Don't Stop The Dance 4:22
13. Same Old Scene 3:59
14. Is Your Love Strong Enough 4:56
15. Jealous Guy 4:55
16. Kiss And Tell 4:01
17. More Than This 4:11
18. I Put A Spell On You 3:58
19. Avalon 4:18
20. Your Painted Smile 3:19

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Chris Botti: Night Sessions
Label: Sony | Release Date: 2001 | MP3 320 kbps: 111 MB | APE & CUE: 311 MB
Genre: Easy Listening/Instrumental

01. Lisa
02. Miami Overnight
03. Streets Ahead
04. Interlude
05. All Would Envy
06. Best Time
07. When I See You
08. You Move Me
09. Blue Horizon
10. Light The Stars
11. Through An Open Window
12. Easter Parade



Bill Evans with Jim Hall "Intermodulation "
Bill Evans with Eddie Gomez "Montreaux, Vol. 3 "
Jazz | APE+Cue+Cover@MP3-320+Cue+Cover | APE@259Mb | MP3@320@171Mb
Total Time - 75 min

Bill Evans with Jim Hall "Intermodulation "

Track List:

1. I've Got You Under My Skin performed by Evans / Jim Hall - 3:21
2. My Man's Gone Now performed by Evans / Jim Hall - 6:44
3. Turn Out the Stars performed by Evans / Jim Hall - 7:35
4. Angel Face performed by Evans / Jim Hall - 6:34
5. Jazz Samba performed by Evans / Jim Hall - 3:08
6. All Across the City performed by Evans / Jim Hall - 4:50

Bill Evans - Piano
Jim Hall - Guitar

Bill Evans with Eddie Gomez "Montreaux, Vol. 3 "

Track List:

1. Elsa performed by Evans / Eddie Gomez - 7:28
2. Milano performed by Evans / Eddie Gomez - 4:40
3. Venutian Rhythm Dance performed by Evans / Eddie Gomez - 4:27
4. Django performed by Evans / Eddie Gomez - 6:18
5. Minha (All Mine) performed by Evans / Eddie Gomez - 4:11
6. Driftin' performed by Evans / Eddie Gomez - 5:12
7. I Love You performed by Evans / Eddie Gomez - 6:38
8. The Summer Knows performed by Evans / Eddie Gomez - 3:24

Bill Evans - Piano, Piano (Electric)
Eddie Gomez - Bass



Pass: akella