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Heinrich Schutz - The Nativity - Jacobs

Heinrich Schutz - The Nativity - Jacobs
Genre: Classical | Format: APE & CUE | 1 CD | Size: 252 Mb |
Date: 27 septembre 1990

Composer: Heinrich Schutz
Conductor: Rene Jacobs
Ulrich Messthaler (Basse), Brigitte Gasser (Basse de viole)
Philipp Bosbach (Violoncelle), Heinrich Schutz (Compositeur)


01 - SWV 435 / Sinfonia
02 - SWV 435 / Es begab sich aber zu derselbigen Zeit
03 - SWV 435 / Fürchtet euch nicht
04 - SWV 435 / Und alsbald war da bei dem Engel
05 - SWV 435 / Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe
06 - SWV 435 / Und da die Engel von ihnen gen Himmel fuhren
07 - SWV 435 / Lasset uns nun gehen gen Bethlehem
08 - SWV 435 / Und sie kamen eilend
09 - SWV 435 / Wo ist der neugeborne König der Juden?
10 - SWV 435 / Da das der König Herodes hörete
11 - SWV 435 / Zu Bethlehem im jüdischen Lande
12 - SWV 435 / Da berief Herodes die Weisen
13 - SWV 435 / Ziehet hin
14 - SWV 435 / Als sie nun den König gehöret hatten
15 - SWV 435 / Stehe auf, Joseph
16 - SWV 435 / Und er stund auf
17 - SWV 435 / Stehe auf, Joseph
18 - SWV 435 / Und er stund auf
19 - SWV 435 / Dank sagen wir
20 - Op. 9 / Sei gegrüsset, Maria SWV 333
21 - Op. 9 / Rorate caeli desuper SWV 322
22 - Op. 9 / Joseph, du Sohn David SWV...
23 - Op. 9 / Hodie Christus natus est ...
24 - Schütz - Heute ist Christus geboren




Soundings Ensemble - Reflections: Gentle Music for Loving (1997)
MP3 | 256 Kbps | 2 parts / 107,5 MB - APE | 3 parts / 285,0 MB
New Age | Covers included

01 - Caressed by the Wind
02 - Tantra Love
03 - Face of Love
04 - Back to the Garden
05 - Spice of Love
06 - Endless Time
07 - Crystal Dance
08 - Rapture
09 - Rolling on Forever
10 - Droplets of Water
11 - Sweetwater
12 - Terra

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Sade - The Remix Deluxe
320 Kbps | Mp3 | 45 MB | Japanese Edition | RS

This 5 track CD is a nice addition to any Sade collection.

1 Feel No Pain (Nellee Hooper Remix)
2 Love Is Stronger Than Pride (Mad Professor Remix)
3 Make Some Room
4 Paradise (Ronin Remix)
5 Super Bien Total

Bohannon - Stop & Go
Genre: Funk | Mp3 | 256 Kbps | 64 MB | Release Date: 1973

Bohannon was a unique funk master with one foot in heavy funk/black rock, another in early disco. Some of this stuff sounds like it could have played on the radio yesterday... or tonight, you wouldnt even have to remix it. It is gritty, yet transy - - its funky and grooveable, there is bass and rhtyhm all over the place. Classic funk-a-haulics will love it as much as clubbers.

01 the stop and go
02 getting to the other side
03 the pimp walk
04 run it on down mr dj
05 save their souls
06 - singing a song for my mother
07 - It's Time For Peace
08 - Happiness

The Spotnicks - Bo Winberg #1
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 42:21 min | 60,00 MB? + 49,56 MB
Genre: Guitar, Instrumental, Easy Listening, Oldies

01 - Ten O'Clock Postman
02 - How Could I Live Without You
03 - Kissing In The Moonlight
04 - The Way You Are
05 - What's The Colour Of Love
06 - It Started With A Love Affair
07 - Helicopter
08 - Oh Susie
09 - My Summer With You
10 - And They Played Our Song
11 - Gonna Find My Angel
12 - Who's Gonna Follow You Home
13 - Some Day

Download part 01
Download part 02

The Spotnicks - The Spotnicks In Winterland
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 26:23 min | 65,24 MB
Genre: Guitar, Instrumental, Easy Listening, Oldies

01 - Sleigh Ride
02 - Winter Wonderland
03 - Here Comes Santa Claus
04 - Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer
05 - Frosty The Snowman
06 - Silent Night
07 - White Christmas
08 - Jingle Bells
09 - Winterland
10 - Parade Of Wooden Soldiers
11 - I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus
12 - Auld Lang Syne


The Spotnicks - Highway Boogie
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 58:51 min | 80,00 MB + 56,22 MB
Genre: Guitar, Instrumental, Easy Listening, Oldies

01 - Highway Boogie
02 - Lost Properties
03 - Could It Be Love
04 - Mighty Bump
05 - Love Is A Symphony
06 - Truckdrivers Dream
07 - Just Another Boy
08 - Dolly H
09 - Delightful Morning
10 - Let It Roll Roll Roll
11 - Besame Mucho
12 - Form & Filur
13 - A Touch Of A
14 - Memories Are Made Of This
15 - De Postkoets
16 - Three O'clok Click
17 - Nas Onih

Download part 01
Download part 02

Wishbone Ash
Label: MCA | FLAC-Lossless | Separated files 287MB | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 101MB | Covers 11MB
Genre: Rock, Hard-Rock

WISH is the future and ASH is the past. What stood in between was WISHBONE ASH. Their debut, self-titled album, was released in 1970 and was hailed by some as a masterpiece. It was finished under the influence of producer Derek Laurence and engineer Martin Birch. A Classic Album!

Product Details

* Audio CD (October 13, 1992)
* Original Release Date: 1970
* Number of Discs: 1
* Label: MCA

Track Listing:

1. Blind Eye
2. Lady Whiskey
3. Errors Of My Way
4. Queen Of Torture
5. Handy
6. Phoenix

Review by Dave Sleger

For a band that quickly evolved into a radio-friendly prog-leaning outfit, it's a wonder that Wishbone Ash started out as the boogie and blues-based group that this debut reveals. If the term "jam band" existed in 1970, Wishbone Ash surely would have been a major player in that genre. As it was, this album stacked up nicely when compared with other British hard rock releases that year. Not as complex or calculated as Led Zeppelin's Led Zeppelin III but definitely more focused than Mott the Hoople's Mad Shadows, Wishbone Ash more closely resembled Benefit by Jethro Tull, a group that hadn't yet adopted its own progressive elements. The dual lead guitar attack of Andy Powell and Ted Turner was a component that none of the above bands possessed, but unfortunately their (shared) lead vocals lacked the punch and authority necessary for hard rock bands to be taken seriously. So while they could rock as loudly and convincingly as virtually anyone, their lead singers, perhaps, held them back from being the force they should have been. The follow-up, Pilgrimage, took steps to rectify Wishbone Ash's odd position, but this album nevertheless opened eyes and ears and revealed to the rock & roll community a band with incredible potential and talent.

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György Ligeti - Concert for Violoncello & Orchestra (1988)
Classical | EAC (APE & CUE) | 170 MB
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György Ligeti
Konzert für Violoncello und Orchester (a)
Lontano für großes Orchester (b)
Doppelkonzert für Flöte, Oboe und Orchester (c)
San Francisco Polyphony für Orchester (c)

Concerto pour violoncelle et orchestre (a)
Lontano, pour grand orchestre (b)
Doppelkonzert pour flûte, hautbois et orchestre (c)
San Francisco Polyphony, pour orchestre (c)

Wergo 60163-50

Siegfried Palm, violoncelle
Orchestre Symphonique de Hessischen Rundfunks, Frankfurt
Michael Gielen, direction (a)

Orchestre Symphonique de Südwestfunks, Baden-Baden
Ernest Bour, direction (b)

Gunilla von Bahr, flûte
Torleif Lännerholm, hautbois
Orchestre Symphonique de Schwedischen Rundfunks
Elgar Howarth, direction (c)

Part 1
Part 2

Chefs-d'oeuvre du Violoncelle - hommage à Pierre Fournier
Deutsche Grammophon | 1995 | Classical | APE+CUE | 3% Recovery | 658 MB | 2CDs | Covers+Booklet | 78'11"

"Born in Paris in 1906, Pierre Fournier had begun studying the piano when he suffered an attack of polio at the age of nive. Unable to continue using the pedals, he transferred his attentions to learning the violoncelle and soon entered the Paris Conservatoire, which he left with the first prize in 1923, at the age of seventeen.
/ leamed myjob the hard way too,' he happily recalled. 'Aged eighteen, 1 used to play in the orchestra pit of a cinéma. The films were Bilent and you had to keep one eye on the screen and the éther on the conductor. I eamed my spurs in spa bandstands. And when Jacques Copeau set up the Vieux-Colombier he asked me to play with him. Arthur Honegger was the percussionish'
From 1928 he became one of the most famous cellists of our time, Pierre Fournier died in 1986.
Dvoràk's Celle Concerto is one of the most frequently played concertos in the répertoire and counts among the Czech composer's greatest successes, along with the Slavonic Dances and the 'New World' Symphony. Like the latter, it was composed in the United States in 1894-1895. The first performance took place in London in 1896.
The Schelomo (Solomon) Rhapsody by Ernst Bloch, like many éther works by this composer, expresses the religions aspirations of the
Jewish seul, as does Max Bruch's Kol Nidrei, based on Hebrew tunes. Thèse two works, which it seems natural to place alongside one another, aise shore the characteristic of allowing the 'voice' of the celle to sing forth in a particulany moving register.
What exactly was the mysterious 'arpeggione' for which Schubert wrote, in 1824, the sonata we today hear transcribed for violoncelle? This new instrument had been invented in 1823 by Johann Georg Stauffer, a Viennese violin maker. It was something of a monster, half celle, half guitar, believed to facilitate the playing of arpeggios (whence ils nome). It did net last long. Nevertheless it inspired from Schubert, asked to provide a démonstration pièce, pages of irrésistible charm and feeling.
The curions will net fait to detect a similarity between the opening of the first thème and the first notes of the Unfinished Symphony written two years earlier. Would the 'arpeggione' still be remembered if Schubert had net written this delightful sonata for it?

# CD audio
# Nombre de disques: 2
# Format: Import
# Label: Deutsche Grammophon
# ASIN : B000027CL0

Disque : 1

1. Concerto Pour Violoncelle, Op 104 : Allegro (dvorak Antonin)
2. Concerto Pour Violoncelle, Op 104 : Adagio Ma Non Troppo (dvorak Antonin)
3. Concerto Pour Violoncelle, Op 104 : Finale, Allegro... (dvorak Antonin)
4. Schelomo, Rapsodie Hébraïque Pour Violoncelle & Orchestre (bloch Ernest)
5. Kol Nidrei, Op 47 : Adagio Ma Non Troppo...(bruch Max)

Disque : 2

1. Sonate Pour Piano & Arpeggione, D 821 : Allegro Moderato (schubert Franz)
2. Sonate Pour Piano & Arpeggione, D 821 : Adagio (schubert Franz)
3. Sonate Pour Piano & Arpeggione, D 821 : Allegretto (schubert Franz)
4. Sonate Pour Violoncelle & Piano : Adagio Cantabile (francoeur François)
5. Sonate Pour Violoncelle & Piano : Tempo Di Minuetto (haydn Joseph)
6. Sonate Pour Violon N 3 : Larghetto (weber Carl Maria Von)
7. Sonate Pour Violon N 3 : Rondo (weber Carl Maria Von)
8. Nocturne En Mi Bémol Majeur, Op 9 N 2 (chopin Frederic)
9. Le Coq D'or : Hymne Au Soleil (rimsky-korsakov Nikolai)
10. Le Star Saltan : Le Vol Du Bourdon (rimsky-korsakov Nikolai)
11. Adagio & Allegro, Op 70 (schumann Robert)
12. Ave Maria (gounod Charles)
13. Solitude Aux Champs, Op 86 N 2 (brahms Johannes)
14. Danse Des Elfes, Op 39 (popper David)
15. Rondo, Op 94 (dvorak Antonin)
16. Le Carnaval Des Animaux : Le Cygne (saint-saens Camille)
17. Variations Sur La Corde En Sol (paganini Nicolo)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

György Ligeti: Trio für Violine, Horn und Klavier / Passacaglia ungherese / Hungarian Rock / Continuum / Monument, Selbstportrait, Bewegung (1986)
Classical | EAC (APE & CUE) | 231 MB
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Awarded the quarterly German Record Critics' Award, this disc brings the chamber music from the period between 1968 and 1982, which reveals Ligeti's development that is particularly impressive with the old-fashioned harpsichord and the Continuum entrusted to it. The piece has an unreal opalescence, literally whirring and flickering. Sheets of sound transform threateningly - quite unlike the more grounded, Hungarian-tinged pieces. The works for piano duo suddenly present a standard theme of painting as a musical subject: the self-portrait! The full title of the composition translates as "Self-portrait with Reich and Riley (and Chopin is in there too)." Ligeti does not deny the irony here. In his Trio, obstinately enough, he does not assemble a classical set of instruments but instead includes representatives of different "families," juxtaposed more or less irreconcilably: violin, horn, and piano.

Wergo 60100

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

KT Tunstall's ''Hold On'' Video
Audio: 128kbps | 44100Hz stereo | Video: MPEG1 | 352x288 | 25.00fps | 35 mb
[center]From KT Tunstall's forthcoming fall album Drastic Fantastic, "Hold On," the first single already has a video to accompany the retro-pop song.


Songs Einstein Junior Never Heard

Frank Zappa - Songs Einstein Junior Never Heard 1980 07 03 Munich
MP3 | 320 Kbp/s | 51:00 Min | 116 Mb (64 Mb+53 Mb) | Covers
Genre: progressive Rock (rare bootleg)

Songs Einstein Junior Never Heard back

Songs Einstein Junior Never Heard 1980 07 03 Munich

"== Frank Zappa's Band Jan - Jul 1980 ==
Frank Zappa, Ike Willis, Ray White, Arthur Barrow, David Logeman, Tommy Mars."

01 Chunga's Revenge
02 Mudd Club
03 The Meek
04 Joe's Garage
05 Golden Arches
06 Cosmik Debris
07 Keep It Greasey
08 Pick Me I'm Clean
09 The Illinois Enema Bandit
10 You Didn't Try To Call Me
11 No Heart
12 Love Of My Life
13 City Of Tiny Lights

Toutch me there

Frank Zappa & L.Shankar - 1984 - Touch Me There
MP3 | 256 Kbp/s | 36:01 Min | 66 Mb
Genre: Progressive Rock

In 1979, Frank Zappa took a shine to an Eastern Indian rock/jazz violinist, L. Shankar. So much so that he produced an album with him, "Touch Me There." Not only does Frank produce, but he also co-writes half of the album and performs on one cut, "Dead Girls of London." So, not surprisingly, this disc sounds like much of the material Zappa was releasing around that time, even though it is technically a "Shankar" album. And, it sounds like a GOOD Zappa album - many of these cuts would feel right at home on late '70s/early '80s titles like "Studio Tan," "Ship Arriving Too Late...," "Lather," "Sleep Dirt," "You Are What You Is," etc. Of course, you must have some degree of musical adventurousness to appreciate the disc - imagine Frank's instrumental rock-jazz-classical fusion with violin solos featuring distinctly Raga Rock/Eastern phrasing. So, if you're open to it, it's great! Shankar's playing is incendiary and the rest of the band is ridiculously tight. "Dead Girls of London" is the most out-and-out Zappa-sounding tune, featuring Zappa vet Ike Willis and Frank on absurd vocals. Other highlights include accordian-laced "No More Mr. Girl" and the reggae-flavored "Knee-Deep in Heaters." At the time of this review, this title is out of print but it does pop up in used CD bins from time to time (honest, I've seen it myself more than once). Originally released on CD through Zappa's Barking Pumpkin label in '92.

01 Dead Girls Of London
02 - Little Stinker
03 - Touch Me there
04 - No More Mr.Nice Girl
05 - Love Gone Away
06 - Darlene
07 - Windy Morning
08 - Knee-Deep In Heaters

Evgeny Svetlanov and USSR Symphony Orchestra: Waltzes and Polonaises by Russian Composers
Label: BMG/Melodiya | Release Date: 1997 | MP3 HQ VBR: 222 MB | APE & CUE: 693 MB
Genre: Classical

Disc: 1
1. A. Lyadov
2. A. Arensky
3. M. Glinka
4. A. Arensky
5. P. Tchaikovsky
6. M. Glinka
7. S. Lyapunov

Disc: 2
1. A. Glazunov
2. A. Rubinstein
3. N. Rimsky-Korsakov
4. M. Mussorgsky
5. Polonaise



Evgeny Svetlanov and USSR Symphony Orchestra: Orchestral Pictures from Russia
Label: BMG/Melodiya | Release Date: 1997 | MP3 HQ VBR: 341 MB | APE & CUE: 619 MB
Genre: Classical

Disc: 1
1. Dawn on the Moskva-River (from 'Khaovanshchina')
2. A Night on Bald Mountain
3. Hopak (from 'Sorochintsy Fair')
4. In the Steppes of Central Asia
5. Polovtsian Dances with Chorus (from 'Prince Igor')
6. Sadko, Op.5
7. Bright Holiday (Russian Easter Festival Ov, op.36)
8. Islamey

Disc: 2
1. Ov from 'Dream on the Volga'
2. Spring, Op.34
3. Romantic Intermezzo in D, Op.69
4. About Olden Times, Op.21b
5. From the Apocalypse, Op.66
6. Baba Yaga, Op.56
7. The Enchanted Lake, Op.62
8. Kikimora, Op.63
9. Nymphs



Danzig - The Lost Tracks of Danzig (2007)
APE+CUE+LOG - 800 MB | MP3 CBR@320 Kbps - 280 MB | Covers - 17 MB
Genre: Heavy Metal | Country: USA

The return of satan's child! Ltd. edition 2 x audio CD! 26 unreleased tracks!

Track listing:
Disc 1
01. "Pain Is Like An Animal"
02. "When Death Had No Name" (1st Version)
03. "Angel of the Seventh Dawn"
04. "You Should Be Dying"
05. "Cold, Cold Rain"
06. "Buick McKane" (T. Rex cover)
07. "When Death Had No Name" (1992 version)
08. "Satan's Crucifiction"
09. "The Mandrake's Cry"
10. "White Devil Rise"
11. "Come to Silver" (Acoustic version)
12. "Deep"
13. "Warlok"

Disc 2
01. "Lick the Blood off My Hands"
02. "Crawl Across Your Killing Floor"
03. "I Know Your Lie"
04. "Caught in My Eye" (The Germs cover)
05. "Cat People" (David Bowie cover)
06. "Bound by Blood"
07. "Who Claims the Soulless"
08. "Malefical"
09. "Soul Eater"
10. "Dying Seraph"
11. "Lady Lucifera"
12. "underBelly of the Beast" (remix of "Belly of the Beast")
13. "Unspeakable" (Shango Mix)

Country: USA
Genre: Heavy Metal




Eddie Vedder - Into The Wild OST
MP3 | 160 Kbps | 38 MB | RS

Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder will unveil an original soundtrack featuring new solo material . Vedder's 'Hard Sun' will appear in "Into the Wild", along with a slew of other folky ballads. Director Sean Penn hand-picked Vedder to provide the music for the film, starring Emile Hirsh and Vince Vaughn. The soundtrack is out September 18, three days before the movie hits the big screen.


01. Setting Forth (1:37)
02. No Ceiling (1:34)
03. Far Behind (2:15)
04. Rise (2:36)
05. Long Nights (2:31)
06. Tuolumne (1:00)
07. Hard Sun (5:22)
08. Society (3:56)
09. The Wolf (1:32)
10. End Of The Road (3:20)
11. Guaranteed (7:22)

Manfred Mann`s Earth Band - Criminal Tango

Manfred Mann`s Earth Band - Criminal Tango
Rock | 1986 | Label: 10 Records Ltd | APE + CUE | 1CD | 230 Mb
Genre: Rock | Styles: Progressive-Rock

Audio CD
Original Release Date: 1986
Number of Discs: 1

Manfred Mann: Keyboards
Mick Rogers: Guitars & Vocals
John Lingwood: Drums & Percussion
Chris Thompson: Lead Vocals
Durban Betancourt-Laverde, John Giblin, Steve Kinche: Bass
Produced by Manfred Mann and Steve Forward

1. Going Underground
2. Who Are the Mystery Kids?
3. Banquet
4. Killer on the Loose
5. Do Anything You Wanna Do
6. Rescue
7. You Got Me Right Through the Heart
8. Bulldog
9. Crossfire

The Spotnicks - Hits Van
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 25:51 min | 61,66 MB
Genre: Guitar, Instrumental, Easy Listening, Oldies

01 - Orange Blossom Special
02 - Galloping Guitars
03 - Old Clock At Home
04 - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
05 - Ghost Riders In The Sky
06 - Home On The Range
07 - The Rocket Man
08 - The Spotnicks Theme
09 - The Old Spinning Wheel
10 - Endless Walk
11 - My Old Kentucky Home
12 - Ol' Man River


Lionel Hampton: The Complete Quartets & Quintets With Oscar Peterson On Verve [1999]
Jazz | Playtime 6:23:07 | Mp3 256 | 585 Mb | Front cover



2.'S Wonderful
3.Air Mail Special
4.Nearness Of You, The
5.Soft Winds
6.Stompin' At The Savoy
7.Love For Sale
8.April In Paris
9.Just One Of Those Things


1.Star Dust
2.That Old Black Magic - (part 1)
3.That Old Black Magic - (part 2)
4.This Can't Be Love
5.Willow Weep For Me
6.How High The Moon
7.Blues For Norman
8.I Can't Get Started


1.It's Only A Paper Moon
2.Way You Look Tonight, The
3.Flying Home
4.These Foolish Things
5.Don't Be That Way
7.On The Sunny Side Of The Street
8.Je Ne Sais Pas


1.It's A Blue World - (previously unreleased, alternate take)
2.It's A Blue World - (LP master take)
3.It's A Blue World - (78-RPM master take)
4.High And The Mighty, The
5.When The Saints Go Marching In
6.Flying Home
7.Midnight Sun
10.Indiana - (previously unreleased)
11.But Beautiful


1.Hamp's Boogie Woogie - (LP master take)
2.Hamp's Boogie Woogie - (78-RPM master take)
3.Honeysuckle Rose
4.Honey Suckle Rose - (short version)
5.China Boy
6.Foggy Day, A - (LP Master Take)
7.Foggy Day, A - (78-RPM master take)
8.Love Is Here To Stay
9.Body And Soul
10.It's Only A Paper Moon
11.Sweethearts On Parade
12.Date With Oscar

Lionel Hampton vibraphone
Oscar Peterson piano
Buddy DeFranco clarinet
Herb Ellis guitar
Ray Brown bass
Buddy Rich drums

Recorded in New York, New York in 1953-54.
Includes liner notes by Brian Priestly and Francis Davis.
All tracks have been digitally remastered.


The Spotnicks - The Spotnicks In London
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 45:27 min | 70,00 MB + 44,28 MB
Genre: Guitar, Instrumental, Easy Listening, Oldies

01 - Orange Blossom Special
02 - Happy Henrik's Polka
03 - Ol' Man River
04 - Nightcap
05 - The Spotnicks Theme
06 - High-Flying Scotsman
07 - Moonshot
08 - The Rocket Man
09 - Dark Eyes
10 - My Old Kentucky Home
11 - No Yaga Daga Blues
12 - Thundernest
13 - Amapola
14 - I'm Going Home
15 - Old Spinning Wheel
16 - Havah Nagila
17 - Midnight Special
18 - Hey Good Looking
19 - Ghostriders In The Sky
20 - Home On The Range

Download part 01
Download part 02

The Spotnicks - In Stockholm
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 46:07 min | 60,00 MB + 46,28 MB
Genre: Guitar, Instrumental, Easy Listening, Oldies

01 - Sentimental Journey
02 - Cape Kennedy
03 - Hootenanny Express
04 - Low Man on a Totem Pole
05 - Sabeline
06 - Please Say Yes
07 - Papa Oom Mow Mow
08 - Who Cares
09 - Boing Meets Girl
10 - Endless Sleep
11 - Take Us to Your Leader
12 - I Know a Secret
13 - If You Wanna Be Happy
14 - Susanna
15 - La Route
16 - Swedish Polka Pig
17 - Bye Bye Birdie
18 - Shine
19 - Buttons and Bows
20 - Pense A Moi

Download part 01
Download part 02



Karunesh - Global Village (2006)
MP3 | 256 Kbps | 95,1 MB - APE | 4 parts / 319,6 MB
New Age / Worldbeat | Artwork included

01 - Prayer of Joy
02 - Orient Express
03 - Earth Spirit
04 - Helele Ma
05 - Tranceformation
06 - Arabian Nights
07 - Beyond Heaven (Remix)
08 - Om Namo
09 - Krishna's Song
On this CD:


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[b]Mindy Carson - Baby Baby Baby + 5
Jazz Vocal | APE | Cover | 1CD | 186 MB

Artist: Mindy Carson
Album: Baby Baby Baby + 5
Orig Year: 1958
Audio CD: 2004
Label: Collectables (Ex: Columbia)
Quality: APE
Size: 186 MB
Time: 46:18

Mindy Carson, vocal with

Track Listing
1 "Baby, Baby, Baby "
2 I'm Not Just Anybody's Baby
3 I Don't Want To Walk Without You, Baby
4 Baby Face
5 Don't Cry,Cry Baby
6 My Melancholy Baby
7 Everybody Loves My Baby
8 I Can't Give You Anything But Love,Baby
9 I'm Nobody's Baby
10 My Baby Just Cares For Me
11 I Found A New Baby
12 Baby Won't You Please Come Home
13 Baby, I Love Ya Like Crazy (Bonus Track)(Previously Unreleased)
14 The Sentimental Touch (Bonus Track)
15 (What Can I Say) After I Say I'm Sorry (Bonus Track)(Previously Unreleased)
16 My Foolish Heart (Bonus Track)
17 Knock On Wood (Holler Mazel Tov) (Bonus Track)


pass: nocnoc

Great Pianists of the 20th Century: Sampler, 2 CD's
Label: Polygram Records | Release Date: 1999 | MP3 VBR: 179 MB
Genre: Classical Piano

01. Chopin - Waltz for piano in G flat major, Op. 70\1- Geza, Anda
02. Chopin - Prelude for piano No. 16 in B flat minor Op. 28\16- Argerich, Martha
03. Brahms - 'Paganini' Variations, Op. 35, Book 1: Variations 13 & 14- Arrau, Claudio
04. Liszt - Transcendental Etude No. 5 In B Flat 'Feux follets' (excerpt)- Ashkenazy, Vladimir
05. Chopin - Etude In G Sharp Minor, Op. 25, No. 2- Backhaus, Wilhelm
06. Liszt - 'Annees de pelerinage' II: Sonetto 47 del petrarca- Barenboim, Daniel
07. Rubenstein - Etude in C Op 23 Nov 2 'Staccato'- Bolet, Jorge
08. Haydn - Sonata In D, Hob. XVI: 42 (Finale)- Brendel, Alfred
09. Arensky - Suite No. 2 'Silhouettes': Coquette- Bruk, Lyubov & Taimanov, Mark
10. Rameau - Pieces de Clavecin: Le rappel des oiseaux- Casadesus, Robert
11. Chopin - Mazurka in D Op 33 No 2- Cherkassky, Shura
12. Tchaikovsky - The Months: Song Of The Lark'- Cliburn, Van
13. Debussy - 'Preludes', Book I: La fille aux cheveux de lin- Cortot, Alfred
14. Schubert - Impromptu No. 4 In F Minor, D. 935 (excerpt)- Curson, Sir Clifford
15. Chopin - Etude In G Flat, Op. 25, No. 9 'Butterfly'- Cziffra, Gyorgy
16. Schumann - Intermezzo, Op. 4, No. 6- Eschenbach, Christoph
17. Bach-Busoni - Ich ruf zu dir (Chorale-Prelude)- Fischer, Edwin
18. Mozart - Sonata In C, K. 330 (finale) (excerpt)- Fleisher, Leon
19. Chopin - Waltz In D Flat, Op. 70 No. 3- Francois, Samson
20. Strauss-Godowsky - Standchen- Freire, Nelson
21. Chopin - Nocturne In E Flat, Op. 55 No. 2- Friedman, Ignaz
22. Prokofiev - Romeo And Juliet: Dance Of The Girls With Lilies- Gavrilov, Andrei
23. Debussy - Preludes, Book I: Minstrels- Gieseking, Walter
24. Bach-Siloti - Prelude in B minor- Gilels, Emil
25. Liszt - 'Paganini' Etude No. 5: La chasse- Ginsburg, Grigory
26. Schumann - Carnaval: Chopin & Estrella- Godowsky, Leopold
27. Debussy - Suite Bergamasque: Passepied- Gulda, Friedrich
28. Bach, J.S. - French Suite No. 6 In E, BWV 817a: Bourree- Haebler, Ingrid
29. Schubert - Sonata In B Flat, D. 960 (Scherzo)- Haskil, Clara
30. Bach-Hess - Jesu, Joy Of Mans Desiring- Hess, Dame Myra
31. Moszkowski - La jongleuse- Hofmann, Josef
32. Liszt - Valse oubliee No. 1- Horowitz, Vladimir
33. Chopin - Etude In F, Op. 10, No. 8- Janis, Byron

34. Albeniz - Iberia, Book I (excerpt): Evocation- Kapell, William
35. Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 1 In G Minor- Katchen, Julius
36. Brahms - Fantasies, Op. 116: Intermezzo In E- Kempff, Wilhelm
37. Prokofieff - Etude Op. 2, No. 3- Kissin, Evgeny
38. Grieg - Lyrical Pieces, Op. 43: To The Spring- Kocsis, Zoltan:
39. Brahms - Intermezzo In C, Op. 119, No. 3- Kovacevich, Stephen
40. Granados - El Pelele (excerpt)- Larrocha, Alicia de
41. Chopin - Etude In G Sharp Minor, Op. 26 No. 6 'Double-thirds'- Lhevinne, Josef & Rosina
42. Brahms - Waltz In C Sharp, Op. 39 No. 6- Lipatti, Dinu
43. Schumann - Kinderszenen, Op. 15: Gluckes genug- Lupu, Radu
44. Chopin - Tarantelle, Op. 43- Magaloff, Nikita
45. Debussy - Preludes, Book II: General Lavine - eccentric- Michelangeli, Arturo Benedetti
46. Liszt - Concert Etude No. 2 In F Minor 'La leggierezza (excerpt)- Moiseiwitsch, Benno
47. Chopin - Mazurka In F Minor, Op. 63, No. 2- Moravec, Ivan
48. Liszt - Paganini Etude No. 3 'La campanella' (excerpt)- Ogdon, John
49. Paderewski - Minuet In G (excerpt)- Paderewski, Ignacy
50. Scarlatti - Sonata In A, K. 212- Perahia, Murray
51. Bach, J.S. - French Suite No. 2, BWV 813: Courante- Pires, Maria Joao
52. Tchaikovsky - The Sleeping Beauty: Gavotte & Le canari qui chante- Pletnev, Mikhail
53. Chopin - Berceuse, Op. 57- Pollini, Maurizio
54. Gershwin - The Man I Love (excerpt)- Previn, Andre
55. Rachmaninoff - Etude-Tableau In C, Op. 33, No. 2- Rachmaninoff, Sergei
56. Rachmaninoff - Prelude In G Sharp Minor, Op. 32, No. 12- Richter, Sviatoslav
57. Chopin - Waltz In D Flat, Op. 64, No. 1 'Minute'- Rubinsein, Artur
58. Schubert - [Great Pianists of the 20th Century- Sampler Disc 2 #25] Moment Musical In F Minor, D. 780, No. 5- Schiff, Andras
59. Beethoven - 'Diabelli' Variations, Op. 120, No. 8 (Poco vivace)- Schnabel, Artur
60. Scriabin - Sonata No. 3 In F Sharp Minor, Op. 23 (2nd movement)- Sofronitsky, Vladimir
61. Liszt - 'Annees de pelerinage' I: Au bord d'une source- Solomon
62. Bach, J.S. - Partita No. 1 In B Flat, BWV 825 (Prelude)-Tureck, Rosalyn
63. Debussy - Etudes, Book I: Etude No. 6- Uchida, Mitsuko
64. Gershwin - Nobody but you- Watts, Andre
65. Scarlatti - Sonata In F, K. 107- Wiessenberg, Alexis
66. Gershwin - Wild - Embraceable you- Wild, Earl
67. Beethoven - 'Diabelli' Variations, Op. 120 No. 8 (Poco vivace)- Yudina, Maria
68. Debussy - Preludes, Book I: La danse de Puck- Zimerman, Krsytian


Bond: Classified [Asian Edition]
Label: Decca | Release Date: 2004 | MP3 320 kbps: 146 MB | APE & CUE: 544 MB
Genre: Classical Crossover

Bond is a string quartet made up of four good-looking women, two from Australia, two from Great Britain. Their training is in purely classical music, which this CD certainly is not. Their previous CD was banned from the UK classical charts, presumably because of the overly insistent use of beats and other intrusions, and this CD too contains African, electro, Latin and hip-hop beats. Bond will be the first to acknowledge that they're heavily influenced by the club scene and pop culture from London to Bangkok. Here they are joined by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and the sound is enormous: there's level upon level of overdubbing. Some of the tracks have, as their basis, classical works: Pachelbel's Canon, snippets of Swan Lake, the Nutcracker, Carmen's Habanera, Brahms' Hungarian Dance no. 5, Barber's Adagio for Stings. But the sound we get is lush, beat-heavy, club-ish, full of excitement and basic rhythms, and the "classical" connection--aside from the melodies from the above-mentioned pieces--must be taken on faith. The women's solo playing, if there is any, is not audible. The over-riding feel is disco; this is for dancing and for creating a mood of excitement.
Robert Levine

01. Explosive
02. Scorchio
03. Midnight Garden
04. Lullabye
05. Samba
06. Hungarian
07. I'll Fly Away
08. Dream Star
09. Highly Strung
10. Adagio lor Strings
11. Senorita
12. Explosive (Orion & Ed Leal Production)
13. Allegretto
14. Shine
15. Fuego
16. Strange Paradise
17. Speed
18. Big Love Adagio
19. Kashmir
20. Gypsy Rhapsody



Rabih Abou-Khalil - Morton's Foot (2004)
MP3 | 224Kbps | | 80mb + 37mb | Covers
Genre: Jazz / World Fusion
For more than a decade, Lebanese oud master Rabih Abou-Khalil has infused traditional Arabic music of all stripes with elements of modern music from around the world, most notably jazz. Morton's Foot, Abou-Khalil's 13th album, doesn't flavor its Arabic melodies and rhythms with electronic programming. Instead, Abou-Khalil's fusion is done much in the same way that jazz musicians have embraced Klezmer or Indian music: it uses top-flight musicianship instead of beats and sounds to build the bridges. Here, the leader plays lengthy leads on oud that concentrate on rhythm just as much as melody as a five-piece support cast (drums, accordion, vocals, tuba, clarinet) follows his every twist and turn. Sometimes one leaps ahead to solo on their own, with clarinetist Gabriele Mirabassi and tuba player Michel Godard both doing yeoman's work. A uniformly strong effort by a truly unique innovator, Morton's Foot is ideal listening for fans who put free-ranging musicianship and innovation at a premium. - Tad Hendrickson

The band on Morton's Foot is a truly international ensemble. Composer and master oud player Rabih Abou-Khalil has assembled a cast that includes accordionist Luciano Biondini and clarinetist Gabriele Mirabassi along with Michel Godard on tuba, Jarrod Cagwin on trap and frame drums, and exotic Italian vocalist Gavino Murgia. Abou-Khalil composed all the tracks here. He shares the front line with Biondini and Mirabassi as Godard adds a serious bottom-end punch to the rhythm section. Certainly there are precedents for a group like this: Richard Galliano's 1980s bands as well as Chris Speed and Brad Shepik's Pachora, for example. Abou-Khalil's compositions here, as on his other recordings, involve detailed, complex and labyrinthine melodic structures, though rhythmic invention and harmonic counterpoint add balance and offer tight turns of phrase and dynamic shifts. The title track, "Lobotomie Mi Baba Lu," and "Hopping Jack" are standout tracks, yet it is the sum of everything here that makes this one of Abou-Khalil's very best outings. ~ Thom Jurek

Personnel: Rabih Abou-Khalil (oud); Gavino Murgia (vocals); Luciano Biondini (accordion); Gabriele Mirabassi (clarinet); Michel Godard (tuba); Jarrod Cagwin (drum, frame drum).

1. Ma Muse M'abuse
2. Morton's Foot
3. Il Ritorno Del Languore
4. Lobotomie Ni Baba Lu
5. L'histoire D'un Parapluie
6. O Papaia Balerina
7. Dr. Gieler's Wiener Schnitzel
8. Il Sospiro
9. Hopping Jack
10. Waltz For Dubbya
11. Return Of The Maltese Chicken, The
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Kiss My Axe front

The Al Di Meola Project - Kiss My Axe (1991)
Flac (seperate files) - 402 MB | MP3 @ 320 - 152 MB | Med. Qual. Covers included
Genre: Jazz Fusion

The fire is back. You can hear it in no uncertain terms on the supercharged title cut from Kiss My Axe, Al Di Meola's most intense electric album in ten years. The power and fury of a Les Paul, his signature sound throughout the 70s is very much in evidence on this dynamic electric band offering. The speed, impeccable technique and intensity that typified Di Meola's best work during fusion's heyday is tempered here with seasoning and soul, two qualities that a musician acquires with age. Di Meola speaks volumes on Kiss My Axe as bursts of speed mark "Phantom", "Global Safari" and the title track. ~ Guitar Nine Records

While I too think Elegant Gypsy is Al's finest moment, his other work has always been a musical pleasure. His Winter Nights is simply superb. Electric Rendezvous short but sweet! Casino is as close to Gypsy as can be. Kiss My Axe is also worth the money and your time to give it a listen. If you like a variety of styles intermingled - here's the happy meal! Blazing guitar, gut wrenching bass on some of the tunes. Light and airy on others.

In following Mr. Di Meola's career, there seems to be a maturity in his work-While Gypsy is a simply a marvel in its blazing guitar work - each piece is technical bliss and speed! The works thereafter have been all about change -evolution if you will. The man still has the chops, but it's tempered and controlled. Youth to experience is the best analogy I can make here. It is obvious that he wants to stretch his music in other styles - not specifically jazz fusion.

I will continue to purchase his work simply because it has never failed to entertain me. Mr. Di Meola is simply one of the best of the best. One other reviewer wrote something to the effect "surely the Master knows more than his admirers!" I think there is a grain of truth in that remark. Each work that this man has done has been a step in his musical journey-I, for one, am glad he's allowed me the opportunity to walk with him along the way. ~ Review by John Keating @

1. South Bound Traveler (5:22)
2. The Embrace (5:49)
3. Kiss My Axe (5:04)
4. Morocco (7:41)
5. Gigi's Playtime Rhyme (Interlude #1) (2:36)
6. One Night Last June (8:19)
7. Phantom (7:53)
8. Erotic Interlude (Interlude #2) (2:32)
9. Global Safari (5:42)
10. Interlude #3 (1:59)
11. Purple Orchids (6:45)
12. The Prophet (Interlude #4) (1:18)
13. Oriana (September 24, 1988) (5:19)

Total Time: 65:01

- Al DiMeola / guitar (acoustic), cymbals, andclapping, tabla, guitar (electric), guitar
- Richie Morales / drums
- Gumbi Ortiz / conga
- Tony Scherr / bass, bass (acoustic), bass (electric)
- Arto Tuncboyaciyan / percussion, bata, voices, bongos
- Gumbi Oritz / conga, bata, handclapping
- Rachel Z / synthesizer
- Anthony Jackson / bass (electric), clarinet (contrabass)
- Omar Hakim / drums
- Barry Miles / synthesizer, synclavier, handclapping, piano


Marcus Miller - Silver Rain (2005)
MP3 | 320Kbps | | 100mb + 71mb
Genre: Jazz / Jazz-funk/Fusion
With Silver Rain Marcus Miller has crafted a really sharp amalgam of funk, rock, jazz, and R&B styles that has just the right amount of sheen without slipping into glibness. This is going to be a classic album a few years down the road, one that numerous young musicians will cite as having been influential in their development. Despite many triumphs as a leader, part of Miller's reputation has always rested on his years in Miles Davis' band and as the collaborator in creating the sound of Miles' last several recordings. Silver Rain makes clear how influential Miller was in crafting such Davis recordings as Tutu and Amandla. Davis must have been influential on Miller as well. Coming from a time when many styles of popular African American music were being brought back together to form a cohesive, whole musical language, Miller must have been drawn to Davis' constant challenge to himself to continue to innovate at all costs...
Marcus Miller is foremost known as a Grammy-winning bass player, but as he proves on Silver Rain, Miller is equally formidable as an arranger. Taking songs from a disparate mix of artists that includes Stevie Wonder, Duke Ellington, Jimi Hendrix, Edgar Winter, Beethoven and Prince, Miller's skills are in almost embarrassing abundance here. On Edgar Winter's 70s rock jam "Frankenstein", his band (including the likes of Kirk Whalum on tenor and Kenny Garret on alto) flat out wails, but Miller's slapping bass keeps the groove completely locked down. In contrast, his take on Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" sets the stage for Miller's mellow-groove skills while the cover of Stevie Wonder's "Boogie On Reggae a Woman" is Miller at his intricate, funky best. On Prince's "Girls & Boys", Macy Gray adds her swooping, sensual vocals while Eric Clapton sits in on the title track. Clocking in at around 75 minutes, this CD is full to bursting, but what's striking here is not the quantity, but the quality. Miller is able to effortlessly make this material his own; moreover he is able to take an impossibly diverse set of songs and construct an album with real cohesion and flow. There is a lot happening on this album, as multi-instrumentalist Miller swaps instruments, moods and musicians from tune to tune, to his credit, however, he never loses the trail. The result is an extremely enjoyable album and an apt platform for Miller's many, many talents. --Steve Duda reviewer:
Hard to believe that Marcus Miller's first recorded appearances were nearly three decades ago. Easier to believe -- based on his track record (solo, as a producer, etc.) -- that anything new he puts out will offer a variety of fresh musical twists. Such is the case with SILVER RAIN, an album that should have considerable genre-crossing appeal. His fluid and funky electric bass playing is sharper than ever, and it should be noted that on the softer tunes he plays with as much or more nuance than perhaps I've ever heard by an electric bassist (almost like an acoustic guitar, yet without losing the deep qualities expected of a plugged-in bass). As if that's not enough, he assertively takes the lead with his bass clarinet on several cuts.

Besides Marcus' bass playing and overall musical direction, two aspects of this album stick out in particular. First, his eclectic choice of tunes. Of course, there's an update or two of the funk/jazz genre ala his days with Miles Davis (including "Bruce Lee"). Yet look how far and wide he reaches for material. There are personalized takes on material as diverse as Jimi Hendrix's "Power Of Soul," Stevie Wonder's "Boogie On Reggae Woman, a funk/jazz take on Edgar Winter's "Frankenstein" (air guitar, anyone?), Prince's "Girls & Boys," Duke Ellington's "Sophisticated Lady," Brenda Russell's "If Only For One Night" (a tune made famous by Luther Vandross), and even a bluesy adaptation of Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata."

Finally, Marcus has inserted a fine selection of guests into the mix. Veterans of past Miller CDs and tours are still on hand (trumpeter Patches Stewart, keyboardist Bernard Wright, drummer Poogie Bell, etc.), while recurring guests such as reedmen Kenny Garrett are back for more. Also on sax are the likes of Gerald Albright and Kirk Whalum. Then there are the vocalists, which include Lalah Hathaway, Macy Gray (on "Girls & Boys"), and a memorable vocal by Eric Clapton on the reggae-flavored title track (yes, he's got a guitar solo, too ... and there's an brief, unlisted reprise at the end of the CD). Familiar yet unpredictable is usually a winning formula, and that certainly holds true on this recommended album.

Personnel: Marcus Miller (vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar, bass clarinet, woodwinds, soprano saxophone, piano, Fender Rhodes piano, Clavinet, keyboards, synthesizer, Moog synthesizer, talk box, voice box, acoustic bass guitar, bass guitar, fretless bass, drums, udo drum, drum machine, hi-hat, tambourine, hand claps, percussion, scratches, background vocals); Eric Clapton (vocals, guitar); Eartha Kitt, Lalah Hathaway, Macy Gray (vocals); Kenn Hicks (tenor); Lucky Peterson (guitar); Dean Brown (acoustic guitar, electric guitar); Gregoire Maret (harmonica); Gerald Albright, Kenny Garrett (alto saxophone); Kirk Whalum, Ronald Bruner, Roger Byam (tenor saxophone); Michael "Patches" Stewart (trumpet); Bruce Flowers (Fender Rhodes piano, organ); Bernard Wright (keyboards); Poogie Bell (drums, snare drum); Munyungo Jackson, Craig J (percussion); Adam Dorn (sampler); Mocean Worker (sound effects); Joey Kibble, Mark Kibble, Jessica Celious (background vocals).

Recording information: Hannibal Studios, Santa Monica, California (2004).

1. Intro Duction
2. Bruce Lee
3. La Villette
4. Behind The Smile
5. Frankenstein
6. Moonlight Sonata
7. Boogie On Reggae Woman
8. Paris (Interlude)
9. Silver Rain
10. Make Up My Mind
11. Girls And Boys
12. Sophisticated Lady
13. Power Of Soul
14. Outro Duction
15. If Only For One Night
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VA - Maximum Bass 2007 NEW
2CD | Track: 50 | MP3 192kbps | 216 MB

Disc: 1

1. Intro - Various Artists
2. Creeps - Jones, Camille & Fedde Le Grand
3. Love Don't Let Me Go (Walking Away) - Guetta, David & The Egg
4. Beat Is Rockin' - Erick E
5. Put Your Hands Up For Detroit - Fedde Le Grand
6. Exceeder/Girl Dem Shaker - Mason/Wideboys & MC JLC
7. Kinda New - Spectrum (3)
8. Cure And The Cause - Fish Go Deep & Tracey K
9. Speak And Spell - Atari Era
10. Champion Sound - Fatboy Slim
11. What You're Thinking - Wideboys & Sarah Saville
12. Faith - Bliss Inc. & Carlotta Chadwick
13. Let The Beats Roll - Tim DeLuxe & Simon Frank
14. Calabria 2007 - ENUR & Natasja
15. Da Bump - Mr. V & Miss Patty
16. Proper Education - Prydz, Eric & Floyd
17. Flex - Artful Dodger & Vula
18. Electric Disco - Plump DJ's
19. This Is Old Skool Love - Shaolin Master & Flirtations
20. Hooligan - Norris Da Boss & Wideboys/Rose/Creed
21. Creeps (You're Giving Me) - Freaks (1)
22. Give It Back - Gaelle
23. Shine - Booty Luv
24. Superstylin' - Groove Armada
25. I Don't Smoke - DJ Dee Kline
26. Shot You Down - Audio Bullys & Nancy Sinatra

Disc: 2

1. Dubplate Intro - Wideboys
2. Show Me Love - Robin S
3. Flat Beat - Mr. Oizo
4. Rip Groove - Double 99
5. Juss 1 Kiss - Basement Jaxx
6. Never Wanna Say - Soundbwoy Ent
7. Body Language - Cole, M.J. & The Wideboys/Vula
8. Destination Calabria - Gaudino, Alex & Crystal Waters
9. Don't Leave Me - Hunt Down The Savage
10. Moving Too Fast - Supafly
11. When I'm With You - Scott, Shaun 'Banger' & Jamie Duggan/Bea
12. Boo - Sticky & Ms. Dynamite
13. Drinking Chardonnay - DJ Lapell & QD
14. Hed Kandi - Senna, Alex & Lelani
15. Snowflake - Wideboys & Clare Evers
16. Feeling Good - Denzee
17. Boogie 2Nite - Booty Luv
18. Teabag/Lollipop - DJ Q/Dada & Sandy Rivera/Trix
19. Searching - Restless & Volatile
20. Sambuca - Wideboys & Dennis G
21. Has It Come To This - Streets (2)
22. Incredible - M Beat & General Levy
23. Smack My Bitch Up - Prodigy (1)
24. Chopper - Keith, Ray

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Devotional and Love Songs (1988)
MP3 | 192Kbps | | 64mb
Genre: World/Ethnic / Qawwali

Recorded in the wake of the late Khan's triumphant performance at the 1985 WOMAD festival, this 10- track collection features the lighter, folkier side of the Pakistani classical music singer's repertoire. Accompanied by his nine-member "party" on acoustic guitar, mandolin, and a full complement of tabla and harmonium, Khan unleashes typically stunning vocal phrases marked by blinding speed, cutting tone, and unearthly ornamentation. The infectious "Yaad-E-Nabi Gulshan Mehka," with lyrics in praise of Muhammed, finds the qawwali singer at his most effervescent, while the ghazal (love song) "Mast Nazroon Se Allah Bachhae" features an insistent hand-clapped rhythm and the full Party chorus singing together in unison.
Recorded in the wake of the late Khan's triumphant performance at the 1985 WOMAD festival, this 10- track collection features the lighter, folkier side of the Pakistani classical music singer's repertoire. Accompanied by his nine-member "party" on acoustic guitar, mandolin, and a full complement of tabla and harmonium, Khan unleashes typically stunning vocal phrases marked by blinding speed, cutting tone, and unearthly ornamentation. The infectious "Yaad-E-Nabi Gulshan Mehka," with lyrics in praise of Muhammed, finds the qawwali singer at his most effervescent, while the ghazal (love song) "Mast Nazroon Se Allah Bachhae" features an insistent hand-clapped rhythm and the full Party chorus singing together in unison. --James Rotondi
Although the Kahn family had been developing a mastery of Qawwali (the singing of the devotional music of Islam) for over 600 years, Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn originally had no intention of following the family tradition. It was a recurring dream--in which he was performing at a famous Muslim shrine atAjmer, India--that finally convinced Nusrat to take up the study. Astonishingly, his dream came true in 1979. While visiting the same temple as a pilgrim, he was invited inside tosing. Nusrat was the first Qawwal ever to receive this honour.
Upon hearing Kahn's astonishingly elastic and superhuman voice, neither this story nor the artist's subsequent rise to international success seems unbelievable. DEVOTIONAL AND LOVE SONGS combines traditional religious songs with sensuous secular songs about love. Backed by a chorus of singersand accompanied by tabla, harmonium, and mandolin, Kahn's singing conveys ecstatic power on each track. He casts loops and nets into the ether as if he is trying to capture heaven. This music is as meditative, energetic, and deeply spiritual as one might expect. But its sheer melodicism and accessibility may surprise the uninitiated. An excellent example ofa rare, beautiful, and deservedly sacred music.

Nusrat Fateh Ali has a commanding voice and booming sonic presence. the Music of Qawalli is often an acquired listening experience. While i cannot speak for the listeners who listen to this musical form without knowing the linguistic intricacy and beauty mentioned in Qawalli verses, i can speak for the ones that do know the language its mostly sung in.

Musically the soundscape is beautiful and full of range and pleasing to the ear, knowing the lyrics behind it however gives the listener a totally new , almost religious sense of experience to this music, which most people feel is a very trance like state often that Whirling dervishes go into.

However, anyone can truly enjoy the bliss featured within Qawalli rhythms and melodies which often seem natural, resonating with the listener's mindsets. The Japanese have claimed to have said that God resides in the vocal chords of Nusrat. The range expressed herein might bring that statement to elevation. It is not for everyone though. Qawalli music often takes patience to grow into a listening experience. Once the rapture of the sounds have you, its hard to let go.

Dildar Hussain - Tabla
Farrukh Fateh Ali Khan - Harmonium, Vocals
Ghulam Fareed - Vocals (Background)
Majawar Abbas - Guitar, Mandolin
Maqsood Hussain - Vocals
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Main Performer, Vocals
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan - Vocals (Background)
Rahmat Ali - Harmonium

1. Allah Hoo Allah Hoo
2. Yaad-E-Nabi Gulshan Mehka
3. Haq Ali Ali Haq
4. Ali Maula Ali Maula Ali Dam Dam
5. Mast Nazroon Se Allah Bachhae
6. Ni Main Jogi Naal
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Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Remixes)
MP3 | 320 Kbps | 96 MB | RS[/b]

6 classics in 12 Remixes and one alternate version from one of the icons of 80s.


01. Here Comes The Rain Again (Bay City Beat Mix)
02. Here Comes The Rain Again (Future Of Vision Remix)
03. Here Comes The Wild Thing Again (Okaysjon Mix)
04. Love is a Stranger (Obsession Mix)
05. Missionary Man (Extended Mix)
06. Right By Your Side (Party Mix)
07. Sweet Dreams (Freshdreams Mix - vs. DaFresh)
08. Sweet Dreams (91 Hot Mix)
09. Sweet Dreams (Ben Liebrand Mix)
10. Sweet Dreams (Hot Tracks - Steve Lawler's Best Extended Mix)
11. Sweet Dreams (Techno Mix)
12. Who's That Girl (Alternate Version)
13. Who's That Girl (Extended Mix)

Ambient l Worldbeat
Electronic | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 97 Mb | FLAC+CUE | 252 Mb | 47:36

Release Date: 1997
1 - Embodying
2 - Shroud
3 - Of The Tribe
4 - Fallen idols
5 - Mythos
6 - Twighlight rituals
7 - Prophecy
Bonus Track:
8 - Brainwaves
part1 l part2
part1 l part2 l part3

Tangerine Dream - Brighton, The Dome (1976 Live Bootleg)
Electronica, New Age | 89.4 MB | 160 Kb/s | MP3

01. Part One (33.54)
02. Part Two (34.27)
03. Part Three (11.32)

Tangerine Dream - Oxford, Apollo Theatre (1990 Live Bootleg)
Electronica, New Age | 122.1 MB | 160 Kb/s | MP3 | 2 CD's

Disc 1.
01. Three Bikes In The Sky (06.07)
02. Atlas Eyes (03.57)
03. Gaudi Park (05.04)
04. Cat Scan (05.23)
05. Alaskan Summer (03.29)
06. Betrayal (03.33)
07. Diamond Diary (02.58)
08. Love On A Real Train (02.47)
09. Phaedra 88 (03.49)
10. Electric Lion (09.12)
11. Rolling Down Cahuenga (06.21)

Disc 2.
01. Dolls In The Shadow (05.57)
02. Cries And Whispers (12.35)
03. Wall Street (03.16)
04. Hitchhiker's Point (04.49)
05. Long Island Sunset (07.03)
06. House Of The Rising Sun (06.48)
07. The Back Of Beyond (08.14)
08. Melrose (07.01)

John Lee Hooker - One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer (1998)
Hallmark Compilation
MP3 | 320Kbps | | 80mb + 75mb | Covers
Genre: Blues

A splendid 20-track compilation from the master of the Blues, at 320Kbps...

01-One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
02-It's My Own Fault
03-I'll Never Trust Your Love Again
04-The Waterfront
05-Down at the Landing
06-Pease Lovin' Man
07-Love Blues
08-High Priced Woman
09-Leave My Wife Alone
10-Sugar Mama
11-In the Mood
12-I Put My Trust In You
13-Walkin' The Boogie
14-Stella Mae
15-Groung Hog Blues
16-Ramblin' By Myself
18-Women and Money
19-Union Station Blues
20-You Know I Know

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Status Quo - Quo (1974)
Rock | MP3 | 256Kbps | 44100 Joint Stereo | 67Mo

Quo is a Vertigo album by Status Quo featuring Francis Rossi, Richard Parfitt, Alan Lancaster and John Coghlan. Like the previous album Hello, it consisted entirely of songs written or co-written by the group. The only guest musicians featured were Bob Young and Tom Parker, who played harmonica and piano respectively on Break The Rules. This was the only track to be released as a single, and peaked in the UK at No. 8. The album's highest position reached was No. 2.

In retrospect this album is regarded as one of their heaviest, due largely to the influence of bassist Alan Lancaster, who co-wrote six of the eight tracks.

Track listing

1. Backwater (Parfitt/Lancaster) 4:22
2. Just Take Me (Parfitt/Lancaster) 3:31
3. Break The Rules (Rossi/Young/Parfitt/Lancaster/Coghlan) 3:37
4. Drifting Away (Parfitt/Lancaster) 5:00
5. Don't Think It Matters (Parfitt/Lancaster) 4:48
6. Fine Fine Fine (Rossi/Young) 2:31
7. Lonely Man (Parfitt/Lancaster) 5:05
8. Slow Train (Rossi/Young) 7:55

Eagles «One of These Nights» 1975 (Remaster 1999)

Eagles «One of These Nights» 1975 (Remaster 1999)
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Genre: Rock

"One of These Nights is the fourth studio album by the American rock band Eagles, released in 1975. It included the song "One of These Nights" which became Eagles' second number one single in July 1975 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song's theme is a man's pursuit of a woman for a romantic encounter. One of These Nights is the last Eagles album to feature Bernie Leadon. The seventh song, "Visions", is the only Eagles song on which Don Felder sang lead vocals. The instrumental fourth track took on a new significance when it was used as the theme tune for Douglas Adams' The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

"The Eagles recorded their albums relatively quickly in their first years of existence, their albums succeeding each other by less than a year. One of These Nights, their fourth album, was released in June 1975, more than 14 months after its predecessor. Anticipation had been heightened by the belated chart-topping success of the third album's "The Best of My Love"; taking a little more time, the band generated more original material, and that material was more polished. More than ever, the Eagles seemed to be a vehicle for Don Henley (six co-writing credits) and Glenn Frey (five), but at the same time Randy Meisner was more audible than ever, his two lead vocals including one of the album's three hit singles, "Take It to the Limit," and Bernie Leadon had two showcases, among them the cosmic-cowboy instrumental "Journey of the Sorcerer" (later used as the theme music for the British television series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). Nevertheless, it was the team of Henley and Frey that stood out, starting with the title track, a number one single, which had more of an R&B -- even disco -- sound than anything the band had attempted previously, and continuing through the ersatz Western swing of "Hollywood Waltz" to "Lyin' Eyes," one of Frey's patented folk-rock shuffles, which became another major hit. One of These Nights was the culmination of the blend of rock, country, and folk styles the Eagles had been making since their start; there wasn't much that was new, just the same sorts of things done better than they had been before. In particular, a lyrical stance -- knowing and disillusioned, but desperately hopeful -- had evolved, and the musical arrangements were tighter and more purposeful. The result was the Eagles' best-realized and most popular album so far.

Eagles «One of These Nights» 1975 (Remaster 1999)

1 "One Of These Nights" (Henley, Frey) - 4:51
* Lead vocals by Don Henley and Randy Meisner
2 "Too Many Hands" (Meisner, Felder) - 4:42
* Lead vocal by Randy Meisner
3 "Hollywood Waltz" (B. Leadon, Tom Leadon, Henley, Frey) - 4:04
* Lead vocal by Don Henley
4 "Journey Of The Sorcerer"* (Leadon) - 6:39
5 "Lyin' Eyes" (Henley, Frey) - 6:39
* Lead vocal by Glenn Frey
6 "Take It to the Limit" (Meisner, Henley, Frey) - 4:48
* Lead vocal by Randy Meisner
7 "Visions" (Felder, Henley) - 4:00
* Lead vocal by Don Felder
8 "After The Thrill Is Gone" (Henley, Frey) - 3:58
* Lead vocals by Glenn Frey and Don Henley
9 "I Wish You Peace" (Davis, Leadon) - 3:45
* Lead vocal by Bernie Leadon

* Don Felder - vocals, guitar, slide guitar, organ
* Glenn Frey - vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonium
* Don Henley - vocals, drums, percussion, tablas
* Bernie Leadon - vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin, steel guitar, pedal steel
* Randy Meisner - vocals, bass guitar

Additional personnel
* David Bromberg - fiddles on "Journey of the Sorcerer"
* The Royal Martian Orchestra - strings on "Journey of the Sorcerer"
* Albhy Galuten - synthesizer on "Hollywood Waltz"
* Jim Ed Norman - piano on "Lyin' Eyes" and "Take It to the Limit", orchestrations

Dan Gibson's Solitudes - Fountain Of Youth (2001)
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Genre: New Age / Relaxation

Put on this Fountain of Youth CD from Solitudes and wash away your worries. Drift away to a relaxing cove, a cool stream, to spring grass under a blue sky. This relaxation album was crafted to take you from a stressful state to a stress- free state. Use it at work for a 10 minute stress break at work or use it at home when you simply want to relax.

Ever growing in popularity are CDs with 'the sounds of nature' interwoven into the music, or as a constant undercurrent within the music. I've listened to several, and most of these offerings are in my opinion fairly cheesy as the 'natural sounds' are frequently electronically rendered and do not sound at all natural; usually the music itself seems trite and 'sugary-sweet.' THIS CD is different!! It features ACTUAL natural sounds throughout -- if you hear a bird, it's a digital recording of an actual bird recorded by Dan Gibson in the wild; if you hear a babbling brook, again, it's a digital recording of an actual babbling brook recorded by Dan Gibson in the wild.

1. Replenish the Earth
2. Magical Mist
3. A World of Wonder
4. Blissful Realm
5. Fountain of Youth
6. Euphoria
7. Curious Beauty
8. Paradise
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