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Richard Marx: Greatest Hits

Richard Marx: Greatest Hits
Label: Capitol | Release Date: 1997 | MP3 320 kbps: 160 MB | FLAC & CUE: 506 MB
Genre: Easy Listening

01. Don't Mean Nothing
02. Endless Summer Nights
03. Now And Forever
04. Should've Known Better
05. Angelia
06. Hold Onto The Nights
07. Angel's Lullaby
08. Take This Heart
09. Satisfied
10. Until l Find You Again
11. Hazard
12. The Way She Loves Me
13. Keep Coming Back
14. Children Of The Night
15. Touch Of Heaven
16. Right Here Waiting



Twista - Adrenaline Rush 2007
Track: 19 | MP3 192kbps | Genre: Rap | 82 MB

1. "Adrenaline Rush The Saga Continues..." 1:17
2. "Charged" 2:47
3. "What T Is?" (skit) 0:26
4. "I Ain't That Nigga" 3:36
5. "Say Say" (featuring Cee-Lo, Jazze Pha & Big Zak) 4:28
6. "Whip Game Proper" (featuring Lil' Wayne) 4:19
7. "No Pistols" (featuring Speed Knot Mobstaz) 3:57
8. "Phone" (Skit) 0:28
9. "Love Rehab" (featuring R. Kelly) 3:58
10. "Seven Day Hustle" (Produced By Toxic) 3:49
11. "Creep Fast" (featuring T-Pain) 3:31
12. "Wrist Stay Rocky" 3:41
13. "What Would Twista Do If He Wasn't Rappin'" (Skit) 1:06
14. "Give It Up" (featuring Pharrell Williams) 3:31
15. "The Come Up" 4:08
16. "Ain't No Hoes" (featuring Bone Thugs-N-Harmony) 5:13
17. "Pimp Like Me" 4:06
18. "Ya With It or Ya Ain't" (skit) 1:52
19. "Trouble" 4:23

Herbie Hancock (1988) «Perfect Machine»
Quality: FLAC | Mode: 8, Best Compression | 50:29 Min | 330 Mb
Styles: Funk, Electro Funk, Fusion, Techno-Pop

Set upon recapturing the pop ground he had invaded with Future Shock, Hancock relies upon many of the former's ingredients for yet another go-'round on Perfect Machine. High-tech producer Bill Laswell is back, so is scratchmaster D. ST. - and armed with a warehouse of mostly digital keyboards, Hancock adds the distinctive bass of Bootsy Collins and the Ohio Players' vocalist Sugarfoot, who always sounds as if he had just swallowed something. The music is mostly thumping, funk-drenched techno-pop which still has some verve, particularly the designated single "Vibe Alive" and the "Maiden Voyage" interlude as heard through an electronic fun-house mirror. But this is not really an advance over Hancock's early-'80s pop projects. This would be Hancock's last album for at least seven years as he concentrated upon film projects and reunions with Miles Davis alumni (there was also an aborted deal with the Qwest label). As such, Perfect Machine is an appropriate end to this chapter in his career. Review by Richard S. Ginell

Artist: Herbie Hancock
Album: Perfect Machine
Label: Columbia/Legacy
Genre: Funk
Styles: Funk, Electro Funk, Fusion, Techno-Pop
Original Release Date: October 1988
Quality/Bitrate: FLAC / Mode: 8, Best Compression / 44.1 Khz / Stereo
Total Time: 50:29 Min

~ Track Listing ~
01. Perfect Machine
02. Obsession
03. Vibe Alive
04. Beat Wise
05. Maiden Voyage/B. Bop
06. Chemical Residue
07. Vibe Alive (Extended Dance Mix)
08. Beat Wise (12in Edit)

Total size: 330 Mb

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DJ Silence - Chill Out Zone 66 - Endless
Genre: Ambient, Chill | Format: Mp3, CBR 320 Kbps | 1 Cd | Covers | Size: 426 Mb |
Date: 09.08.2007


1. Elea - Neighbours (5:23)
2. Balligomingo - Beyond (3:23)
3. Naoki Kenji - Endless (3:34)
4. Zorg - Nocturnal (3:11)
5. Dousk - Falling People (1:58)
6. Tundra - Skafter (5:42)
7. Triptwitch - Silver (17:36)
8. Ten Madison - Crusher (2:17)
9. Future Sound Of London - The Woodlands (2:49)
10. Max Maxwell - Obatem By Night (3:21)
11. Frederik Rousseau - Danya (3:39)
12. Ray of Gold - whales (4:13)
13. Grey Area - Pure & Sample (3:35)
14. GMO - Coffee (3:19)
15. Arbre Noir - Velvet (4:46)
16. Karsh Kale - Empty Hands (2:58)
17. Two Kings - Waves (5:10)
18. Celtic Lounge - Deep Lough (3:13)
19. Lissa - Caslena (3:42)
20. Banco De Gaya - Soufie (H.I.A. Remix) (3:04)
21. Gaudi VS Tripswitch - Subdown (2:41)
22. Magneticon - Treehugger vs Boomer (6:25)
23. Electro - Harmonix (2:12)
24. Broadway Project - The 3rd project (2:31)
25. Aes Dana - Shouting Valley (2:00)
26. TUU - Stillpoint In Motion (3:17)
27. The Starseeds - Behind The Sun (3:37)
28. Solar Fields - Zero Rotation (3:41)
29. CHP - Dubmystical (5:39)
30. H.U.V.A Network - Processing Ligh (1:58)
31. Noodreem - Cicada Wave (Acacia Tree Dub) (6:41)
32. Hol Baumann - Binaris (3:54)
33. Atman - Distant Voices (1:43)
34. Adham Shaikh - Somptin Hapnin (19:49)
35. Aes dana - Haze (10:01)
36. The Grid - Rollercoaster (6:51)
37. Alpha Wave Movement - A Quiet Invocation (6:57)


Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers (1988) «Conscious Party»
Quality: FLAC | Mode: 8, Best Compression | 46:27 Min | 292 Mb
Styles: Reggae, Reggae-Pop, Contemporary Reggae

The Melody Makers' breakout album, and why is clear from the opening notes of the title track which kicks off the set. Producers Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth, of Talking Heads fame, gloss the record with a perfect electro-sheen, helping shine the pop edges to a sharp gleam, while still emphasizing the dance beats. The Melody Makers add the magic; veterans now after two previous albums, they've honed their sound to a fine edge. They still mix styles - party music, cultural songs, and rootsy numbers - but the production with its keyboard heavy emphasis and digitized beats makes the stylistic shifts less startling than in the past. A song like "New Love," a hybrid of emotional ballad, deep roots, and synthi-dance, shows how cleverly the band have become at combining seemingly opposing elements. "Have You Ever Been to Hell" is equally intriguing, with its bouncy upbeat melody, surrounded by ever more sinister effects, surely the aural illustration of how the road to hell is paved with good intentions. "Lee and Molly" is masterful dubby roots on the theme of love gone very wrong, while "Dreams of Home" is a sublime repatriation song, which blends African harmonies and rhythms to a wistful, emotive ballad. Every single track has something equally exciting to offer. And the Melody Makers are now proving that they really can be all things to all people. ~ Review by Jo-Ann Greene ~

Artist: Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers
Album: Conscious Party
Label: Virgin Records
Genre: Reggae
Styles: Reggae, Reggae-Pop, Contemporary Reggae
Original Release Date: April 5, 1988
Quality/Bitrate: FLAC / Mode: 8, Best Compression / 44.1 Khz / Stereo
Total Time: 46:27 Min

~ Track Listing ~
01. Conscious Party
02. Lee And Molly
03. Tomorrow People
04. New Love
05. Tumblin' Down
06. We A Guh Some Weh
07. A Who A Say?
08. Have You Ever Been To Hell
09. We Propose
10. What's True?
11. Dreams Of Home

Total size: 292 Mb

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Tangerine Dream - Atem
1973 | Genre : Electronic | FLAC - Lossless | 177 Mb | RS | Covers incl

"Tangerine Dream's fourth record, Atem, marked the end of an era for the band, as it was the last album they made before before they signed to the Virgin label and discovered sequencers. I find Atem to be a bit weirder, though nevertheless somewhat more digestible than any of their first three albums. It's certainly more accessible than Zeit, which can be an absolutely crushing listen when taken in its 74-minute entirety.

Atem is Tangerine Dream's Mellotron album, as the instrument (which, perhaps surprisingly, had not appeared earlier in the band's discography) figures prominently in several long stretches of music. In addition to the Mellotron, there are some unexpectedly aggressive passages on Atem - the opening parts of the long title track and "Whan" come to mind here - which combine to give the album an alien, sinister feel that is more pronounced than the lethargic creepiness that often pervaded previous albums.

Atem achieves an effect that is at times more engaging than the Tangerine Dream's previous three albums, yet there are also plenty of passages that unfold slowly and have the same sort of spacey ambience that characterized their earlier work. Like Zeit and Alpha Centauri, I find that Atem's greatest strengths are found towards the front of the album. The title track does a very good job of introducing new sounds and pounding rhythms before being allowed to slide into a familiar spacey drone, and "Fauni-Gena" is an excellent set-piece for Mellotron and synthesizers that is completely unlike anything else the band had yet recorded. I'm less fond of "Circulation of Events" and "Wahn," though "Circulation" is still quintessential Tangerine Dream. The beginning portion of "Wahn" has some shouting noises in it that I personally find more aggravating than interesting, however.

If Zeit challenged the notion of what music is, Atem challenges the notion of what Tangerine Dream music is (or was, rather) in 1973. It finds the band remaining as atmospheric and strange as ever, yet the atmospheres produced aren't always the kind of slow-rolling electronic wallpaper that the band had become known for.


1.Atem 20:24
2.Fauni Gena 10:45
3.Circulation of Events 5:49
4.Wahn 4:29

Edgar Froese - mellotron, guitar, voice;
Chris Franke - organ, VCS3 synth, drums, voice;
Peter Baumann - organ, VCS3 synth, piano


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The best of Smetana
Classical | WMA lossless | 72min | 326MB | MediaFire

Bedrich Smetana (2 March 1824 - 12 May 1884) was a Czech composer. He is best known for his symphonic poem Vltava (better known as The Moldau), the second in a cycle of six which he entitled Má vlast ("My Country"), and for his opera The Bartered Bride.

Má vlast (traditionally translated as My Country or more literally My Fatherland) is a set of six symphonic poems composed between 1874 and 1879 by the Czech composer Bedrich Smetana. While it is occasionally presented as a single work in six movements, the individual pieces were conceived as a set of individual works.

In these works Smetana combined the symphonic poem form pioneered by Franz Liszt with the ideals of nationalistic music which were current in the late nineteenth century. Each poem depicts some aspect of the countryside, history, or legends of Bohemia.


01. SMETANA - Vysehrad
02. SMETANA - Vltava (la Moldau)
03. SMETANA - Sarka
04. SMETANA - Aus Böhmens Hain und Flur
05. SMETANA - Tabor
06. SMETANA - Blanik

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Free Fall front

Dixie Dregs - Free Fall (1977)
MP3 @ 320 | 95.8 MB | Front & Back Covers (250 dpi) included
Genre: Jazz Fusion

Renowned Jazz Rock exponents fronted by guitarist Steve Morse, a man of such incredible talent that he has been awarded the 'World's best guitarist' accolade no less than six times. Such is his prowess it was rumoured that he was asked to not make himself eligible for future polls in order to give someone else a chance!
Dixie Dregs evolved in the early 70's from Dixie Grits, an act founded by guitarist Morse, bassist Andy West and keyboard player Mark Parrish. By 1975 the handle Dixie Dregs had been adopted with Parrish making way for Frank Josephs as the band were brought up to full strength with violinist Allen Sloan and drummer Rod Morgenstein. With this line up the band recorded the projected 'The Great Spectacular' album although this was shelved.
By the time of their first official debut, Free Fall in 1977, Josephs place had been taken by Steve Dawidowski. However, Parrish was to make a return the same year for the next brace of albums 1978's 'What If' and 1979's 'Night Of The Living Dregs'. By this time both Morse and Morgenstein were being lauded as among the very the best in their respective musical fields... ~ Rock Detector

Free Fall back

Free Fall was the Dixie Dregs first record, released in 1977. Overall, many critics consider this album one of the band's best efforts. Free Fall features a good mix of southern rock, bluegrass and jazz styles but sounds more jazz oriented and funky than other Dixie Dregs recordings. "Refried Funky Chicken" is just that--funky--as guitarist/songwriter Steve Morse makes use of a well-oiled wah-wah pedel throughout the tune. "Holiday" has very fluid, rolling feel with drummer Rod Morgenstein and bassist Andy West providing a very tight rhythm backing. "Moe Down" showcases the southern/pickin' sound that the Dregs practically patented. The CD closes with the quiet and fluid "Northern Lights". For a first album, this one is a killer, one of the Dixie Dregs best. ~ Guitar Nine Records

The first Dixie Dregs released record. The members of this band are all gifted artists that play an intricate music highly influenced by Mahavishnu Orchestra with a touch of Allman Brothers. Guitarist extraordinaire Steve Morse wrote every song. His guitar solos were not as bursting as on his further records within the Steve Morse Band, but with this album he demonstrated that he was a great composer. Steve conceived every Dixie Dregs album as a patchwork of very different kinds of music, ranging from classical to fusion, via country, rock and ballad. However, he is not the only astonishing musician on this record, violinist Allen Sloan and drummer Rod Morgenstein are as much as him. Complex compositions and great melodies make for a fantastic debut album. If you like Mahavishnu Orchestra, with a bit more fun and the spirit of Bruford's solo work, check out this record. ~ Prog Archives

1. Free Fall (4:41)
2. Holiday (4:25)
3. Hand Jig (3:18)
4. Moe Down (3:50)
5. Refried Funky Chicken (3:18)
6. Sleep (1:57)
7. Cruise Control (6:16)
8. Cosmopolitan Traveler (3:04)
9. Dig The Ditch (3:51)
10. Wages Of Weirdness (3:47)
11. Northern Lights (3:14)

Total Time: 41:41

- Rod Morgenstein / drums, percussion
- Andy West / bass guitar
- Allen Sloan / electric violin, viola, strings
- Steve Morse / guitars, guitar synthesizer, banjo
- Steve Davidowski / synthesizer, keyboards

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Hed Kandi - The Acid Lounge Vol.3 Goes West
MP3 | 320 Kbps | 275 mb
Genre: Acid Lounge

CD 1
1. Johnny Conquest - Nor' Easter (2:42)
2. Tim "Love" Lee - Sombre Hombre (4:32)
3. Hint - Quite Spectacular (5:16)
4. Tosca featuring Earl Zinger - Wonderful (2:59)
5. Sugarman - Dodge City (4:22)
6. Akasha - Mugwamp Mondo (6:37)
7. King Brillo - The Dub Cowboy (4:20)
8. John Miller - Popping Pills (3:08)
9. Blue States - Elois Therepia (4:21)
10. Method Man/Ad Man - Butch Accidy (3:11)
11. Pepe Delux? - Black Cadillac (3:17)
12. 45 Dip - Vegas Vagrants (4:20)
13. Ursula Rucker - "7" [Dr Rockit Rekiss] (4:32)
14. 45 Dip - Jays Bar (4:35)
15. I Am Kloot - Loch (4:12)
CD 2
1. Boozoo Bajou - Camioux (5:42)
2. Metanoia - Cosmic Cactus (5:04)
3. Revolvo - Guns (4:34)
4. 45 Dip - Plastic Jesus (3:26)
5. Mr. Electric Triangle - Is The 'erb Dope? (3:48)
6. Treva Whateva - Singalong (5:04)
7. Dzihan & Kamien - Stiff Jazz (5:49)
8. los chicharrons - Move Out Of The Way (4:38)
9. The Herbaliser - Battle Of Bongo Hill (4:57)
10. 45 Dip - Filthy Injun (6:53)
11. Mr. Scruff - Valley Of The Sausages (4:58)
12. Homelife - Fair-Weather View (4:48)
13. Fingathing - Haze (3:22)
14. Jimmy Buffett - Why Don't We Get Drunk (2:34)

CD1 | Part 1
CD1 | Part 2
CD2 | Part 1
CD2 | Part 2

Hed Kandi - Acid Lounge Vol.2 - In Space
MP3 | 320 Kbps | 275 mb
Genre: Acid Lounge


CD 1
1. 45 Dip - Something In Space (2:53)
2. Groove Armada - (Fly Me To The Moon) (4:45)
3. Bermuda Triangles - Mooger Fooger (6:46)
4. John Howard - Buddha Cowboy (7:02)
5. King Brillo - Grandpa Was An Alien (6:03)
6. 2000 Project - Parallax (4:17)
7. Patrick Dawes - Tribal (3:04)
8. Akasha - She's Groovy (3:47)
9. Senor Coconut Y Su Conjunto - Showroom Dummies (3:43)
10. Abraham - What Gives With You [Herbert Remix "Hand And Fibre Dub"] (5:21)
11. Broadway Project - Sea Of Change (3:33)
12. Chungking - Bubble Love (4:23)
13. Cybophonia - Cut & Paste [Hefner Remix] (5:28)
14. 45 Dip - Va Va Voom [Space Lounge Mix] (5:53)
15. Les Hommes - In Spring (4:12)

CD 2
1. 45 Dip - Gorgeous George (5:26)
2. Kinobe - Neon Tetra [Album Version] (4:37)
3. Z?har - Angel (6:26)
4. Bastian - Love Is Incredible (5:39)
5. Handpolished - A One-Day Trip In An Elevator (5:35)
6. Eric Kupper presents Roy Camembert and his Orchestra - Lunar Strut (3:38)
7. Sporto Kantes - Party (4:12)
8. Johnny Conquest - S` On The Side (4:15)
9. Arkestra One - I Really Want You (3:34)
10. 45 Dip - Docking (5:27)
11. Karma Obscura - Fly Away (6:33)
12. The Bomb Dogs - See Yourself (5:32)
13. The Gentle People - Trepanning (6:02)
14. Space Hoppa - Flying High (7:09)

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Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Smashing Pumpkins - That's The Way (My Love Is) (CDM)
2007 | 3 tracks | MP3 256Kbps | RAR 19Mb


That's The Way (My Love Is)


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Sure Thing: The Jerome Kern Songbook
Classical | FLAC Lossless 280 MB | OGG VBR 192 Kbps | 86 MB | 70min | Rapid

Andre Previn - piano
David Finck - bass
Sylvia McNair - vocals


1. Land Where The Good Songs Go
2. I Won't Dance
3. Nobody Else But Me
4. Folks Who Live On The Hill, The
5. Fine Romance, A
6. Remind Me
7. You Couldn't Be Cuter
8. Why Was I Born?
9. I'm Old Fashioned
10. All The Things You Are
11. Can't Help Singing / They Didn't Believe Me
12. Till The Clouds Roll By / Look For The Silver Lining
13. Sure Thing / Long Ago (And Far Away)
14. Can I Forget You / Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
15. Pick Yourself Up
16. Song Is You, The
17. Land Where The Good Songs Go (Reprise)
18. Go Little Boat

Lossless FLAC version: Flac1 Flac2 Flac3
Lossy OGG 192 Kbps VBR version: Ogg

Roxette - The Look (Maxi CD)
MP3 192kbps | Maxi CD | 1988 | EMI | 560 1363503 | 1:18:14 | 98 MB

Roxette's breakout single that made them internationally famous back in 1988. Several versions of the song were released here and there through the years. This collection is an attempt to put them all together, with the demo version, various remixes, an edited party version sung for the EMI chief at his 50th birthday, and MTV Unplugged version.

There is one version missing in this collection which is Invisible Dub released only on the vinyl, and if, by any chance, someone has it in the collection, could you please share it as well.[/center]


01 The Look 3:58
02 The Look (Head-drum Mix) 7:23
03 The Look (Power Radio Mix) 4:11
04 The Look (Big Red Mix) 7:34
05 The Look (Visible Mix) 6:00
06 The Look (Chaps 1995 Remix) 5:07
07 The Look (Rapino Dub Mix) 5:15
08 The Look (Rapino Club Mix) 5:22
09 The Look (Rapino 7" Remix) 4:14
10 The look (Abbey Road version) 3:47
11 The Look (DMC Remix) 7:17
12 The Look (Swemix) 7:04
13 The Look (MTV Unplugged version) 5:14
14 The look (Demo) 3:24
15 He's got the look (Party Version) 2:24

Download (Rapidshare):
7Z Archive

John Scofield - Flat Out (1989)
MP3 | 192Kbps | | 73mb
Genre: Jazz - Guitar

From the Label:

In his final trip to the recording studio for Gramavision, Scofield once again shifted gears and showed his ever-growing legion of fans a glimpse of his new direction. The grooves here are greasier, more redolent of New Orleans, and they anticipate where Scofield arrived with his Hand Jive quartet five years later. The supporting band of Don Grolnick on Hammond B-3 organ, Anthony Cox on bass and Terri Lyne Carrington and Johnny Vidacovich sharing drum chores is an inspired acoustic/electric blend that allows Scofield to cover "Cissy Strut" and "Rockin' Pneumonia" as well as burn on six originals and a couple of Tin Pan Alley standards.

01 Cissy Strut 02:56
02 Secret Love 05:55
03 All Things You Are 07:37
04 In The Cracks 04:48
05 Softly 04:34
06 Science And Religion 04:42
07 The Boss's Car 06:59
08 Evansville 05:52
09 Flat Out 03:39
10 Rockin' Pneumonia 03:57
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Buxtehude - Membra Jesu Nostri - Gardiner
Genre: Classical, | Format: APE & CUE | 1 CD | Covers, Booklet | Size: 247 Mb |
Date: February 1, 1996

Dietrich Buxtehude/Hein Schütz

John Eliot Gardiner
Monteverdi Choir - English Baroque Soloists


1. O Bone Jesu, Fili Mariae
2. Membra Jesu Nostri - Ad Pedes
3. Membra Jesu Nostri - Ad Genua
4. Membra Jesu Nostri - Ad Manus
5. Membra Jesu Nostri - Ad Latus
6. Membra Jesu Nostri - Ad Pectus
7. Membra Jesu Nostri - Ad Cor
8. Membra Jesu Nostri - Ad Faciem


Shaggy Introxication
Mp3 | 226 Kbs | Genre: Dance hall | 73 mb | 2007

01 - Shaggy - Cant Hold Me
02 - Shaggy - Bonafide Girl Featuring Rik Rok And Tony Gold
03 - Shaggy - Intoxication
04 - Shaggy - Those Days Featuring Nasha
05 - Shaggy - More Woman
06 - Shaggy - Woman Scorn
07 - Shaggy - Mad Mad World Featuring Sizzla And Collie Buddz
08 - Shaggy - Out Of Control Featuring Rayvon
09 - Shaggy - Church Heathen
10 - Shaggy - Wear Di Crown Featuring Mischieve
11 - Shaggy - Criteria
12 - Shaggy - Body A Shake
13 - Shaggy - Whats Love Featuring Akon
14 - Shaggy - Holla At You
15 - Shaggy - All About Love
16 - Shaggy - Wrong Move (Japan Bonus Track)
17 - Shaggy - Reggae Vibes (Japan Bonus Track)

Nevea Tears - Run With The Hunted
Mp3 | 196 Kbs | Rock | 93 Mb | 2007

01 I Am 02:27
02 To Hell With This 03:17
03 I Wish We Were Robots 04:44
04 Tunnel Vision 03:39
05 Run With The Hunted 04:39
06 Fear Is Not The End Of This 04:43
07 We Are The Liars 04:02
08 Make Like A Tree And Get The Out Of Here 03:50
09 Fire In The Aisle 04:11
10 Revolution Minus R 04:01
11 Soft Machine 05:29
12 Bird In Hand 04:04
13 Chasing A Dead Scene 15:04


Stephen Sicard - 1996 - Anti-estrés
MP3 | CBR 320 Kbp/s | 48:46 Min | 111,66 Mb
Genre: New Age

One of the calls "modern illnesses": the stress. The music anti stress makes us to reflect and to rediscover our center of gravity and vitality.

Stephen Sicard - Anti-estrés

02-Sous La Surface
04-Lac Naivasha

Download part 2

Bloodbath - Breeding Death 2000
MP3 | 320Kb/s | 22Mb | | MA rating 94% (6 reviews)
Genre: Death Metal

1. Breeding Death 04:25
2. Omnious Bloodvomit 03:46
3. Furnace Funeral 05:03

Total playing time 13:14

Great Pianists of the 20th Century (Vol.004) - Claudio Arrau I
Classical | APE & CUE | 2 CDs | 79:54 + 78:36 | 589 MB

Release Date: October 20, 1998
Label: Philips
ASIN: B00000DBU4


Disc 1

01. Mily Balakirev - Islamey
02. Franz Liszt - Spanish Rhapsody
03. J. S. Bach - Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue
04. Isaac Albeniz - Iberia (Book 1): Evocacion
05. Isaac Albeniz - Iberia (Book 1): El puerto
06. Isaac Albeniz - Iberia (Book 1): Fete-Dieu a Seville
07. Franz Liszt - Benediction de Dieu dans la solitude
08. Franz Liszt - Les jeux d'eaux a la Villa d'Este
09. Franz Liszt - Chasse-neige (tude d'execution transcendante No. 12)

Disc 2 - Johannes Brahms

01. Variations on a Them by Paganini, Op. 35: Book 1
02. Variations on a Them by Paganini, Op. 35: Book 2
03. Piano Concerto No. 1 in D-minor, Op. 15: 1.Maestoso - Poco pi£ moderato
04. Piano Concerto No. 1 in D-minor, Op. 15: 2.Adagio
05. Piano Concerto No. 1 in D-minor, Op. 15: 3.Rondo. Allegro non Troppo

3-5 with Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam / Bernard Haitink

Review by J Scott Morrison (Middlebury VT, USA):

''Arrau at his best'', March 18, 2003

It might seem like a strange thing to recommend, but for me the most impressive performance on this disc is the oldest, a 1926 recording of Balakirev's 'Islamey'. There are three other versions (Gavrilov, Katchen, Ogdon) in the Philips Great Pianists and this one makes the most music out of Balakirev's knucklebuster. The sound is absolutely amazing for its time (with a lot of inobtrusive help from Philips' engineers). You will be amazed at the variety of piano tone, faithful to Arrau's legendary touch, in such an old recording.

Also on the first of these two discs is an inward 'Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue', by Bach. And Liszt's 'B,n,diction de Dieu dans la solitude' played slowly and intensely; this piece can lose momentum, but not in Arrau's hands.

The second disc is all Brahms: the Paganini Variations, both books, and a majestic First Concerto, played more slowly than we may be used to. The Variations are stunning. The Concerto will not be to everyone's tastes because of the solemn first movement, but in my opinion it works because of the tonal nuance and musical phrasing Arrau brings to it. The second movement is a beautiful song, and the third a rollicking conclusion.

Review by kim yong rhan (Happy world):

''Listen to me carefully'', December 3, 2000

This CD contains many difficult pieces. But Arrau is a perfcet. He does all that the composer needs. There might be someone who criticize this recording. So, I would say something more. Hmm, As you know, Arrau doesn`t likes to play 'the more'. (It doesn't mean he doesn't play emotionally.) Of course, he CAN play in more fast tempo to please audiences, he CAN play to sound more technically. But is it really the right way of music interpretation? Absolutely No. Listeners may want pianists to play here like this, there like this. But this is wrong. There are many people who listen to the music. So,There is a standard of music. (I didn't say I ignore colors, characters) The one who gives this record only 4 stars may want Arrau to become Liszt. (I can compose, and I have an absolute pitch. So beieve me.) Amazimg pieces are waiting for you. Have a nice day !~

P.S. : But I recognize that some pieces were recorded in bad conditions. A little hissings. But I don't care. (Think what is important and what is not important.)

Review by Kalle Kuusava (Lahti, Finland):

''Colourful, breathtaking interpretation'', January 11, 2000

Arrau is one of the very few pianists who has fantastic touch and crystalbright, brilliantly beautiful sound, whatever he plays. If you want to listen Brahms' Paganini variations with strong intensity and brilliant dynamic differences, every single note played with care, buy this CD. In Liszt's Spanish Rhapsody Arrau shows his breathtaking virtuoso skills, but also so beautiful sound and so different colours in different sections in the piece. True master of music, excellent recording.

Download file with links from

La vie en France
Various artists | pop | 3 discs | mp3 | 256 kbps | 307 mb

For lovers of the French chanson.

Disc 1
1. jacques brel - ne me quitte pas
2. edith piaf - non, je ne regrette rien
3. yves montand - les feuilles mortes
4. frida boccara - cent mille chansons
5. claude françois - comme d'habitude
6. juliette gréco - sous le ciel de paris
7. johnny hallyday - tes tendres années
8. france gall - poupée de cire poupée de son
9. yves duteil - prendre un enfant
10. les compagnons de la chanson - un mexicain
11. severine - un banc un arbre une rue
12. georges moustaki - le métèque
13. françoise hardy - tout les garcons et les filles
14. mortimer shuman - le lac majeur
15. marie myriam - l'oiseau et l'enfant
16. serge gainsbourg & jane birkin - je t'aime moi non plus
17. brigitte bardot - contact

disc 2
1. mireille matthieu - une histoire d amour (love story)
2. c. jérôme - c'est moi
3. johnny hallyday - pour moi la vie va commencer
4. soeur sourire & the singing nun - dominique
5. demis roussos - quand je t'aime
6. michel fugain - une belle histoire
7. frida boccara - un jour un enfant
8. michel legrand - elle a...elle a pas....
9. georges moustaki - ma solitude
10. florent pagny - ma liberté de penser
11. catherine sauvage - paris canaille
12. salvatore adamo - vous permettez monsieur
13. anne-marie david - tu te reconnaitras
14. les poppys - non non rien n'a changé
15. michel polnareff - la poupée qui fait non
16. hervé vilard - capri c est fini
17. alain barrière & noelle cordier - tu t'en vas
18. catherine ferry - 1, 2, 3.

disc 3
1. michel fugain - ring a ding
2. vicky leandros - dann kamst du (après toi)
3. serge lama - je t'aime a la folie
4. gerard lenorman - voici les clés
5. michel delpech - pour un flirt
6. rika zarai - alors je chante "vivo cantando"
7. dave - dansez maintenant
8. danyel gerard - butterfly
9. dalida - paroles paroles
10. michel sardou - les lacs du connemara
11. sandra kim - j'aime la vie
12. khaled - aicha
13. celine dion - ne partez pas sans moi (grand prix de l'eurovision 1988)
14. manau - la tribu de dana
15. patricia kaas - mademoiselle chante le blues

Nazareth - No mean City (1979)
MP3 224kbps / 44100 / joint stereo | 61 Mb

Some comments from another site about this album ;-)

"An unbelieveable album that any hard rock fan should own. "

"Recommended to everyone who is into hard-rock. You WILL NOT be dissapointed! "

"The way a 70's rock album should be...and they don't come much better than this one."

Track listing

1. Just to Get into It - 4:24
2. May the Sunshine - 4:55
3. Simple Solution, Part 1 & 2 - 4:59
4. Star - 4:55
5. Claim to Fame - 4:30
6. Whatever You Want Babe - 3:42
7. What's in It for Me - 4:20
8. No Mean City, Part 1 & 2 - 6:32


Bobby Solo - Il Meglio (2003)
MP3 CBR @192 Kbps | 53:32 Min | Size: 73.50 Mb | Front Cover included
Genre: Oldies, Rock/Pop, International, World, Italian


    01. Una lacrima sul viso
    02. Cristina
    03. Se piangi, se ridi
    04. Quello sbagliato
    05. La casa del signore
    06. Credi a me
    07. Questa volta
    08. Per fare piangere un uomo
    09. Non c'e piu niente da fare
    10. San Francisco
    11. Siesta
    12. Una granita di limone
    13. Zingara
    14. Domenica d'agosto
    15. Romantico blues
    16. Gelosia
    17. Non posso perderti
    18. Senza di te
Password: bLacK_d0g

Oasis-The Complete Singles Box (Japanese_Import)-26CD-2006-EOS
673,6 MB | 172kbps VBR | RS.COM

Japan only limited edition box set that features all 25 CD singles released by Oasis from 'Supersonic', their debut in 1994, to their 2005 single 'Let There Be Love'. This massive collection includes all the
original tracks from their CD singles and EPs, including non-album tracks, live recordings, demos and so much more. Even features the Japanese-only 'Don't Go Away' single! More than any band in the UK, Oasis have helped revolutionize the music business, starting on an indie label (Creation) before becoming one of the biggest selling bands of all-time and single-handedly jump-starting the Britpop scene. This is Rock 'N' Roll the way it was meant to be: loud, melodic and in-yer-face.

Release Info

Originally released : 11-23-2006
Release date : 05-31-2007
Album name : The Complete Singles Box (Japanese Import)
Artist : Oasis

Ripped by : Broly
Genre : Britpop
Label : Sony Japan

Encoding Software : Lame EOS
Quality : -V 2

Tracks : 93
Size of Files : 673,6 MB

Track list


01 04:44 Supersonic
02 04:30 Take Me Away
03 03:47 I Will Believe (Live)
04 05:26 Columbia (White Label Demo)


01 05:12 Shakermaker
02 02:42 D'yer Wanna Be A Spaceman
03 03:57 Alive (8 Track Demo)
04 04:17 Bring It On Down (Live)

CD03-Live Forever

01 04:38 Live Forever
02 03:32 Up In The Sky (Acoustic)
03 05:22 Cloudburst
04 05:13 Supersonic (Live)

CD04-Cigarettes And Alcohol

01 04:50 Cigarettes And Alcohol
02 08:15 I Am The Walrus (Live)
03 06:40 Listen Up
04 04:13 Fade Away

CD05-Roll With It

01 03:59 Roll With It
02 03:59 It's Better People
03 04:36 Rockin' Chair
04 04:40 Live Forever (Live Glastonbury '95)

CD06-Some Might Say

01 05:28 Some Might Say
02 04:22 Talk Tonight
03 04:24 Acquiesce
04 04:39 Headshrinker

CD07-Morning Glory

01 05:02 Morning Glory
02 03:59 It's Better People
03 04:36 Rockin' Chair
04 04:42 Live Forever (Live At Glastonbury '95)


01 06:21 Whatever
02 04:19 (It's Good) To Be Free
03 04:25 Half The World Away
04 06:31 Slide Away


01 04:19 Wonderwall
02 05:42 Round Are Way
03 04:20 The Swamp Song
04 05:24 The Masterplan

CD10-Don't Look Back In Anger

01 04:48 Don't Look Back In Anger
02 03:41 Step Out
03 03:21 Underneath The Sky
04 05:09 Cum On Feel The Noize

CD11-Champagne Supernova

01 05:08 Champagne Supernova (Radio Edit)
02 07:31 Champagne Supernova (Album Version)
03 06:31 Slide Away

CD12-D'ya Know What I Mean

01 07:22 D'you Know What I Mean
02 05:06 Stay Young
03 04:28 Angel Child (Demo)
04 04:11 Heroes

CD13-Stand By Me

01 05:56 Stand By Me
02 05:15 (I Got) The Fever
03 05:59 My Sister Lover
04 04:42 Going Nowhere

CD14-All Around The World

01 09:39 All Around The World
02 04:35 The Fame
03 05:08 Flashbax
04 03:55 Street Fighting Man

CD15-Don't Go Away

01 04:43 Don't Go Away
02 04:59 Cigarettes And Alcohol (Live)
03 04:16 Sad Song
04 04:09 Fade Away (Warchild Version)

CD16-Sunday Morning Call

01 05:14 Sunday Morning Call
02 04:00 Carry Us All
03 04:17 Full On

CD17-Who Feels Love

01 05:45 Who Feels Love
02 04:03 One Way Road
03 05:52 Helter Skelter

CD18-Go Let It Out

01 04:41 Go Let It Out
02 03:54 Let's All Make Believe
03 04:22 (As Long As They've Got) Cigarettes In Hell

CD19-Hindu Times

01 03:53 The Hindu Times
02 03:18 Just Getting Older
03 02:57 Idler's Dream

CD20-Stop Crying Your Heart Out

01 05:03 Stop Crying Your Heart Out
02 04:32 Thank You For The Good Times
03 04:21 Shout It Out Loud

CD21-Little By Little

01 04:57 Little By Little
02 03:12 She Is Love
03 04:04 My Generation


01 02:09 Songbird
02 05:23 (You've Got) The Heart Of A Star
03 04:49 Columbia (Live)


01 05:13 Lyla
02 02:48 Eyeball Tickler
03 02:48 Won't Let You Down

CD24-Importance Of Being Idle

01 03:42 The Importance Of Being Idle
02 03:51 Pass Me Down The Wine
03 02:00 The Quiet Ones

CD25-Let There Be Love

01 05:30 Let There Be Love
02 01:58 Sittin' Here In Silence (On My Own)
03 07:47 Rock 'N' Roll Star (Live At City Of Manchester Stadiu

CD26-Stop The Clocks (Japanese EP)

01 04:29 Acquiesce
02 04:38 Cigarettes And Alcohol (Demo)
03 05:15 Some Might Say (Live In '95)
04 05:22 The Masterplan

Total time: 439:4


part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
part 7
part 8

Join files with HJSPLIT and unpack with 7zip/winzip/winrar. Enjoy!:)

Chris Botti: When I Fall In Love
Label: Sony | Release Date: 2004 | MP3 320 kbps: 128 MB | APE & CUE: 320 MB
Genre: Easy Listening/Instrumental

01. When I Fall In Love
02. What'll I Do?
03. No Ordinary Love
04. My Romance
05. Let's Fall In Love
06. Cinema Paradiso
07. Someone To Watch Over Me
08. La Belle Dame Sans Regrets
09. Nearness Of You
10. How Love Should Be
11. Make Someone Happy
12. One For My Baby And One More For The Road
13. Time To Say Goodbye (Con te Partiro)



Complete Love Songs
VA collection | 5 discs | mp3 | 320 kbps | 426 mb
Nice collection of 80 songs

disc 1

1. The Little Heroes - One Perfect Day
2. Wilson Phillips - Release Me
3. Joshua Kadison - Beautiful In My Eyes
4. Naked Eyes - Always Something There To Remind Me
5. Riff - My Heart Is Failing Me
6. Cutting Crew - (I Just) Died In Your Arms
7. Peter Blakeley - Crying In The Chapel
8. Sinead O'connor - Nothing Compares 2 U
9. Chynna Phillips - I Live For You
10. Tina Turner - What's Love Got To Do With It
11. Yazoo - Only You
12. Alias - More Than Words Can Say
13. Charles & Eddie - Would I Lie To You?
14. Diesel - Come To Me
15. The Tubes - Don't Want To Wait Anymore
16. Portrait - How Deep Is Your Love

disc 2

1. Long John Baldry - You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
2. Spandau Ballet - True
3. Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack - Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You
4. John Waite - Missing You
5. Natalie Cole - This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)
6. Dr Hook - When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman
7. Hot Chocolate - It Started With A Kiss
8. Climie Fisher - Love Changes (Everything)
9. Culture Club - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?
10. Adrian Gurvitz - Classic
11. Peter Blakeley - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
12. Freddie Jackson - You Are My Lady
13. Little River Band - Lady
14. Living In A Box - Room In Your Heart
15. Little River Band - The Other Guy
16. Paul Carrack - When You Walk In The Room

disc 3

1. Wilson Phillips - Hold On
2. Dr Hook - Sharing The Night Together
3. Juice Newton - Angel Of The Morning
4. Kenny Rogers - Love Will Turn You Around
5. Climie Fisher - Rise To The Occasion
6. Joshua Kadison - Jessie
7. Mark Holden - Never Gonna Fall In Love Again
8. Don Mclean - And I Love You So
9. Blessid Union Of Souls - I Believe
10. Kim Hart - Love At First Night
11. Erasure - Oh L'amour
12. Selena - I Could Fall In Love
13. T'pau - Heart & Soul
14. Ashford & Simpson - Solid
15. Feargal Sharkey - A Good Heart
16. Huey Lewis & The News - Power Of Love

disc 4

1. The Babys - Every Time I Think Of You
2. Natalie Cole - Inseparable
3. Kc & The Sunshine Band - Please Don't Go
4. Crystal Gayle - Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
5. Paul Anka - (You're) Having My Baby
6. Little River Band - Reminiscing
7. Gary Shearston - I Get A Kick Out Of You
8. Robert John - Sad Eyes
9. John J. Francis - Play Mumma Play (Sing Me A Song)
10. The Hollies - The Air That I Breathe
11. Kim Carnes & Kenny Rogers - Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer
12. Frankie Miller - Darlin'
13. Minnie Riperton - Lovin' You
14. Helen Reddy - I Don't Know How To Love Him
15. The Congregation - Softly Whispering I Love You
16. Scott Fitzgerald & Yvonne Keeley - If I Had Words

disc 5

1. Spandau Ballet - Gold
2. Sheena Easton - When He Shines
3. Boy George - Everything I Own
4. Tanya Tucker - Strong Enough To Bend
5. Lulu - To Sir With Love
6. Juice Newton - The Sweetest Thing (I've Ever Known)
7. Dr Hook - A Little Bit More
8. Tina Turner - Be Tender With Me Baby
9. Crystal Gayle - Dreaming My Dreams With You
10. The Babys - Isn't It Time
11. Herman's Hermits - My Sentimental Friend
12. The Stranglers - Golden Brown
13. Bob Welch - Ebony Eyes
14. Wilson Phillips - You Won't See Me Cry
15. The Motels - Take The 'L'
16. Midge Ure - No Regrets

KT Tunstall - Drastic Fantastic
97.2 Mb | 320 kbps | Mp3 | 2007

Drastic Fantastic, her sophomore album, may be inappropriately named, however. If anything it's a less drastic record than its million-selling predecessor Eye To The Telescope, opting instead to follow a more conventional pop-rock template. In this sense it's as far away from KT's roots in Fife's alt-folk Fence Collective as Land's End is from John O'Groats.

That said there's much to enjoy about Drastic Fantastic. Unlike her debut it feels like an album made to play live, with "Little Favours" and "If Only" showing off her excellent backing band, including Tunstall's drumming beau, 'lucky' Luke Bullen. Elsewhere Willy Mason lends his vocals to the jaunty "Hopeless" - returning KT's appearance on his last single - whilst the bluesy stomp of single "Hold On" is infectious.

1. Little Favours
2. If Only
3. White Bird
4. Funnyman

5. Hold On
6. Hopeless
7. I Don't Want You Now
8. Saving My Face
9. Beauty of Uncertainty
10. Someday Soon
11. Paper Aeroplane

password colours

Styx - Equinox

Styx - Equinox
MP3 | VBR, | 192/220 kbit/sec | 54 Mb | Genre: symphonic rock | Year: 1975 | total time 34:26

Equinox is much like The Grand Illusion in that it combines elements of symphonic rock with more accessible rock and roll. It's not nearly as well-done, however. The group's composers (Dennis DeYoung, James Young and John Curulewski) sound as if they're still trying to figure out how to write interesting, tight songs and fit them together as an album. As a result, even though this was Styx's fifth album, none of the songs except "Lorelei" really feel complete and the selection of pieces for the album seems arbitrary. One of the things I like about Styx is the coherence of their concept albums; that element simply wasn't present here.

Equinox is much like The Grand Illusion in that it combines elements of symphonic rock with more accessible rock and roll. It's not nearly as well-done, however. The group's composers (Dennis DeYoung, James Young and John Curulewski) sound as if they're still trying to figure out how to write interesting, tight songs and fit them together as an album. As a result, even though this was Styx's fifth album, none of the songs except "Lorelei" really feel complete and the selection of pieces for the album seems arbitrary. One of the things I like about Styx is the coherence of their concept albums; that element simply wasn't present here.

The line-up on Equinox is just one member different from the classic Styx; instead of Tommy Shaw (one of the two main songwriters of the following albums), we get John Curulewski, whose tracks "Mother Dear" and "Prelude 12" are the most forgettable on the whole album. DeYoung's "Lorelei" is by far the best tune, featuring both a simple, addictive synthesizer opening and a chorus section where all of the members sing and jam separately, culminating into one monstrously over-the-top conclusion. Other tracks of note include the radio staple "Suite Madame Blue," an atmospheric track that sounds like Styx playing the Eagles' "Hotel California," and "Light Up," a clever ditty comparing DeYoung's love for somebody with the high normally associated with substance abuse.

I'd give Equinox a lukewarm recommendation to the general prog audience and a hearty recommendation to Styx fans. The Grand Illusion is a better example of this sort of pompous AOR, but there's still some parts of this album that are worthwhile.

1. Light Up - 4:19
2. Lorelei - 3:23
3. Mother Dear - 5:30
4. Lonely Child - 3:49
5. Midnight Ride - 4:19
6. Born for Adventure - 5:16
7. Prelude 12 - 1:20
8. Suite Madame Blue - 6:30

Rapidshare Download

VideoClip Galleon - I Believe
MPG | 544 x 576 (4:3) | 224 Kbps | 03:54 | 60 Mb | 2001

Dionne Warwick - Greatest Hits 1979-1990
MP3 320 kbps | R&B | Total Size 130 MB RAR


1. That's What Friends Are For 4:18
2. Heartbreaker 4:19
3. Love Power 4:35
4. I'll Never Love This Way Again 3:32
5. How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye 3:30
6. Deja Vu 3:51
7. Walk Away 4:06
8. Take Good Care of You And Me 4:39
9. All the Love In The World 3:31
10. Run To Me 4:37
11. Yours 5:06
12. So Amazing 3:44
13. A True Love 3:22
14. I Don't Need Another Love 4:11

RAR Password: casper

Michael Nyman: Songbook, sung by Ute Lemper: [1991]
Classical, Operetta | Flac 294 Mb | MP3 320k 136 Mb | Playtime 53:40 | Full scan

The Michael Nyman Songbook is a collection of art songs by Michael Nyman based on tests by Paul Celan, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, William Shakespeare and Arthur Rimbaud. It was recorded as an album with Ute Lemper in 1991, and again as a concert film in 1992, under the direction of Volker Schlöndorff, again with Ute Lemper, though many of the musicians had changed. The songs have been recorded by others and as instrumentals, and are published by Chester Music.

The texts are the poetry of Paul Celan in German, from the collections, Mohn und Gedäachtnis (1952), Von Schwelle zu Scwelle (1955), and Sprachgitter (1959), two letters and a 1787 Carnival riddle by Mozart in English for the segment by Jeremy Newsom of Artifax/BBC's Not Mozart titled Letters, Riddles, and Writs, Ariel songs from The Tempest composed for Prospero's Books, and L'Orgie Parisienne, ou Paris se Repeuple by Rimbaud. All save the Mozart are performed in their original language.

The songs are officially written for "low female voice". For Six Celan Songs, Nyman specifically wrote the pieces for Lemper. "Corona" and "Blume" "introduce an eight-bar chord sequence derived from Chopin's Mazurka in A minor, op. 17 no. 4 (the introduction to which was used by Gorecki in his Symphony No. 3)." It was composed between May and July 1990. Nyman's mother passed on June 7, while he was writing "Blume", and he dedicated the cycle to her memory.[1] "I Am an Unusual Thing" "is based entirely on extracts from two of Haydn quartets."[2] L'Orgie parisienne is an extract from La Traversée de Paris.

Texts by:

Paul Celan . William Shakespeare
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart . Arthur Rimbaud.

Michael Nyman Band

Conducted by:
Michael Nyman

Ute Lemper Vocals
Michael Nyman Piano
Alexander Balanescu Violin
Elisabeth Perry Violin
Clare Connors Violin
Michael McMenemy Violin
Kate Musker Viola
Tony Hinnigan Cello
Ruth Phillips Cello
Tim Amherst Double bass
Martin Elliott Bass guitar
David Rix Clarinet, bass clarinet
John Harle Soprano, alto saxophone
David Roach Soprano, alto, tenor saxophone
Andrew Findon Baritone saxophone, flute
Graham Ashton Trumpet, flugelhorn
Marjorie Dunn Horn
Nigel Barr Bass trombone, euphonium



1 - Chanson einer Dame im Schatten
2 - Es ward Erde in ihnen
3 - Psalm
4 - Corona
5 - Nächtlich geschürzt
6 - Blume

ARIEL SONGS (Shakespeare)

7 - Come and go
8 - While you here do snoring lie
9 - Full fathom five

10 - I am an unusual thing (Mozart)


11 - Allez! On préviendra les reflux d'incendie
12 - Quand tes pieds ont dansé


FLAC (separated)

Leadbelly - In The Shadow Of The Gallows Pole (1996)
MP3 | 320Kbps | | 62mb
Genre: Blues / Folk-blues
Named after a line in his version of the traditional folk ballad "The Gallis Pole," the 13-track compilation IN THE SHADOW OF THE GALLOWS POLE is intended as a brief introduction to the folkier side of Huddie "Leadbelly" Ledbetter. Though you most often find Leadbelly's music filed under "blues" in the record store, he always had a deep appreciation for and knowledge of traditional folk music. As such, most of the tracks here are ballads, story songs like "John Hardy," cowboy tunes like "Whoa, Back, Buck!," and rollicking good-time ditties like the opening medley of "Looky Looky Yonder," "Black Betty" (later a rock & roll staple and major '70s hit for the band Ram Jam), and "Yellow Women's Doorbells." Leadbelly's amazing range is clearly evident throughout. As always with Rykodisc releases, the sound, liner notes, and packaging are superb.

There seems to be some kind of unwritten rule against giving exact session dates on most Tradition CD reissues, although at least one of the tracks on In the Shadow of the Gallows Pole comes from 1939. The sleeve does note that the material "is digitally remastered directly from rare, mint condition 78s contained in Leadbelly's first full album, Negro Sinful Songs, and from 78s released on the Stinson label." There's some interest in the variety of instrumentation -- Leadbelly uses not only his 12-string guitar, but also piano and button accordion (the last of which is used to unusual effect on the version of "John Hardy"). "The Bourgeois Blues" is also a bit unusual in that its lyric derives not from folk traditions, but from an incident in Washington, D.C. in 1935 in which Leadbelly encountered segregation. This can't be recommended as one of his more essential releases, however, particularly as the running time is a mere 28 minutes. ~ Richie Unterberger

Solo performer: Huddie "Leadbelly" Ledbetter (vocals, 12-string guitar, accordion).

1. Looky Looky Yonder / Black Betty / Yellow Women's Doorbells
2. Poor Howard / Green Corn
3. De Blues
4. Gallis Pole, The *****
5. Bourgeois Blues, The
6. Noted Rider
7. Big Fat Woman
8. Borrow Love And Go
9. Bring Me Little Water Silvy
10. Julie Ann Johnson
11. Line Tin
12. Whoa, Back, Buck! (Back Band)
13. John Hardy
Download ~

PJ Harvey - White Chalk (2007)
Pop, Indie | MP3 256kbps VBR | 36 MB

On her earliest work - i.e., the bone-rattling feral-punk found on Rid of Me and Dry - PJ Harvey used scraping guitars and the wild-eyed edges of her voice to announce her intentions. Her overt sexuality and brash declarations of femininity and womanhood were confrontational, raw and exposed - perpetuating the personal-is-political ethos of riot grrrl without necessarily being part of the scene.

More important, Harvey didn't find the topics of love, sex and desire mutually exclusive, as the slinky moods of 1995's To Bring You My Love - and, later, the buoyant gloss-rock mash-notes of 2000's Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea -- announced. Recognizing and intimately discussing the complex interrelationship between those three emotions - in terms of a relationship, or perhaps not - elevated Harvey's music and discourse beyond her peers. (And, in fact, paved the way for folks such as Cat Power and Joanna Newsom.)

After 2004's sluggish (although beautiful-sounding) Uh Huh Her, Harvey seemed to regroup and go back to basics for her new studio album, White Chalk. In fact, the eleven-song collection nods to the stripped-down aspects of her early career: Largely a piano-and-voice album, Chalk finds solace and strength in desolation and ascetic arrangements. (Harvey recently decided to learn how to play the piano, which perhaps explains the almost-childlike tone of the music - which is exquisite in its innocence.) Long-time Harvey collaborators Eric Drew Feldman and John Parish contribute to this sparseness, as does percussionist Jim White of Australian chamber-goth act the Dirty Three. (The latter act has ties to one-time Harvey duet partner Nick Cave, whose gothic shadow informs Chalk quite a bit.)

And, like Dry or Rid of Me, Chalk's overwhelming characteristic is Harvey's voice - although not in the way one would expect. Instead of the in-your-face vocal snarls conveyed by past works, she stretches her voice to its upper range, sounding like a fallen angel in mourning. On Chalk, she uses the fragility of her voice to convey vulnerability; specifically, the Siren-like soprano croons and wordless wails throughout rely on the contrast between sounds and silence for emotional impact. Regret and remorse, instead of defiance and confrontation, are the overwhelming traits.

It's a very different sort of vulnerability and method of expression than listeners are used to hearing from Harvey - one rooted in absolute personal exposure. Harvey's music has never sounded more naked and revealing. This is more figurative than literal, mind you; it's a confessional album without overtly being Harvey's confession, involving conspiratorial music that resonates because of intimacy, whether real or perceived.

The ethereal effect is closest in spirit to 1998's Is This Desire? - and even Bjork's Vespertine, the closest comparison to the album. But it's also jarring to hear Harvey so airy and weightless, rooted not in brashness but in utter emotional exposure. Critics - especially cynical ones -- might accuse Harvey of losing her edge, of becoming "weak" by embracing such vulnerability. But Chalk draws power from this transparency, and is wholly bewitching, an ephemeral collection of tunes that flies by too fast.

Here's a track-by-track analysis:

"The Devil": Insistent barroom piano chords and angelic, wordless croons conjure the Edward Scissorhands score, of soft pillows of powdery snow falling from the sky. The layering of Harvey's voice - a device used throughout Chalk - is eerie and effective, leading up to her almost-frantic exhortation of "Come! Come here at once!" Simple chords at the end emerge as very cinematic. Oddly catchy.

"Dear Darkness": With another simple piano melody (again, quite wintry and bell-like) this song would fit seamlessly on Tori Amos' Under the Pink. Harvey's vocals are airy and weary; contrasting male vocals add a rumbling, ominous undertone that's unspeakably sad.

"Grow Grow Grow": Very baroque and chamber-music-like. Echoing Harvey vocals ebb and sway like a ship tossed at sea, as piano waterfalls cascade behind her. (I think I hear a deep chorus of strings as well.) The wails resemble the classical Siren, with her reaching into her top-most range.

"When Under Ether": The first single. Unsurprisingly, Harvey sings most in the range we're used to hearing. The midnight-purple piano chords resemble those on Tori Amos' From the Choirgirl Hotel. Not as catchy as the first three songs on Chalk, oddly enough, even though it's more linear of a song. Here's a video of the song, filmed in Denmark:

"White Chalk": Harvey sounds like she's singing from under water (or under ground), as simple (see a theme?) minor-chord acoustic guitar riffs strum behind her, again very baroque. The song builds and builds until just after its halfway point, when harmonica, piano and drums pop in for a mournful march, before subsiding again just as quickly.

"Broken Harp": Begins with Harvey singing the lines "Please don't reproach me for how empty my life has become" a cappella. What sounds like a (surprise) harp chimes in. By its end, her voice is layered together in a chorus of, "Can you forgive me?" with emphasis on the "you" that's pronounced with the quirkiness of Bjork. Like a hymn of repentance.

"Silence": Brushed percussion spins hypnotically behind brisk piano quivers. "I freed myself from my family, I freed myself from work, I freed myself, I freed myself." Harvey sings in a normal range, although higher harmonies float on top - and the end of the song features a giant, multi-layered tear-inducing chorus of Harvey singing "silence," with a crumpled ache in her voice.

"To Talk to You": Ghostly and chill-inducing, a slow minor-key dirge. Almost séance-like because Harvey starts off by crooning, "Oh, grandmother, I miss you." The song unfolds slowly, but never drags, thanks to subtle brushed percussion. Harvey's voice follows the chord resolution note-for-note, adding to the spooky atmosphere.

"The Piano": Heartbeat drums bleed into a sound effect that, bizarrely, resembles a cellphone ringing - which all lead into a swelling chorus where Harvey moans, "Oh, God, I miss you!" first, and then, later, "Nobody's listening!" (Both sayings also intertwine at times, to great effect.) Panicked percussion and piano add to the nervous, hand-wringing atmosphere.

"Before Departure": Another somber piano-centric number. "Goodbye, my friend" is a distinctive early lyric. Very, very sparse, with a piano-solo bridge and what sounds like a harmonium adding faraway, farewell sounds.

"The Mountain": Poignant harp and piano abound, driven by unspecified feelings of ominous distress, like music in a horror film just before you know something awful is going to happen. Ends with Harvey unleashing absolutely horrifying shrieks, as if demons were being exorcised. Unsettling, but a perfect way to end the album.
The ever-elusive Polly Jean is scheduled to perform as part of the Manchester International Festival and Summercase Festival next month, on July 7 and 13-14, respectively.

01 - The Devil 02:58
02 - Dear Darkness 03:10
03 - Grow Grow Grow 03:23
04 - When Under Ether 02:26
05 - White Chalk 03:13
06 - Broken Harp 01:59
07 - Silence 03:11
08 - To Talk To You 04:01
09 - The Piano 02:37
10 - Before Departure 03:49
11 - The Mountain 03:11


Momo Wandel Soumah - Afro Swing
Africa | mp3 320 Kbps | 142 MB
Fonti Musicali 1999

01. Félenko Yéfé
02. Tamo
03. Tamouya Gouli
04. Yérélélé
05. Arné
06. Toko
07. Léfa lu
08. Signoya
09. Hommage à mon père, Mamadi Mansaré

FAREWELL - Isn't This Suppose To Be Fun!?
MP3 VBR avg.235 Kbps | 41:13 min | 71,5 MB
Genre: Power Pop / Alternative / Punk Pop

The North Carolina natives met while living in Greensboro and were immediately bonded by their shared love of music and distaste for school and jobs. In an effort to escape sheer boredom, they began playing music together and in turn created Farewell in 2004. Drawing on a wide range of influences (Beach Boys to Green Day), the group crafted a tight upbeat pop-rock sound, which was a far cry from the scene that dominated their town.
With their fanbase growing rapidly and attention on the band beginning to swirl, Farewell entered Chicago's Dorisland Studios in 2005 to record a demo. After laying down nine tracks with producer Marc McClusky, the band decided to hold off on releasing an album. Instead the group began playing showcases for labels and continued writing and perfecting their songs before returning to the studio in 2006 to record nine new tracks. Soon after posting the fresh tracks on the band's MySpace page, the group caught the eye and ear of president and owner of Epitaph Records, Brett Gurewitz who saw the band's potential and offered them a deal. Comprised of thirteen of their favorite songs from the past two years, Farewell's forthcoming album, Isn't This Supposed To Be Fun!?, boasts buoyant melodies, scintillating synth and quirky lyrics for an energetic and rollicking, energetic good time. With the super catchy sing along "Stay Pretty" and the piano popping "War" among others, Farewell captures a spirit of unparalleled youth and vigor on their debut release.


01. Start It Up
02. Anchors Away
03. First One On The Blog
04. Stay Pretty
05. War
06. Sing, Baby
07. Eighty-Eights
08. Zelda
09. September Brought The Fall
10. Cut You A New Smile
11. Hey Heather
12. Darling Darlene
13. Fed To The Fire

. Marshall Davis - vocals
. Wil Andrews - guitar
. Kevin Carter - guitar
. Buddy Bell - bass
. Chris Lee - keyboard, vocals
. Jeff Ellis - drums

Release Date: September 25, 2007
Label: Epitaph Records


Bryan FERRY - Mamouna
RIP+UP | mp3@320 | 1994 | VIRGIN Records | All Covers, Inlays & CD Sticker | 105 Mb

Guest(s) Nile Rodgers, Maceo Parker, Phil Manzanera, Andy MacKay, Brian Eno, Robin Trower

Official Site

01. Don't Want To Know
02. N.Y.C.
03. Your Painted Smile
04. Mamouna
05. Only Face, The
06. 39 Steps, The
07. Which Way To Turn
08. Wildcat Days
09. Gemini Moon
10. Chain Reaction

VideoClip Girls Aloud - Sexy No No No
MPG | 480 x 576 (4:3) | 224 Kbps | 03:14 | 64 Mb | 2007

Sugababes - About You Now
R&B-Pop/Dance | 194 Kbps | MP3 | 22,1 MB | English | RAR | rapidshare

"About You Now" will be the first single of "Everything Changes", the 5th album of Sugababes. The single is scheduled to be released on September 24, 2007. The song was produced by Dr. Luke who also produced some tracks of Kelly Clarkson. The album is scheduled to be released on October 8, 2007.

Artist : Sugababes
Album : About You Now
Label : Island Records
Genre : Dance
Bitrate : 194 kbps avg
Source : CDR
Playtime : 00:17:18 (22.1MB)
Rls date : 2007-09-03
Store date : 2007-09-24

[Track List]
1. About You Now (Sticky Extended Mix) 4:50
2. About You Now (Spencer & Hill Remix) 5:49
3. About You Now (Sticky Radio Edit) 3:26
4. About You Now (Radio Edit) 3:13

McCoy Tyner - The Real McCoy (RVG) (1967)
MP3 | 192Kbps | | 52mb
Genre: Jazz (Hard Bop)

McCoy Tyner forged his sound as a leader on the amazing session with Joe Henderson, Ron Carter and Coltrane bandmate Elvin Jones. All five distinctive compositions have become jazz standards. A perfect record and an essential one, too.

Bluenote reviewer:
Of all the numerous albums this influential pianist/composer has recorded in his illustrious career, "The Real McCoy" is the best, most consistent and most memorable Tyner CD I have ever listened to - not to mention the same adjectives used to describe jazz CDs in general. From the scorching up-tempo composition ("Passion Dance") to the slow yet profound ballad ("Contemplation") to the lively polyrhythmic inferno ("Four by Five") to even the artist's unique understanding of the blues ("Blues on the Corner"), this is undoubtedly one disc worth picking up at the local music shop. reviewer:

This is one of pianist McCoy Tyner's most famous records and features him with fellow Coltrane Quartet member, drummer Elvin Jones. The bass is played by the excellent Ron Carter whilst the only horn is played by tenor maestro Joe Henderson. Whilst the expectations are likely to be music in the spirit of John Coltrane, Henderson is more his own man. The combination of Tyner and Jones has an interesting effect on tenor players and the meeting with Wayne Shorter on "Ju-Ju" (another classic) sees Shorter sounding more like Coltrane than on any other outing. Here, Henderson pursues his unique and unorthodox style, his meandering approach hoovering up all the harmonic possibilities.
Of the five tracks it is true that the opening , modal, "Passion Dance" (based on two chords) and the mournful "Contemplation" are just the things Coltrane dug. However, the next track "Four by five" plays around with time signatures (still working out just how !) and is far more eubullient than anything Tyner recorded with his old boss. "Search for peace" is a beautiful ballad and the closing "Blues on the corner" has all the lopsided humour of Monk. And with Jones pushing things along from his drums, you can bet that the music really swings.

Bass - Ron Carter
Drums - Elvin Jones
Engineer - Rudy Van Gelder
Piano - McCoy Tyner
Producer - Alfred Lion
Saxophone [Tenor] - Joe Henderson
All compositions by McCoy Tyner

1 Passion Dance (8:45)
2 Contemplation (9:10)
3 Four by Five (6:35)
4 Search for Peace (6:25)
5 Blues on the Corner (6:05)

Download ~

The Rough Guide to North African Cafe
MP3 | 256 Kbps | 110 Mb | 44,1KHz | 2007


01 - Barman - Akli-D
02 - Rai Rock Rumba - Roberto Rodriguez
03 - Salam - Barrio Chino
04 - O Ellelli - Madioko
05 - Hat - Smadj
06 - Ben Melamet Hirkasini Guydim - Orient Expressions
07 - Wayak - Les Orientales
08 - El Dia - Cheb Balowski
09 - Sar a Lay - El Tanbura
10 - Lemon Bara - Abdel Gadir Salim
11 - A Chaque Instant, Oran - Akim El Sikameya
12 - Dorbiha Zina - Less Boukakes
13 - Halawa Ya - Mahmoud Fadl
14 - La Foule - Tarik