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The Process Of Belief

BAD RELIGION - The Process Of Belief
Punk Rock | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 36:55 min | 88,8 MB

Bad Religion has been the iron man of Southern California melodic hardcore-punk for more than two decades. The core of the group, founded in the San Fernando Valley in 1980 by teenagers Brett Gurewitz (guitarist), Greg Graffin (vocalist) and Jay Bentley (bassist), are reunited on their twelfth album, 'The Process Of Belief'. Gurewitz rejoined the band for a second time in 2001 to record 14 blasts of melodic punk that take off with the hyperdrive rocker "Supersonic", in which Graffin yearns to live "decently, meaningfully" over double-time drums and buzzing guitars. The album is a return to form for the group, mixing pop-inflected hard rock songs about alienated, throwaway teens ("Broken") with intricately worded, mile-a-minute rants like "Materialist", which slams dollar-chasers obsessed with "nonsense and incipient senescence". Its Graffin and Guerwitz's erudite songwriting that elevates their sometimes by-the-numbers punk over that of contemporaries 20 years their junior. Whether ranting about environmental issues ("Kyoto Now"), crooning over a punkabilly swing tune describing the fractured relationship between a father and son ("Sorrow"), or bemoaning the modern culture of surveillance in the straight-up pop/rocker "The Defense", Bad Religion remains the premier choice for punk rockers who love both MINOR THREAT and the "The New York Times".


01. Supersonic
02. Prove It
03. Can't Stop It
04. Broken
05. Destined For Nothing
06. Materialist
07. Kyoto Now!
08. Sorrow
09. Epiphany
10. Evangeline
11. The Defense
12. The Lie
13. You Don't Belong
14. Bored & Extremely Dangerous


Uriah Heep - (1973_2,1996) Sweet Freedom ((Remaster 96))
EAC+CUE|ape|3x100MB,1x75MB|Booklet|3%Recov|RS links

Track list:

01. Dreamer
02. Stealin'
03. One Day
04. Sweet Freedom
05. If I Had the Time
06. Seven Stars
07. Circus
08. Pilgrim
09. Sunshine [B-Side to Single Stealin']
10. Stealin' [Original Edited Version]
11. Seven Stars [Alternate Version]

1996 digitally remastered reissue on Castle's Essential label of their hit 1973 album for Warner Brothers that reached #33 in the U.S. & contains their last hit to break Billboard's Top 100 singles chart, 'Stealin'', plus three bonus tracks: the B-side 'Sunshine', 'Stealin'' (Original Edited Version) and a previously unreleased version of 'Seven Stars'. 11 tracks total. Also features faithfully restored artwork.

RS link ~375MB


Jacintha - Here's to Ben
Jazz Vocal Singer | mp3 320 Kbps | 116 MB
Groove Note Records 1998

01. Georgia On My Mind
02. Our Love Is Here To Stay
03. Tenderly
04. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
05. How Long Has This Been Going On
06. Stardust
07. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
08. Pennies From Heaven
09. Danny Boy


It Bites - The Big Lad In The Windmill (1986)
EAC Image (WAV+CUE) | Monkey Audio APE (High) - 321 MB | Ogg Vorbis (VBR, average round 220 kbit/sec) - 86,1 MB | Advanced audio AAC (M4A) - 83,3 MB | Full booklet - 27,8 MB
Progressive Rock/Pop Rock

321 MB of lossless
27,8 MB of booklet
83,3 MB of m4as (AAC)
86,1 MB of oggs

One of my Prog favorites, alongside with Jadis and others, let me please introduce IT BITES

It Bites are a progressive rock and pop fusion band formed in Egremont, Cumbria, England, in 1982. Despite a healthy fan-base around the world, It Bites were one of the many progressive pop rock bands to suffer the great cull of the early 1990s, when major record labels consolidated their assets, to weather the economic downturn by dropping musicians in favour of cheaper pop stars.

They released their first album The Big Lad In The Windmill in 1986 which contained the hit single Calling All The Heroes. The album itself enjoyed only moderate commercial success. The group's second album Once Around The World followed in 1988. The album was notable in that it signalled a departure from the more pop-oriented sound of the first album and contained the group's 14 minute 'magnum opus' Once Around The World. The album also provided some minor hits in Midnight and Kiss Like Judas. Eat Me In St. Louis, the group's third and final studio album with the original line-up followed in 1989 and contained a harder-edged, more guitar-based sound than previously. The album also spawned the hit single Still Too Young To Remember.

Dunnery left the band in 1990 to pursue a solo career. For a brief period only, ex-Innocence Lost frontman, Lee Knott, was advertised as the new singer of It Bites. Soon after though, the band would change their name to Navajo Kiss and It Bites would go on indefinite hiatus.

A live set Thank You and Goodnight was released in 1991 featuring material recorded during the band's Eat Me In St. Louis tour.

The band has since reformed with Kino guitarist John Mitchell taking Dunnery's place. A live album When The Lights Go Down has been compiled from material recorded during the Winter 2006 tour with a release date planned for 2007. The band plans to write and record a new studio album for release in 2007.

The group was a mix of post Peter Gabriel Genesis and 10cc with Van Halen like vocals and guitar histrionics

If you're interested, you can read more. Look @ Wiki, @ allmusic, @ home or @ myspace.

1. I Got You Eating Out Of My Hand
2. All In Red
3. Whole New World
4. Screaming On The Beaches
5. Wanna Shout
6. Turn Me Loose
7. Cold Tired And Hungry
8. Calling All The Heroes
9. You'll Never Go To Heaven
10. The Big Lad In The Windmill

Looking for reviews? Will serve you some links, particularly allmusic and progarchives.

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Control file:

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  • MD5 (RAR (Lossless 1, password)) = '514bb089bcb6770c4e0389def65cd956'
  • MD5 (RAR (Lossless 2, password)) = 'e78591fc3880d5b2c464f3786d45544c'
  • MD5 (RAR (Lossless 3, password)) = '4ba55cc5182e78a33db8ddec7214e65d'
  • MD5 (RAR (Lossless 4, password)) = '837a1ff40323ddb5ec7d6d6f8acee4e1'

  • MD5 (RAR (Oggs, password)) = 'fcadb868b95b4dda10a26db062a52ea6'

  • MD5 (RAR (M4as, password)) = '7a8a524a719d552b7e0bee163dc5bd02'

  • MD5 (RAR (Booklet, password)) = '8776e6fac297579c3b1c0efc5f548471'

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Castello: Sonate Concertate - Europa Galante
Classical | APE | Cover | 1CD | 329MB

Composer: Dario Castello
Performer: Europa Galante
Orig Year: March 1982
Audio CD: 1992
Label: Opus 111 OPS 30-62
Playing Time: 65:00

Performed by:

Fabio Biondi - Fabrrizio Cipriani, violini
Please refer to the pic.


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Joan Regan - Just Joan/The Girl Next Door
Jazz Vocal | MP3 | 320kb/s | Cover | 1CD | 158 MB

Artist: Joan Regan
Album: Just Joan/The Girl Next Door
Orig. Year: 1953-57
Audio CD: 2001
Label: Vocalion [Ex: Decca]
Quality: MP3@320kb/s
Size: 158 MB
Time: 1:09:01

Joan Regan (Vocals) with Orchestra

Track Listing:

1. It Could Happen to You
2. When I Grow Too Old to Dream
3. I Know Why (And So Do You)
4. I've Got a Feelin' You're Foolin'
5. Deep in a Dream
6. Home
7. Sinner or Saint
8. That Old Feeling
9. All the Things You Are
10. Someone to Watch over Me
11. Never in a Million Years
12. For All We Know
13. Ricochet
14. I'll Travel With You
15. Till They've All Gone Home
16. Bluebells of Broadway Are Ringing Tonight
17. Someone Else's Roses
18. Love I Have for You
19. Two Kinds of Tears
20. Jilted
21. Paper Kisses
22. Evermore
23. I'll Close My Eyes
24. Breezin' Along With the Breeze

Download: http://rapidshare.com/users/HSRD5O
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The Fray - How To Save A Life
Label: Epic | MP3 320kbps | 106MB
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock

A very good debut album from this Denver based quartet. Formed in 2002 and signed by Epic in 2004, the band consists of Isaac Slade (vocals, piano), Joe King (guitar, vocals), Ben Wysocki (drums), and Dave Welsh (guitar). Since their formation, the Fray have elicited comparisons to British groups like Coldplay and Keane, and American ones like Counting Crows and the Wallflowers.

Product Details:

* Audio CD (September 13, 2005)
* Original Release Date: September 13, 2005
* Number of Discs: 1
* Format: Collector's Edition
* Label: Epic

Track Listing:

1. She Is
2. Over My Head (Cable Car)
3. How To Save a Life
4. All At Once
5. Fall Away
6. Heaven Forbid
7. Look After You
8. Hundred
9. Vienna
10. Dead Wrong
11. Little House
12. Trust Me

Biography by Tim Sendra

Denver-based band the Fray was formed in 2002 by Isaac Slade (vocals, piano) and Joe King (guitar, vocals) when the two former school friends met up again in a local music store. They soon began regular two-man jam sessions that led to writing songs and devising a style pitched between the arena-friendly style of U2 and the authentic rock of bands like Counting Crows. Rounding out the lineup with two former bandmates of Slade's drummer Ben Wysocki and guitarist Dave Welsh, the Fray began playing shows in the Denver area. Their popularity grew quickly and their first demo recordings became local radio faves and the band was voted Best New Band by Denver's Westword Magazine. This all led to them being signed by Epic Records in 2004. Their debut album, How to Save a Life, was released in September of 2005.




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David Yengibarjan with Frank London - Pandoukht (2005)
World/klezmer | 320kbps MP3 | rs.com | 130mb

Joint project of these two very talented musicians. Frank London is from the Klezmatics, and so I think this ons is well worth a listen...

01. Ouverture
02. Berd Par
03. Hoy Noubar
04. Ararat
05. Dle Yaman
06. Golem Khosidl
07. Pandoukht
08. Liliputien
09. Meron Nign



Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars - Carnival Conspiracy
World/Klezmer | 192kbps (sorry) MP3 | Cover pictures inc. | RS.com | 86mb

Sorry for the low bitrate - I just downloaded this. Anyway, I hope you decide to download it yourself, cos it's an absolute belter of an album!

01. In your Garden Twenty Fecund Fruit Trees
02. Oh Agony, You are So Sweet Like Sugar I Must to Eat You Up
03. Another Glass of Wine to Give Succor to My Ailing Existence
04. Midnight Banda Judía
05. In the Marketplace All Is Subterfuge (Podolye, Podolye)
06. Who Knows One?
07. Pantagruel, Shiker Hindert Prozent
08. A Time of Desire - Curha Mix
09. Our Ancestors Forty Thousand Years Wide
10. Out of What?
11. Mi Yamalay
12. Borracho # 1 The Cobbles in the Street Moan for You



VideoClip Commander Tom - Commander Tom - I Can't Sleep
MPG | 480 x 576 (4:3) | 224 Kbps | 03:00 | 60 Mb | 2007

Eagle Eye Cherry - Sub rosa
Type: Pop rock | 70 MB | MP3 192 Kbps | Label: Universal/Polydor (2003)

1. This Paralysis
2. Skull Tattoo
3. Strange
4. Up To You
5. Don't Give Up
6. How Come
7. Feels So Right
8. Crashing Down
9. Twisted Games
10. Food Song
11. It Can't Be Found
12. If You Don't Know By Now
13. Never Let You Down
14. No Parade

Eagle Eye Cherry - Desireless
Type: Pop rock | 80 MB | MP3 192 Kbps | Label: Sony (1998)

1. Save Tonight
2. Indecision
3. Comatose (In The Arms Of Slumber)
4. Worried Eyes
5. Rainbow Wings
6. Falling In Love
7. Conversation
8. When Mermaids Cry
9. Shooting Up In Vain
10. Permanent Tears
11. Death Defied By Will
12. Desireless

Georges Brassens - Les Trompettes de la Renommée
Type: Variété Française | 60 MB | MP3 192 Kbps | Label: Philips (1962)

1. Les Trompettes De La Renommée
2. Jeanne
3. Dans L'eau De La Claire Fontaine
4. Je Rejoindrai Ma Belle
5. La Marguerite
6. Si Le Bon Dieu L'avait Voulu
7. La Guerre De 14-18
8. Les Amours D'antan
9. Le Temps Ne Fait Rien à L'affaire
10. Marquise
11. L'assassinat
12. La Complainte Des Filles De Joie

Ted Nugent - Love Grenade (2007)
Hard Rock | MP3 VBR V2 220 kbps | 93 Mb

01. Love Grenade
02. Still Raising Hell
03. Funk U
04. Girl Scout Cookies
05. Journey To the Center Of the Mind
06. Geronimo & Me
07. Eaglebrother
08. Spirit Of the Buffalo
09. Aborigine
10. Stand
11. Broadside
12. Bridge Over Troubled Daughters
13. Lay With Me


Maysa (2004) «Smooth Sailing»
Quality: FLAC | Mode: 8, Best Compression | 52:18 Min | 331 Mb
Styles: R&B, Urban, Smooth Soul, Smooth Jazz

Artist: Maysa
Album: Smooth Sailing
Label: Encoded Music Records
Genre: R&B
Styles: R&B, Urban, Smooth Soul, Smooth Jazz
Original Release Date: September 21, 2004
Quality/Bitrate: FLAC / Mode: 8, Best Compression / 44.1 Khz / Stereo
Total Time: 52:18 Min
Website: http://www.maysa.com/

~ Track Listing ~
01. Hypnotic Love
02. Smooth Sailing
03. Soul Child
04. Scat World
05. Where Do You Go?
06. So Very Hot
07. All Day Long
08. It's Time For Love
09. Where Have You Been?
10. One More Chance
11. Unexpectedly

Total size: 331 Mb

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Albert Collins - Ice Pickin' (1978)
MP3 | 256Kbps | 63 Mb

Born in Leona, Texas, Collins was a distant relative of Lightnin' Hopkins and grew up learning about music and playing guitar. Throughout the 1940s and 1950s, he absorbed the blues sounds and styles from Texas, Mississippi and Chicago. His style would soon envelop these sounds.
Albert's greatest success came after he signed with Alligator in 1978 and cut Ice Pickin'. It won the Best Blues Album of the Year Award from the Montreux Jazz Festival, and was nominated for a Grammy. His following Alligator albums helped earn Collins every award the blues world had to offer. And, along with Johnny Copeland and Robert Cray (who decided on a career as a bluesman after seeing Collins play his high school prom) Collins cut the Grammy-winning Showdown!.

Albert Collins - guitar & vocals
Larry Burton - guitar
Allen Batts - keyboards
Aaron Burton - bass
Casey Jones - drums
A. C. Reed - tenor sax
Chuck Smith - baritone sax

Track listing
Honey, Hush! (Talking Woman Blues) (Fulson/Washington) - 04:28
When The Welfare Turns Its Back On You (Weaver/Thomas) - 05:26
Ice Pick (Collins) - 03:08
Cold, Cold Feeling (Robinson) - 05:19
Too Tired (Bihari/Davis/Watson) - 03:00
Master Charge (Colins) - 05-12
Conversation With Collins (Collins) - 08:52
Avalanche (Collins) - 02:39

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Nancy Wilson - Music For Lovers (Remastered) 2007
Jazz / Easy Listening | MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 80.4 MB | Street Date: Jan 16, 2007

Label: Blue Note Records
Orig Year: 2006
Street Date: Jan 16, 2007
Producer Richard Seidel (Compilation)

Nancy Wilson - vocals
Shelly Manne - drums
George Shearing - piano
Benny Carter - reeds
Paul Horn - saxophone

Ron Carter,
Hank Jones,
Grady Tate,
Joe Pass,
Buster Williams,
Oliver Nelson

Track List:

01 The Nearness Of You
02 All My Tomorrows
03 If It's The Last Thing I Do
04 For Heaven's Sake
05 Welcome To My love
06 Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)
07 My One & Only Love
08 Easy Living
09 The Very Thought Of You
10 Never Let Me Go
11 But Beautiful
12 time After time

Download (77.6 MB)

Medwyn Goodall - The Fair Queen Guinevere (1996)
MP3 | 160Kbps | RS.com | 59mb | Covers
Genre: New Age
The Lady Guinevere became King Arthur's fair Queen. This music tells her tale from first love of the young king to her ultimate betrayal of Arthur with the knight Lancelot. Main instruments: Dulcimer, Flutes, Cello, Fiddle, Guitars, Mandolin, Keyboards.


1. Harvest Moon 6:40
2. Guinevere 4:48
3. Morgan Le Fey 5:02
4. Love And Fate 9:37
5. Yearning, The 5:21
6. Forbidden Kiss 6:19
7. An English Rose 6:40
8. All For Love 8:27
Download ~ RS.com:

Claudio ABBADO - Peter and the Wolf (With STING) and more
Format .ape | 1991 | DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON | Front & Back Covers | 50 min | 200 Mb

In August 1990 STING recorded the narration of PROKOFIEV's "Peter and the Wolf" and was advised by conducter Claudio ABBADO. The musical parts were recorded by The Chamber Orchestra of Europe in November 1988 in Vienna.

Click --> More

01. March In B Flat, op.99: March In B Flat, op.99 - Allegro
02. Peter And The Wolf Op. 67 A Musical Tale For Children: 'Let Me Tell You A Story'
03. Peter And The Wolf Op. 67 A Musical Tale For Children: 'Early One Morning Peter Opened The Gate...' Andantino
04. Peter And The Wolf Op. 67 A Musical Tale For Children: 'On A Branch Of A Big Tree Sat A Little Bird, Peter's Friend.' Allegro - Andantino, come prima
05. Peter And The Wolf Op. 67 A Musical Tale For Children: 'Just Then A Duck Came Waddling Round.' L'istesso tempo
06. Peter And The Wolf Op. 67 A Musical Tale For Children: 'Suddenly Something Caught Petter's Attention: He Noticed A Cat...' Moderato - Allegro, ma non troppo - Moderato
07. Peter And The Wolf Op. 67 A Musical Tale For Children: 'Grandfather Came Out.' Poco Piu andante - Andantino, Come Prima - Andante - Andante
08. Peter And The Wolf Op. 67 A Musical Tale For Children: 'No Sooner Had Peter Gone, Than A Big Grey Wolf Came Out Of The Forest...' Andante molto - Nervoso - Allegro - Meno mosso - Andante - Allegretto - Moderato
09. Peter And The Wolf Op. 67 A Musical Tale For Children: 'Peter, In The Meantime, Stood Behind The Closed Gate...' Andantino, come prima - Vivo - Andante molto - Vivo - Andante
10. Peter And The Wolf Op. 67 A Musical Tale For Children: 'Meanwhile, Peter Made A Lasso With His Rope, Carefully Letting It Down...' Poco meno mosso - Moderato (Meno mosso)
11. Peter And The Wolf Op. 67 A Musical Tale For Children: 'Just Then...Out Of The Woods Came The Hunters.'
12. Overture On Hebrew Themes Op.34b: Un Poco Allegro
13. Classical Symphony Op. 25: 1. Allegro
14. Classical Symphony Op. 25: 2. Larghetto
15. Classical Symphony Op. 25: 3. Gavotta: Non troppo allegro
16. Classical Symphony Op. 25: 4. Finale: Molto Vivace

Medwyn Goodall - Kindred Spirits (1998)
MP3 | 128Kbps | RS.com | 57mb
Genre: New Age

More ethereal sounds for relaxation of the mind and body...

01. Blossoms for Your Room 5:39
02. Reflections 5:04
03. Fairyland 9:34
04. Fragrances from Paradise 5:51
05. The Last River - part 1 4:22
06. Early Morning 3:28
07. Days of Innocence 4:01
08. Gold Dust 7:53
09. Still Waters 6:45
10. The Gift 4:48
11. The last River - part 2 3:56
Download ~ RS.com:

Various; Manger: Musik wie von einem anderen Stern
VA | Musik wie von einem anderen Stern | Audiophile | 2001 | Lossless,FLAC | 350Mb

1. Gütersloher Glocken - Volles Geläut 3:13
2. Hörspiel, SWF - Der Himmel Deckt Alles Mit Stille Zu 3:59
3. Bruno Leonardo Gelber - Beethoven, Sonate Nr.8, c-moll, Op. 13 8:50
4. Hermann Prey - Beethoven, Ich Liebe Dich 1:48
5. Sonatori De La Gioiosa Marca - Vivaldi, Der Winter, 3. Satz 2:50
6. 1.Satz 8:37
7. A, Tarantella 4:35
8. Stefano Grondona - Tárrega, Capricho Arabe 5:38
9. Renaud Garcia-Fons - Ghazali 2:59
10. The Treya Quartet - Fauré, Pavane 8:06
11. Livingston Taylor - Isn't She Lovely 4:32
12. Livingston Taylor - Grandma's Hands 1:44
13. The Yuri Honing Trio - Walking On The Moon 5:29
14. Marla Glen - The Cost Of Freedom 3:52
15. The O-zone Percussion Group - Jazz Variants 8:11



Luciano Pavarotti - Favourite Napolitan Songs
MP3 | 320 kbps | Released 1983 | Classical | 106 MB

Pavarotti dead at 71

ROME (Reuters) - Italian opera star Luciano Pavarotti, hailed by many as the greatest tenor of his generation, died in the early hours of Thursday, his manager Terri Robson said.
"Luciano Pavarotti died one hour ago," Robson said in a telephone text message to Reuters. He was 71.
The rotund, black-bearded tenor known as "Big Luciano" helped bring opera to the masses and performed to vast stadium audiences round the world.

He shot to fame with a stand-in appearance at London's Covent Garden in 1963 and had soon had critics gushing about his voluminous voice.
In July 2006, Pavarotti underwent surgery in New York for pancreatic cancer and retreated to his villa in Modena. He had to cancel his first planned public reappearance a few months later.

New York Times, September 6, 2007:

Luciano Pavarotti, the Italian singer whose ringing, pristine sound set a standard for operatic tenors of the postwar era, died Thursday at his home near Modena, in northern Italy. He was 71.

His death was announced by his manager, Terri Robson. The cause was pancreatic cancer. In July 2006 he underwent surgery for the cancer in New York, and he had made no public appearances since then. He was hospitalized again this summer and released on Aug. 25.

Like Enrico Caruso and Jenny Lind before him, Mr. Pavarotti extended his presence far beyond the limits of Italian opera. He became a titan of pop culture. Millions saw him on television and found in his expansive personality, childlike charm and generous figure a link to an art form with which many had only a glancing familiarity.

Early in his career and into the 1970s he devoted himself with single-mindedness to his serious opera and recital career, quickly establishing his rich sound as the great male operatic voice of his generation - the "King of the High Cs," as his popular nickname had it.

By the 1980s he expanded his franchise exponentially with the Three Tenors projects, in which he shared the stage with Plácido Domingo and José Carreras, first in concerts associated with the World Cup and later in world tours. Most critics agreed that it was Mr. Pavarotti's charisma that made the collaboration such a success. The Three Tenors phenomenon only broadened his already huge audience and sold millions of recordings and videos.

And in the early 1990s he began staging Pavarotti and Friends charity concerts, performing with rock stars like Elton John, Sting and Bono and making recordings from the shows.

Throughout these years, despite his busy and vocally demanding schedule, his voice remained in unusually good condition well into middle age.

Even so, as his stadium concerts and pop collaborations brought him fame well beyond what contemporary opera stars have come to expect, Mr. Pavarotti seemed increasingly willing to accept pedestrian musical standards. By the 1980s he found it difficult to learn new opera roles or even new song repertory for his recitals.

And although he planned to spend his final years performing in a grand worldwide farewell tour, he completed only about half the tour, which began in 2004. Physical ailments limited his movement on stage and regularly forced him to cancel performances. By 1995, when he was at the Metropolitan Opera singing one of his favorite roles, Tonio in Donizetti's "La Fille du Régiment" high notes sometimes failed him, and there were controversies over downward transpositions of a notoriously dangerous and high-flying part.

Yet his wholly natural stage manner and his wonderful way with the Italian language were completely intact. Mr. Pavarotti remained a darling of Met audiences until his retirement from that company's roster in 2004, an occasion celebrated with a string of "Tosca" performances. At the last of them, on March 13, 2004, he received a 15-minute standing ovation and 10 curtain calls. All told, he sang 379 performances at the Met, of which 357 were in fully staged opera productions.

In the late 1960s and '70s, when Mr. Pavarotti was at his best, he possessed a sound remarkable for its ability to penetrate large spaces easily. Yet he was able to encase that powerful sound in elegant, brilliant colors. His recordings of the Donizetti repertory are still models of natural grace and pristine sound. The clear Italian diction and his understanding of the emotional power of words in music were exemplary.

Mr. Pavarotti was perhaps the mirror opposite of his great rival among tenors, Mr. Domingo. Five years Mr. Domingo's senior, Mr. Pavarotti had the natural range of a tenor, exposing him to the stress and wear that ruin so many tenors' careers before they have barely started. Mr. Pavarotti's confidence and naturalness in the face of these dangers made his longevity all the more noteworthy.

Mr. Domingo, on the other hand, began his musical life as a baritone and later manufactured a tenor range above it through hard work and scrupulous intelligence. Mr. Pavarotti, although he could find the heart of a character, was not an intellectual presence. His ability to read music in the true sense of the word was in question. Mr. Domingo, in contrast, is an excellent pianist with an analytical mind and the ability to learn and retain scores by quiet reading.

Yet in the late 1980s, when both Mr. Pavarotti and Mr. Domingo were pursuing superstardom, it was Mr. Pavarotti who showed the dominant gift for soliciting adoration from large numbers of people. He joked on talk shows, rode horses on parade and played, improbably, a sex symbol in the movie "Yes, Giorgio." In a series of concerts, some held in stadiums, Mr. Pavarotti entertained tens of thousands and earned six-figure fees. Presenters, who were able to tie a Pavarotti appearance to a subscription package of less glamorous concerts, found him valuable....
Continued/More: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/09/06/arts/music/06pavarotti.html

01. Luciano Pavarotti - O sole mio!.mp3
02. Luciano Pavarotti - A vucchella.mp3
03. Luciano Pavarotti - O surdato 'nnammurato.mp3
04. Luciano Pavarotti - O marenariello.mp3
05. Luciano Pavarotti - Fenesta vascia.mp3
06. Luciano Pavarotti - Marechiare.mp3
07. Luciano Pavarotti - Torna a Surriento.mp3
08. Luciano Pavarotti - Pecchè.mp3
09. Luciano Pavarotti - O paese d' 'o sole.mp3
10. Luciano Pavarotti - Piscatore 'e Pusilecco.mp3
11. Luciano Pavarotti - Tu, ca nun chiagne.mp3
12. Luciano Pavarotti - Maria, Marì!.mp3
13. Luciano Pavarotti - Funiculì-funiculà.mp3


VA-Spirits of Nature - 6 Cd - Cd 6
MP3 | 320 Kbps | 178 MB | 2 PART

01.Morning Prayers In Lhasa - Avalone
02.T.N.T. For The Brain - Enigma
03.Boheme - Deep Forest
04.Chant Of The Magic Flute - Rashni Punjaabi
05.Terre D'oru/Fields Of Gold - Muvrini Feat. Sting
06.Si La Nieve - Hevia
07.Ruwenzori - Miriam
08.Underdown Aperture - Thomas Otten
09.Haere Ra - Oceania
10.Ayema (Friendship) - Orinoco
11.East/West - Origins
12.L'Ultime Arbre (The Tree) Oliver Shanti&Friends
13.Yurima Warmichuri - Hildelgard
14.Faded Glory - Brulú Feat. Kee Chee Jake (The Voice Of Sacred Spirt)
15.Let's Go Out Tonight - Craig Armstrong
16.Night Porter - Japan

VA-Spirits of Nature - 6 Cd - Cd 6 - Part 1

VA-Spirits of Nature - 6 Cd - Cd 6 - Part 2

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The Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance [CDS] 2007
MP3 | 196kbps | 11 MB | RS.COM

'The Salmon Dance' is the perfect messed-up nursery rhyme, with Fatlip of Pharcyde fame talking through the lifecycle of a salmon, all over an inebriated beat that is one of the quirkiest tracks Tom and Ed have ever produced.

[Track List]
1. The Salmon Dance (Edit) 3:07
2. Electronic Battle Weapon 8 6:32


Elvin Jones - At This Point in Time (1998)
MP3 | 320Kbps | RS.com | 80mb + 54mb
Genre: Jazz

Odd meters (10/4, 9/8, etc.) with 3 saxes, electric piano, electric bass, congas, and tympani make this one of the more unusual recordings. 4 of 7 cuts were previously on The Prime Element.

Amazon.com reviewer:

At This Point in Time is certainly Elvin's most experimental and probably most unsung album of all time. While most of his albums are wonderful and feature Elvin doing music in his Coltrane-period jazz style (although a little bit more straight ahead than most of the stuff he did with Trane) this particular album features intricate, percussion heavy compositions with harmonically-rich horn arrangments and some wonderful moog synth and fender rhodes work by Jan Hammer. I wouldn't exactly call the music fusion or free jazz (if only because it doesn't really have a funk or a rock edge to it and there aren't any freakout skronk moments) however a better term may be world jazz. The song structures feature a lot of African and Afro-Cuban style percussion along with some beautiful, catchy, modal-based melodies and some amazing drum solos. Probably the most interesting music of Elvin's career. Do yourself a favor and buy this album immediately if you like Elvin, or if you are a fan of different and good jazz-based music. A real gem!

Amazon.com reviewer:

The Cd features excellent Jazz-Fusion compositions and Elvin has all the power down. His typical playing is set into another form, direction and league. Jan Hammer on keys, Candido Camero and Omar Clay on percussion, Pepper Adams and Frank Foster on saxes and Cornell Dupree on guitar - what a line up! The result is more than convincing! Killer cut: "The Unknighted Nations" by Frank Foster!

Gene Perla Bass, Bass (Electric)
Warren Smith Tympani (Timpani)
Candido Camero Conga
Omar Clay Percussion, Producer, Rhythm Box, Programming
Cornell Dupree Guitar
Frank Foster Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)
Pepper Adams Sax (Baritone)
Jan Hammer Synthesizer, Piano, Piano (Electric)
Elvin Jones Drums, Main Performer
Steve Grossman Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)

1. At This Point In Time
2. Currents/Pollen
3. The Prime Element
4. Whims Of Bal
5. Pauke Tanz
6. The Unknighted Nations
7. Don't Cry
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Astrud Gilberto (1972) «Now»
Quality: FLAC | Mode: 8, Best Compression | 34:48 | 205 Mb
Styles: Latin, Brazilian Jazz, Bossa Nova, Brazilian Pop

Two years after her underrated album on CTI Records, Astrud Gilberto's follow-up is her first attempt to be taken seriously, not as a singer - she had that covered - but as a songwriter, at a time when simply singing standards was seen as lacking. Her four songs on this ten-song album show she has a way with a melody, though obviously influenced by countrymen Milton Nascimento and Jorge Ben, and her producer Eumir Deodato. "Gingele" and "Zigy Zigy Za" are exactly the kind of riff-based tropicalismo that Ben and company were making popular around this time. "Take It Easy My Brother Charlie" is probably her best song here (covered over 20 years later by Kahimi Karie), though it is Ben who often gets the writing credit (here it's listed as Gilberto and associate producer David Jordan). Very few concessions are made to America; only "Daybreak (Walking Out of Yesterday)" comes from the pop world, with instrumentation and sound coming from south of the equator. ~ Review by Ted Mills ~

Artist: Astrud Gilberto
Album: Now
Label: Sanctuary Records
Genre: Latin
Styles: Latin, Brazilian Jazz, Bossa Nova, Brazilian Pop
Original Release Date: August 1972
Original Recording Remastered: October 8, 2001
Quality/Bitrate: FLAC / Mode: 8, Best Compression / 44.1 Khz / Stereo
Total Time: 34:48 Min
Website: http://www.astrudgilberto.com/

~ Track Listing ~
01. Zigy Zigy Za
02. Make Love To Me
03. Baiao
04. Touching You
05. Gingele
06. Take It Easy, My Brother Charlie
07. Where Have You Been?
08. General Da Banda
09. Bridges
10. Daybreak (Walking Out On Yesterday)

Total size: 205 Mb

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Enrique Iglesias - Platinum the best of Enrique Iglesias
mp3 | 320 kbps | 157 MB
Genre: Latin

Track list:

1. Miente
2. Bailamos
3. Esperanza
4. Cosas Del Amor
5. Experiencia Religiosa
6. Si Tu Te Vas
7. Nunca Te olividare
8. Trapecista
9. Vivire Y Morire
10. No Llores Por Mi
11. Al Despertar
12. Falta Tanto Amor
13. Por Amarte
14. Si Juras Regresar
15. Volvere
16. Tu Vacio
17. El Muro
18. Enamorado Por Primera Vez

Joshua Bell: The Red Violin [OST]
Label: Sony | Release Date: 1999 | MP3 320 kbps: 144 MB | APE & CUE: 275 MB
Genre: Classical


01. The Red Violin: Anna's Theme
02. The Red Violin: I. Cremona: Main Title
03. The Red Violin: I. Cremona: Death Of Anna
04. The Red Violin: I. Cremona: Birth Of The Red Violin
05. The Red Violin: I. Cremona: The Red Violin
06. The Red Violin: II. Vienna: The Monastery
07. The Red Violin: II. Vienna: Kaspar's Audition; Journey To Vienna
08. The Red Violin: II. Vienna: Etudes; Death Of Kaspar
09. The Red Violin: III. Oxford: The Gypsies; Journey Across Europe
10. The Red Violin: III. Oxford: Pope's Gypsy Cadenza
11. The Red Violin: III. Oxford: Coitus Musicalis; Victoria's Departure
12. The Red Violin: III. Oxford: Pope's Concert
13. The Red Violin: III. Oxford: Pope's Betrayal
14. The Red Violin: IV. Shanghai: Journey To China
15. The Red Violin: IV. Shanghai: People's Revolution; Death Of Chou Yuan
16. The Red Violin: V. Montreal: Morritz Discovers The Red Violin
17. The Red Violin: V. Montreal: Morritz's Theme
18. The Red Violin: V. Montreal: The Theft
19. The Red Violin: V. Montreal: End Titles
20. The Red Violin: 'The Red Violin': Chaconne For Violin And Orchestra

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Eric Clapton - Unplugged
1992 | Rock | Covers | MP3 CBR 320Kbps | 114 Mb

Clapton caught the "unplugged" trend just at the right time, when the public was hungry to hear how well rock stars and their material can hold up when stripped of elaborate production values. Clapton himself seemed baffled by the phenomenon, especially when picking up the armload of Grammys Unplugged earned him, including Record and Song of the Year for "Tears in Heaven," the heart-rending elegy to his young son, Conor. That song and a reworked version of "Layla" got most of the attention, but the rest of the album has fine versions of acoustic blues numbers such as "Malted Milk," "Rollin' & Tumblin', and "Before You Accuse Me" that make it worth investigating further. --Daniel Durchholz

1. Signe
2. Before You Accuse Me
3. Hey Hey
4. Tears In Heaven
5. Lonely Stranger
6. Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out
7. Layla
8. Running On Faith
9. Walkin' Blues
10. Alberta
11. San Francisco Bay Blues
12. Malted Milk
13. Old Love
14. Rollin' & Tumblin'


ZZ Top - Rancho Texicano [2004]
mp3 @320 | Total time: 02:34:16 | 85,8 x 3 + 4,11MB
Genre: Blues-rock | Label: Warner Bros. Records

In its long history, ZZ Top followed a career trajectory that took the group to unforeseen heights of commercial success. Starting as a feisty blues-based trio, the band never abandoned its original inclinations, but smartly expanded its approach to reflect contemporary styles. However, far from turning its back on its roots in the 1980s, the boys from Texas embedded those blues elements into their biggest hits.

Detailed Information
Label:Warner Bros. Records
Orig Year:2004
Street Date:Jun 15, 2004
Producer:Bill Ham; Bill Ham (Compilation); Bob Small (Compilation); James Austin (Compilation)
Personnel:Billy Gibbons - vocals, guitar, fiddle, harmonica, baritone saxophone, keyboards
Dusty Hill - vocals, tenor saxophone, keyboards, bass guitar
Frank "Rube" Beard - vocals, alto saxophone, drums, percussion
Additional Info:Remastered


Disc 1

01. "Brown Sugar" (Gibbons) - 5:22
02. "Goin' Down to Mexico" (Gibbons, Bill Ham, Hill) - 3:22
03. "Just Got Back from Baby's" (Gibbons, Ham) - 4:10
04. "Francine" (Kenny Cordray, Gibbons, Steve Perron) - 3:34
05. "Just Got Paid" (Gibbons, Ham) - 4:28
06. "Bar-B-Q" (Gibbons, Ham) - 3:27
07. "La Grange" - 3:53
08. "Waitin' for the Bus" (Gibbons, Hill) - 2:53
09. "Jesus Just Left Chicago" - 3:30
10. "Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers" - 3:24
11. "Mexican Blackbird" - 3:06
12. "Tush" - 2:17
13. "Thunderbird" - 3:06
14. "Blue Jean Blues" - 4:44
15. "Heard It on the X" - 2:25
16. "It's Only Love" - 4:23
17. "Arrested for Driving While Blind" - 3:07
18. "I Thank You" (Isaac Hayes, David Porter) - 3:26
19. "Cheap Sunglasses" - 4:48
20. "I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide" - 4:49
21. "A Fool for Your Stockings" - 4:14

Disc 2

01. "Tube Snake Boogie" - 3:03
02. "Pearl Necklace" - 4:06
03. "Gimme All Your Lovin'" - 4:00
04. "Sharp Dressed Man" - 4:14
05. "Legs" - 3:36
06. "Got Me Under Pressure" - 3:59
07. "Sleeping Bag" - 4:04
08. "Stages" - 3:32
09. "Rough Boy" - 4:51
10. "Velcro Fly" - 3:30
11. "Woke Up With Wood" - 3:46
12. "Doubleback" - 3:57
13. "My Head's in Mississippi" - 4:20
14. "Viva Las Vegas" (Doc Pomus, Mort Shuman) - 4:45
15. "Cheap Sunglasses" [live] - 5:14
16. "Legs" [Dance Mix] - 7:51
17. "Velcro Fly" [12? Remix] - 6:38

ZZ Top: Billy Gibbons (vocals, guitar, fiddle, harmonica, baritone saxophone, keyboards); Frank Beard (vocals, alto saxophone, drums, percussion); Dusty Hill (vocals, tenor saxophone, keyboards, bass guitar).

Liner Note Authors: James Austin; Tom Vickers.

In its long history, ZZ Top followed a career trajectory that took the group to unforeseen heights of commercial success. Starting as a feisty blues-based trio, the band never abandoned its original inclinations, but smartly expanded its approach to reflect contemporary styles. However, far from turning its back on its roots in the 1980s, the boys from Texas embedded those blues elements into their biggest hits.

The two-disc TEXICANO offers the perfect amount of space to tell the ZZ Top tale with the succinct drama of the band's best songs (the Top had previously been showcased with a single-disc GREATEST HITS and the four-CD box CHROME, SMOKE & BBQ). Presented chronologically, the set starts with a bang as the trio, by the time of 1970's ZZ TOP'S FIRST ALBUM, was already a perfectly tuned hotrod. The mid-'70s found the hits getting bigger, but what was big for a blues-based band became enormous as the '80s dawned. "Cheap Sunglasses" and then the group's smart embrace of videos and electronics ("Gimme All Your Lovin'," "Sharp Dressed Man," and "Legs") expanded its audience into the millions. Latter-day tracks reveal that that although ZZ Top wandered from the strict blues path at times, it never strayed too far from its trademark Texas boogie sound.[/center]

Mozart - Concertos for two and three pianos
Classical | Ape | 1CD | 180MB

Concerto for 2 pianos & orchestra in E flat major ("Concerto No. 10"), K. 365 (K. 316a)
Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Performed by Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
with Katia Labeque, Marielle Labeque
Conducted by Semyon Bychkov

Concerto for 3 (or 2) pianos & orchestra in F major ("Lodron," "Concerto No. 7"), K. 242
Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Performed by Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
with Katia Labeque, Marielle Labeque
Conducted by Semyon Bychkov


Bobby McFerrin / Beyond Words (2002)
mp3 | VBR 320kbps/c | 86 mb
Genre: Jazz / Jazz vocal | Lable: Blue Note Records

Creative vocalist Bobby McFerrin's return to Blue Note after a nearly ten-year absence indicates a possible desire for a return to improvised jazz, and in a way distancing himself from the classical works he had become increasingly associated with. Working again with pianist Chick Corea and producer Linda Goldstein, his 2002 album, Beyond Words, is reminiscent of the other McFerrin/Corea collaborations (Play, The Mozart Sessions), but somehow these mostly improvised works lack the spark that their previous partnerships have created. Ably backed by Corea's bright piano, Omar Hakim on drums, and Richard Bona on bass, the songs feel to be all the same texture for the most part, never reaching any kind of a peak throughout the album. Beyond Words is a moody and dark affair, with subtle layers of McFerrin's undulating vocals weaving in and out of the musical bed, but instead of sounding earthy and natural, the album is punctuated by synthesized instruments that pull the recordings dangerously close to smooth jazz territory. Unfortunately, by taking one of the most articulate players of man's earliest instrument and layering it in slick, fretless basslines and synthetic Roland XP-80 chords, it almost defeats the purpose of hearing his voice altogether. Still, it is an excellently performed and cleanly produced document of both McFerrin and Corea's abilities, ideal for gentle background textures on a night in alone.

List tracking:

1 Invocation (7:10)
2 Kalimba Suite (3:40)
3 Silken Road (4:28)
4 Fertile Field (5:44)
5 Dervishes (2:15)
6 Ziggurat (5:20)
7 Sisters (1:22)
8 Circlings (1:14)
9 Chanson (1:30)
10 Windows (4:01)
11 Marlowe (4:08)
12 Mass (2:40)
13 Pat & Joe (2:11)
14 Taylor Made (4:22)
15 Piece, a Chord (3:46)
16 Monks/The Shepherd (2:48)


Bobby McFerrin - Vocals, Roland XP 80, Vocal Percussion, Main Performer
Chick Corea -Piano, Fender Rhodes
Keith Underwood - Contrabass Flute, Wood Flute
Lawrence Manchester - Pro-Tools
Michael McCoy - Assistant Engineer, Mixing
Max Feldman - Mixing
Cyro Baptista - Percussion
Neil Dorfsman - Engineer, Mixing
Linda Goldstein - Producer
Kevin Killen - Mixing
Bob Ludwig - Mastering
Gil Goldstein - Accordion, Fender Rhodes, DX-7, Producer
Omar Hakim - Drums


Oscar Peterson Trio - We Get Requests (1964)
MP3 | 192Kbps | RS.com | 57mb | Cover
Genre: Jazz (Bop, Swing)

When Jim Davis started producing records at Verve, he changed the company's recording philosophy toward its most prolific instrumentalist. Where Norman Granz had produced countless Oscar Peterson albums dedicated to the popular song, Davis was more interested in making albums closer to how the Peterson trio sounded live. His first Peterson records were the legendary London House sessions.

By the time of this album, there had been no personnel change in the trio for five years -- so it is no surprise that the rapport among the musicians here is telepathic. (Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen's "sectional" rehearsals, where they perfected countless rhythmic patterns, were legendary by 1964.) The album has a valedictory quality though -- it was Peterson's last in a fourteen-year association with Verve.


Pianist Oscar Peterson has long been such a consistent performer that none of his records are throwaways but this particular CD reissue is weaker than most. Since several of the songs are the type that in the mid-'60s would get requested (such as "People," "The Girl from Ipanema" and "The Days of Wine and Roses"), the program would not seem to have much potential but Peterson mostly uplifts the material (although not much could be done with "People") and adds a few songs (such as his own "Goodbye J.D." and John Lewis' "D. & E.") that probably no one asked for. Overall this is an average although reasonably enjoyable Oscar Peterson session, featuring bassist Ray Brown and drummer Ed Thigpen.

Oscar Peterson (piano);
Ray Brown (bass);
Ed Thigpen (drums)

1. Corcovado (Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars)
2. The Days Of Wine And Roses
3. My One And Only Love
4. People
5. Have You Met Miss Jones
6. You Look Good To Me
7. The Girl From Ipanema
8. D & E
9. Time And Again
10. Goodbye JD
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Pavlov's Dog - The Best Of (1976)
MP3 320 kbps | 1 CD | Rock | Total Size 134 MB RAR

1. Julia 3:14
2. Late November 3:16
3. She Came In Shining 4:19
4. Standing Here With You 3:54
5. Song Dance 5:02
6. Natchez Trace 3:46
7. Theme From Subway Sue 4:29
8. Mersey 3:08
9. Gold Nuggets 3:32
10. Did You See Him Cry 5:43
11. Episode 4:07
12. Preludin 1:40
13. Valkerie 5:26
14. Fast Gun 3:06

VA - Compilation des Années 50 à 60 - Clan African Jazz vol.1
African Rumba | mp3 320 Kbps | 165 MB
MM Productions Kinshasa

01. Indépendance chacha
02. AfricanJazz Mokili Mobimba
03. Parafifi
04. Miwela Miwela
05. Na Weli Boboto
06. Merengue Scoubidou
07. Sophie Ya Motema
08. Adios Tete
09. Batela Mwana Na Biso
10. Lopopo Ya Ba Nganga
11. B.B. 69
12. Batu Ya Congo
13. Ngonga Ebeti
14. Lucie
15. Ndaya Paradis
16. Faux Millionnaire
17. Mobali Ya Ngelele
18. Léa
19. Mado

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Party - Dust To Gold (2000)
MP3 | 192Kbps | RS.com | 92mb
Genre: World/Ethnic / Qawwali

"...A collection that encompasses every ounce of guttural spiritualism and bottomless polyrhythmic hypnotics of his most astounding traditional Qawwali works."

Three years after the qawwali star's death in 1997, Real World began releasing material "discovered" in Nusrat's hometown, Lahore, Pakistan. These four pieces were evidently recorded there just months before he died, but they sound closer to the pristine Real World Studios sessions than to the earlier Pakistani material available on reissue releases. Here and there, one detects a little more rasp than usual in that fabulous voice, but the music is fresh and the tempos are, if anything, super energized, almost as if the party sensed it didn't have much time. The lead track, "Khawaja Tum Hi Ho" ("Master It Is Only You"), strikes with ferocity and doesn't let up for over 15 minutes. This and the second selection are as intense as the music on Shahbaaz (Real World 1991), perhaps the qawwal's fieriest studio session. The third selection, with it's Zen-like title "Koi Hai Na Ho Ga" ("There Was No One, There Will Not Be Anyone") unfolds over a clopping rhythm. Nusrat's voice rips and lashes its way through a moody refrain and the soaring counter melodies of vocal soloist Mujahed Mubarak Ali Khan. The closer "Noor-E-Khuda Hai Husn-E-Sarapa Rasool" ("The Light of God Is the Embodiment of the Prophet") is cooler. Like the final track on many Nusrat releases, it unfolds in a cantering triplet rhythm, letting the listener down gently from the spiritual heights of the earlier material. If there are more recordings of this quality in the vault, the world needs to hear them.

You might think this posthumous release of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and party would either suffer in quality of music or be a patched-together compendium of leftover bits from Real World's archives, but this is not the case with Dust to Gold. These recordings from Nusrat's hometown of Lahore, Pakistan, feature the great singer performing as vibrantly as ever with tabla and clapping rhythms thriving. His voice sounds robust and flexible, as do the ensemble's joined chant. Nusrat trades call and response with ensemble member Farrukh Fateh Ali Khan on tracks "Khawaja Tum Hi Ho" ("Master It Is Only You") and "Koi Hai Na Ho Ga" ("There Was No One, There Will Not Be Anyone"), and the vocal artistry reaches the same divine, drunken brilliance that Nusrat and party concocted when the master was alive, full of life, and touring. It's unclear where exactly these performances were recorded, but the sound quality is stunning. It's perhaps one of Real World's best offerings, without the dryness of such earlier collections as The Last Prophet or Shahbaaz. Here the tabla's low end is round and fruitful, the harmonium bounces off a slight echo, and there's a live-room effect that adds a richness to all tonalities. This is one of Nusrat's final releases, so how satisfying that it's also one of his best. --Karen K. Hugg

From Rhythm Magazine:
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan may have been one of Pakistan's greatest singers, but his posthumous release Dust to Gold feels so academic that you aren't likely to enjoy it unless you're an anthropologist or a Sufi. The album consists of four lengthy qawwali tracks, so traditional that you'll think you should be taking class notes. If you're a qawwali enthusiast, however, you're likely to be thrilled by Khan's dizzying vocal style, which rivals that of the great opera stars.

This collection of unreleased recordings from Pakistan represent four of the best tracks available on any of Nusrat's Real World releases. This work does not feature any of the more fusion oriented materials found on Mustt Mustt, Night Song, or Star Rise, so listeners who only enjoyed these particular releases may want to steer away from this new release.
Each track last approximately between 15 and 17 minutes, which is fairly normal for "unabridged" pieces from the Artist. Prominent here is the virtuoso percussion and harmonium work from his party, along with impressive second-vocals provided by Farrukh Ali Khan. The recordings are crystal clear, and Nusrat's powerful voice pushes each song forward, demonstrating the intensity and skill that is so breathtaking on other albums from Real World.

For a western collector of Nusrat's recordings, this album should be an important addition. For those looking to start exploring Nusrat's compendium of work, the more broad and shorter-tracked Love and Devotional Songs would be more appropriate.

Personnel: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (vocals); Farrukh Fateh Ali Khan, Irshad Ali (vocals, harmonium); Rahat Ali Khan (vocals); Dildar Hussain (tabla); Asad Ali, Ilyas Hussain, Naseef Ahmed, Khaled Mehmood (background vocals).

Recorded at Sargam Studio, Lahore, Pakistan in June 1997.

1. Khawaja Tum Hi Ho (Master, It Is Only You) 15:44
2. Data Teira Durbar (Master In Your Court) 16:21
3. Koi Hai Na Ho Ga (There Was No One, There Will Not Be Anyone) 15:08
4. Noor-E Khuda Hai Husn-E-Sarapa Rasool (The Light Of God Is The Embodiment Of The Prophet) 17:09

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Whitney Houston - Whitney (1987)
MP3 320 kbps | R&B | Total Size 123 MB RAR


1. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) 4:53
2. Just the Lonely Talking Again 5:34
3. Love Will Save The Day 5:25
4. Didn't We Almost Have It All 5:07
5. So Emotional 4:35
6. Where You Are 4:11
7. Love Is a Contact Sport 4:18
8. You're Still My Man 4:19
9. For The Love Of You 5:32
10. Where Do Broken Hearts Go 4:39
11. I Know Him So Well 4:30


Tangerine Dream - Force Majeure
1979 | Genre : Electronic | FLAC - Lossless | 245 Mb | RS | Covers & Label incl

The sequencer-based arrangements of past albums find their fruition on Force Majeure. With Steve Jolliffe gone and Klaus Krieger reduced to an ancillary role, Edgar Froese and Christopher Franke parlay their longstanding collaboration into a complementary musical dialogue that is at once lean and evocative. The album's highlight is the side-long title track, which suggests nothing less than the creation of the world, with the hands of God communicated by the purposeful sequencer patterns, followed by moments of hope and heroism that approach the sublime, and closing with the lighthearted counterpoint of a futuristic J.S. Bach. "Cloudburst Flight" begins with a lazily passionate acoustic guitar and warm washes of synthesizer, but soon Froese's grating and garbled guitar pushes the musical discussion into one of conflict, which is finally resolved with the coexistence of peace and turmoil. "Thru Metamorphic Rocks" contains more heroic guitar from Froese, but is generally a return to the amorphous and eerie compositions of past albums, with percussive space echoes that occasionally suggest the work of Klaus Schulze. Krieger, who served as an independently minded element on Cyclone, appears here more to lend credibility to Froese's rock-like guitar segments than act as a third voice. Force Majeure's greatest achievement is the overwhelming sense of purpose that marks this music -- if earlier albums were susceptible to charges of improvisational noodling at times, no such charge could be reasonably levelled against this album. This is a calculated and compelling work from two experienced artists who move through the electronic medium with grace and precision.


1. Force Majeure 18:18
2. Cloudburst flight 7:21
3. Thru metamorphic rocks 14:15

Edgar Froese - Oberheim eight voice polyphonic synthesizer, twin keyboard mellotron mark V, ARP Omni string synthesizer, ARP
digital soloist synthesizer, Moog modular synthesizer and Projekt electronic time control system, Gibson Les Paul custom guitars,
Korg ps3100 polyphonic synthesizer, Roland gs500 guitar and gr500 controller, Slina string ensemble, Ovation acoustic guitar, cover
Chris Franke - Moog modular synthesizer, Projekt electronic sequenzer, compuertstudiodigital sequenzer loop mellotron,
melltron m400, ARP soloist synthesizer, Elka string synthesizer, electronic percussion, Oberheim sequenzer, Oberheim eight voice
polyphonic synthesizer, Oby one
Klaus Krieger - polyester custom built drums with mutli trigger unit, electronic percussion, Paiste cymbals, bubims, burma gong set


pw: Holbrooki

Chris Connor - 'S Wonderful
Jazz Singer | mp3 320 Kbps | 98 MB
Blue Moon BMCD 3074

01. 'S Wonderful
02. Love Walked In
03. A Lot of Livin' to Do
04. Any Place I Hang My Hat is Home
05. All or Nothing at All
06. Something's Coming
07. You Came A Long Way From St. Louis
08. Old Devil Moon
09. I Concentrate on You
10. Black Coffee
11. Goodbye
12. Only the Lonely
13. Ten Cents a Dance