Tuesday, November 20, 2007

MC5 - Thunder Express (Bootleg)

MC5 - Thunder Express (Bootleg)
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Skydog's "Thunder Express" compiles six songs recorded for French TV at Castle Herouville, France, in March 1972, with both sides of the AMG "I Can Only Give You Everything"/"I Just Don't Know" single. This release - highly recommended; indeed, despite having been recorded when the band were on their last legs, with an English musician replacing bassist Michael Davis, "Thunder Express" might just be the best MC5 rekkid your money can buy...the "KOTJ" songs sound great sans feedback, with all the instruments clearly audible The extended version of "Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa" sounds like the missing link between "Cold Sweat"-era James Brown and "Funhouse"-era Stooges, the title track (a Berryesque car tune) rivals "Sister Anne" as the Five's finest pure rock'n'roll moment, and there's a neat version of Detroit garage band staple, the Stones' "Empty Heart". (~ Ken Shimamoto, MC5: The Bootleg Legacy)


01. Kick Out The Jams
02. Empty Heart
03. Ramblin' Rose
04. Thunder Express
05. Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa
06. Motor City Is Burning
07. I Can Only Give You Everything
08. I Just Don't Know

. Rob Tyner - vocals
. Wayne Kramer - guitar
. Fred "Sonic" Smith - guitar
. Michael Davis - bass on tracks "7-8"
. Steev Moorhouse - bass
. Dennis Thompson - drums

Audio CD: 1994 [62254-2]
Label: Skydog International

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