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John Coltrane - Like Sonny (1958/1960)

John Coltrane - Like Sonny (1958/1960)
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Genre: Jazz

This Roulette CD combines two unrelated sessions. Coltrane is heard in a quintet with the tuba player Ray Draper (their second album together) playing five standards (including "Doxy" and "Oleo") and Draper's "Essii's Dance." The 1960 performances are more significant for they are the earliest recorded collaborations by Coltrane and pianist McCoy Tyner.

Amazon.com reviewer:
The outstanding tracks from this recording are the first four from a 1960 session with McCoy Tyner, Steve Davis and Billy Higgins. This session released on Roulette marks a bridge between Coltrane's Prestige/Blue Note recordings and those on Atlantic. The quartet sounds fresh, relaxed and spontaneous, the session has an effervescent spirituality and transcendence that is more subtle and less weighty than some of his later "religious" recordings, e.g. A Love Supreme. McCoy Tyner sounds light and joyous, and on these four cuts, Coltrane seems to have found whatever he was searching for all those years.

After listening to this album for over 25 years, it's haunting beauty continues to grow on me. It has always between my favourite Coltrane recording and possibly my favourite jazz album of all time. Do not overlook this recording!

John Coltrane (tenor saxophone); Ray Draper (tuba); McCoy Tyner, John Maher (piano); Steve Davis, Spanky DeBrest (bass); Billy Higgins, Larry Ritchie (drums).

Tracks 1-3 : John Coltrane tenor sax
McCoy Tyner piano, Steve Davis bass
Billy Higgins drums

Tracks 4-9 : John Coltrane tenor sax
Ray Draper tuba, John Maher piano
Spanky DeBrest bass, Larry Ritchie drums

Tracks 1-3 Recorded Sep 8, 1960 at United Recorders, Los Angeles, California
Tracks 4-9 Recorded Nov, 1958 in New York, New York

1.One And Four (aka Mr. Day)
3.Like Sonny (aka Simple Like)
4.Essii's Dance
7.I Talk To The Trees
9.Angel Eyes
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