Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Julien Clerc - Si on chantait 1968-1997

Julien Clerc - Si on chantait 1968-1997
French chanson | mp3 | 1998 | 320 kbps | 169 mb

His first album (1968) was an instant success in France. It made him a star! Almost 40 years later he is still as good, as original, as charming and intense. This album has it all: The first songs (La Cavalerie/Ivanovitch/La Californie), the 'romantic' Julien ( Ma preference/This Melody/Fais moi une place), Passinate (Jaloux), Outradged (L'assassin). It's impossible not to feel energetic listening to "Macumba/Quand je joue/Si on chantait". Julien writes most of the music, Roda-Gil wrote the lyrics for 13 songs. Listen with attention to Dadabie's lyrics: That man knows a lot about love! Great compulation album, great as all Julien Clerc albums. Take French lessons if you have to! It's worth it! (amazon.com)

1. La cavalerie
2. Ivanovitch
3. La Californie
4. Ce n'est rien
5. Si on chantait
6. Niagara
7. Ça commence comme un rêve d'enfant
8. This melody
9. Terre de France
10. Macumba
11. Ma Préférence
12. Jaloux de tout
13. L'assassin assassiné
14. Quand je joue
15. Femmes... Je vous aime
16. Mélissa
17. Fais moi une place
18. Utile
19. La belle est arrivée
20. Assez-Assez


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